‘Big Brother’: Meet Natalie Negrotti’s Girlfriend – Stephanie Cooler

Big Brother’s Natalie Negrotti finally revealed her girlfriend. Fans saw “Steph” in her latest YouTube video. While keeping everything on the down low, she is trying to slowly introduce her girlfriend to fans. And since she came out as fluid last year, fans have been waiting to get a glimpse of the woman who won Natalie’s heart.

We’ve got the details including her name and what her gorgeous bae does for a job – and even where she’s from. Check it out.

Big Brother 18: Natalie Negrotti Came Out as Pansexual

The Big Brother and The Challenge alum and reality show queen was no stranger to the LGBTQ world even before she revealed herself as pansexual. Her sister Stephanie Negrotti is out and proud, and Natalie has always been supportive of her. But it still came as quite the surprise when she made the announcement.

Yet, it really seemed to liberate the 29-year-old. Since then, she has been very vocal of her support for the community. Besides representing the LGBTQ community on television, she also proudly does so for her Venezuelan heritage. She was open with her true self as she battled on the most recent season of The Challenge.

Natalie’s Girlfriend – Introducing Stephanie Cooler

A lot of mystery shrouds Big Brother alum Natalie’s girlfriend. Natalie first released was her Insta handle, scooler23, and she called her “Steph” on the recent video of them. But she said she was ready for people to know about her.

So meet Stephanie Cooler. The brunette beauty is from Indiana, and has two sisters named Kristen and Caroline. Stephanie Cooler has a degree in nursing and works in the healthcare industry as a patient liaison in Massachusetts, having earned her RN degree at Curry College in 2013.

Natalie’s Instagram bio refers to her as her “bae” and “girlfriendger”. In her recent Vlog, fans got another glimpse of her girlfriend of the past year. The pair went to a basketball game with Pauly D, himself a fellow reality star and MTV show personality.

Big Brother: Natalie Negrotti and Girlfriend Have Been Together for a While

By all accounts, Natalie Negrotti and her girlfriend Stephanie Cooler have been friendly for more than a year – and may have been dating that long. The reality star commented on Stephanie’s Instagram posts dating back since last spring.

And Natalie decided it was time she came out a little before that, so the timeline would make sense. Below is a picture of scooler23 aka Stephanie Cooler. Plus, the two were together when Natalie did her last go-round on The Challenge, as she admitted in a recent interview.

Check out some pics of the together below looking fierce , fab, and fun.

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Natalie is So Over James… New Bae Is What She’s About

As Big Brother fans know, Natalie Negrotti had a sort-of showmance with James Huling and they dated after BB18. Since then, they had a falling out. After he congratulated her on coming out, she accused him of using her to stay relevant. Recently, she admitted they don’t speak anymore.

But now, it sounds like Natalie’s settled into a new life with her nurse girlfriend and they seem very happy as new pics have them all smiles. Plus, Natalie Negrotti said Stephanie Cooler was totally cool with her game show antics and even told her whom she could and could not flirt with on MTV’s The Challenge.

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