‘Big Brother’ Kevin Schlehuber Cancer Update – BB19 Star Shares Details

Big Brother star Kevin Schlehuber revealed to BB fans yesterday that he has cancer. At the time, Kevin didn’t share what type or really how he was doing. He said that he didn’t feel bad yet, but didn’t give very many details. Today Kevin Schlehuber went to his Twitter to give fans an update on his illness.

Big Brother: Kevin Schlehuber gives update

Kevin Schlehuber of Big Brother 19 just shared an update with fans on his illness. According to the former BB19 houseguest, he has prostate cancer. He explained how the first 48 hours that he had to deal with the diagnosis were not easy on him. Kevin went into the doctor not even knowing something was wrong with him. He has family who is supporting him and also told everyone that they need to make sure they go in and get checked out.

The Big Brother former houseguest shared that he exercises every single day and so he was in “disbelief and shock” over his diagnosis. This really surprised him to hear that he had cancer. The fans have been helping him out and sending blessings nonstop. Now, Kevin Schlehuber feels like he is ready to fight cancer and win! He won’t be giving up at all. It may be a long fight, but he is ready for it and thanked fans for the “overwhelming positive messages”.

BB19 Kevin Schlehuber’s surgery

Kevin Schlehuber explained that he already has surgery scheduled for the first step in his prostate cancer battle. The procedure is set for the Monday after Thanksgiving. That is about a month away. Hopefully, he doesn’t get to feeling too bad while he is waiting for that date to get here. Until he has surgery, he will be living a pretty normal life.

He shared that he will keep working out. The Big Brother player will also be mentally preparing for this surgery. He says that he is ready for whatever happens. Kevin made it very clear that he loves all of the support that he is getting from fans. It sounds like he would like it if everyone keeps sending them his way. Those can really help to lift up his spirit and make this cancer fight a bit easier on him.

During Big Brother 19, Kevin Schlehuber was a fan favorite and continues to engage with CBS Big Brother reality show fans every day. He’s a stay at home dad with seven kids. During his time on Big Brother, he formed deep friendships with his BB housemates that are still going strong today. There will also be updates on how Kevin Schlehuber is doing and hopefully, they are all great updates on the reality star.

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