‘Big Brother’ Father’s Day Tribute – Kevin Schlehuber and 4 More – See Who’s on Our List

Big Brother hosted many fathers during its 20 past seasons – one of the most popular being Kevin Schlehuber. Since it’s Father’s Day weekend, we are taking a look at some awesome dads that played the game. These five all entered the house as fathers and did pretty well for themselves. All setting great examples for their kids watching. Many BB alumni guys went on to become dads after they had their run as houseguests. But for our Dad’s Day list, we stuck to ones that came into the house and played as fathers. These include Boston stay-at-home dad Kevin plus BB winner Derrick Levasseur, James Huling, Cody Nickson, and Jason Dent.

Big Brother’s Derrick Levasseur: One of the Greatest Ever – and a Great Dad

Remembered for winning Big Brother 16 and being one-half of the Hitmen alliance, Derrick Levasseur will forever be remembered as a GOAT (greatest of all time). Not only did he win the season by a landslide 7-2 vote, but he also was never nominated for eviction. That is a feat few others have accomplished that puts him in the BB recordbooks.

When he entered the BB house, Derrick had to say goodbye to his wife Jana and their young daughter Tenley Rose. He loves his family and live feeders especially knew it. He mentioned a few times how he planned to use the prize money to better his daughter’s life. Two years later, the couple welcomed another daughter they named Peyton Kensie. So, this Big Brother dad is one to appreciate on Father’s Day.

BB17’s America’s Favorite Houseguest

Admired for his hijinks during his time on Big Brother James Huling pranked everyone in the house. No one was safe from his endless hiding spots for jump scares or getting shaving cream smeared across their faces while sleeping. But the child trapped in a man’s body has a more toned down side when it comes to his two kids.

In an pre-show interview with BB‘s Jeff Schroeder, James said he not only had a daughter named Baleigh, but an adopted son Landon. He claimed to have “inherited” Landon but loves him like his own. James told Jeff he would use the winning money to start a trust fund for his daughter. And you can see his love for his kids and fur babies on his Instagram. Check the Big Brother alumnus out there to see what he’s up to on Father’s Day.

Cody Nickson Refused to Use Daughter For His BB Game

Cody Nickson was not well-liked among his fellow cast mates for his blunt attitude and often-abrasive personality. He also kept his private life so private that the other houseguests doubted that he was a single dad. That’s because unlike many other players in BB history (cough cough Rockstar cough cough), he refused to use his daughter Paisley for sympathy or gameplay.

Big Brother did not come close to the man’s love for his kid. Even though he was evicted pretty early, he won the battle back comp, but was sent out again soon after. But that’s okay because he won America’s Favorite Houseguest and the greatest prize of Jessica Graf’s heart. They fell in love in the BB19 house. The two married last year and recently welcomed their first child together, baby girl named Maverick Nickson. This will be a great Father’s Day with two daughters to cuddle.

Jason Dent Found Out About Second Child While Playing Big Brother

Known for his fun-loving personality – and breaking Christmas Abbott’s foot – rodeo clown and pro-rodeo rider, Jason Dent was surprised in the BB19 house with baby news. Going into the game, he only had one child, a little boy named Gatlyn. Then, suddenly he won HoH and found out he was going to be a father of two. His wife Holly having penned a letter just in case.

Whistle-Nut did fairly well for himself in the Big Brother house and won five competitions. Although he didn’t win the game, the birth of his daughter Letti Opal Dent definitely made up for it. Plus, it was a special moment for CBS reality fans as they got to experience the moment live with Jason when he found out he was going to be a dad again. That had to be a Father’s Day that year that was extra special.

Kevin Schlehuber – BB’s Stay-at-Home Dad

There probably isn’t a more proud father than Big Brother 19’s Kevin Schlehuber. The man has a total of seven kids – six girls and one boy. He even made it his full time job to stay home and raise this giant family while his wife worked. Kevin enjoys spending as much time as he possibly can with them. He talked constantly about his kids while in the BB house. Plus, Kevin Schlehuber served as house father to his younger cast mates, offering them advice and life lessons (some of them a bit dodgy).

Kevin Survived Big Brother Til Final 4 and Beat Prostate Cancer

Usually, the older houseguests are the first to go. But Kevin Schlehuber managed to get all the way to the BB19 Final 4. Which is quite impressive considering how the oldest players tend to get evicted the first week. Plus, Kevin scored $25,000 on his first day in the house so he still would have left with more than most. What helped Kevin go far in the game was getting the other players to see him like a dad figure and role model so they didn’t have the heart to evict him.

But that was likely more just the kind of guy he is than any sort of game play. Father’s Day should be particularly sweet this year for Kevin Schlehuber is that he’s now cancer free after surviving prostate cancer. He shared his battle on social media, chronicling every procedure and step on the way and now Kevin is an advocate for awareness and testing. So, happy Father’s Day to Kevin Schlehuber and we hope you stay happy and healthy.

Be sure to get ready for Season 21 of Big Brother – it premieres Tuesday, June 25 at 8 pm on CBS. And be sure to hug your dad this weekend and Happy Father’s Day to all the guys out there being the best dads they can.

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