Big Brother: 3 BB House Guests on New Season of MTV’s ‘The Challenge’

Big Brother spoilers show former House guests Da’Vonne Rogers (BB 17 & 18 ) Josh Martinez (BB 19) and Natalie Negrotti (BB 18) will be on the 33rd season of MTV’s The Challenge.

Big Brother Spoilers: Da’Vonne Rogers Back Again for the Challenge

Da’Vonne Rogers from Big Brother 17 and 18 appeared on MTV The Challenge Final Reckoning. In Reckoning Da’Vonne Rogers was paired with former rival house guest Jozea Flores. They butted heads quite a bit on the Challenge and actually ended up going home episode one. But MTV gives players a chance to return to the game in a showdown between the two teams on the chopping block. Even though Da’Vonne Rogers was safe  at first she ended up being eliminated three times in the Challenge Final Reckoning. But this year she seems ready and determined to try again.

Natalie Negrotti Plays ‘The Challenge’ for the Third Time

Natalie Negrotti from BB 18 appeared in the MTV Challenge in season Vendettas and Final Reckoning. Although Natalie fell short in her season of the CBS show, she proved worthy in Vendettas. Natalie was partnered with fellow Big Brother house guest Victor Arroyo. Natalie and Victor had beef from their time together inside the BB house, which is why they became partnered in the Challenge season Vendettas. Surprisingly they seem to do fine together but ultimately did not win the prize money.

Big Brother Season 19 Winner Josh Martinez is New to The Challenge

Josh Martinez is the winner of Big Brother 19. Known for his loud demeanor and his crying because he misses his mother. Josh surprised everyone when he ended up taking home the win up against fellow house guest and alliance member Paul.  MTV’s The Challenge is known for its cutthroat style and has been described as a combination of Survivor and Big Brother. it is Hardcore and tough on the body and the mind. Both Da’Vonne and Natalie are Challenge alums. Josh was able to prove himself on other reality shows, but how will he fare against the other challenge players?

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