‘Big Brother’: Natalie Negrotti Accuses James Huling Of Using Her To Stay Relevant

Big Brother news reveals former houseguests Natalie Negrotti is done with James Huling. Natalie recently shared with fans that she is pansexual. In a tweet, James admitted he had asked her if she was gay back when they were dating. He shared some other things about their relationship that had Natalie firing back to keep her name out of his mouth. She wants nothing to do with the two-time Big Brother favorite.

Big Brother: Natalie Negrotti and James Huling From Showmance to No-Mance

On Big Brother 18 James Huling and Natalie Negrotti became very close and were one of the fans favorite showmances of the season. It seemed as if the two shared a connection and they latched onto one another in the house. James was loyal to Natalie and might have sacrificed his whole game for her had she not told him not to.

Once outside of the Big Brother house, the two tried to start a relationship and everything looked to be going okay. Natalie and James were constantly together and even introduced each other to their families. A lot of photos and videos were posted to social media showing how happy they were. Then, there started to be few and fewer tweets and Instagram posts until there were none at all.

Apparently, things did not end well and the break up was messy between the Big Brother couple. Natalie and James even fought publicly on Twitter with a lot of he said she said stuff.

Natalie Negrotti Comes Out As Pansexual

While starring on MTV’s The Challenge: Final Reckoning over the summer Natalie Negrotti discussed her sexuality. She admitted that she was pansexual and revealed that she had a girlfriend. She claims that her and this mysterious girlfriend are still together and very happy together. And, she said Big Brother fans that she is gonna go public with her identity soon.

Natalie says that her girlfriend is just too hot to keep a secret any longer. Since her sister is lesbian and very proud, it might have given her the courage to be comfortable in her own skin and embrace her sexuality.

James Huling Admits He Knew Natalie Negrotti Was ‘Gay’

James Huling revealed via Twitter that he knew Natalie Negrotti was gay while they were still dating. The BB17 and BB18 contestant claimed that he even asked Natalie, “about the possibility of her being gay.” According to James, she got really offensive – he might have meant defensive – even though he said he would be supportive of her.

He said her sexuality and her reaction could have been the whole reason they did not work out. Whatever the case, James said he is happy for her and maybe that is all that matters.

Natalie Negrotti Tells James Huling To Stay In His Lane

As it turns out, Natalie Negrotti did not appreciate James Huling voicing his thoughts and support. Her tweet began with a rhetorical, “asked me if I was gay?” Next, she proceeded to tell James that he needs to stop using her name to try and stay relevant. The former Big Brother houseguest slapped back by saying things did not work out because James did not work. She assured her fans that she will be coming out with the real truth.

Natalie even went as far as to call him “lazy” and a “child nasty ass.” She said she has no time to be dating someone like that.

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