‘Big Brother’ Scandal: Kevin Schlehuber Admits Cheating in ‘BB19’ House

Big Brother fans remember Kevin Schlehuber from his time in the BB19 house. Kevin was pretty honest and talked a lot about his family. During his time in the house, there were rumors that Kevin and Christmas might be more than just friends even though he had a wife at home. Kevin even explained to all of the guys in the house how to cheat and get away with it. Well now in a new podcast, Kevin Schlehuber is admitting that he did cheat while in the Big Brother house. Somehow the cameras never caught him though!

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Kevin Schlehuber and Christmas bond in the house

Kevin and Christmas spent a lot of time together in the house. They both hated Raven, so they used this to bond and become allies. You did see Kevin checking out Christmas from time to time as well. He had a wife at home and was not single, but that didn’t make him keep his eyes to himself.  He did enjoy a look at her now and then. The rumors flew, but Kevin and Christmas never admitted anything happened.  Turns out he’s a decent father and family man.

When it comes to cheating, Kevin was full of humorous advice for his house guest. He talked to Josh and Mark giving them all the details about how you can do it. You can check it out below, but Kevin explains how you can clear things in your phone and make sure you use numbers and not names so you don’t get caught. He even says to use *67 always and that you can use your boy’s phone to call up the other girls.

Kevin was a master at keeping the house guest and fans entertained with his stories.  Friends and family say he’s actually one of the nicest guys you could ever meet.

Kevin’s mobster dad

Kevin made it clear that he isn’t afraid to cheat – at the game. He would actually do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

Jokers Updates shared all about how Kevin’s dad was actually a mobster. His dad is Andrew F. Schlehuber, Jr. – a.k.a. “The Cheese.” Kevin grew up in a rough neighborhood and is not ashamed of his mobster family. His dad was sentenced to ten years in jail for trafficking large amounts of cocaine. It isn’t surprising that Kevin would reveal he cheated knowing his family and their past. At one time, some of the cast members even thought Kevin was an undercover cop, but that wasn’t the case.

Schlehuber reveals he cheated on Big Brother

It turns out that Kevin Schlehuber is admitting he cheated while in the Big Brother 19 house. The thing is he didn’t cheat on his wife like people think he did. Instead, Kevin cheated on the Big Brother Have Not rules. When he was only allowed slop, Kevin found a way to eat cookies and not even get caught. He even admits that this could keep him from ever being invited to play the game again by admitting it.

Kevin appeared on Rob Cesternino’s podcast and shared the details. Rob is an ex-player of Survivor and has a great reality podcast where he recaps Big Brother and more. Kevin shared on this podcast that they hid the slop from him so he would end up getting hungry. They thought this would cause him to end up eating and get a penalty. Instead, Kevin did eat. But he never got caught doing it. Kevin even had partners in crime to help him out.

How did he pull it off?

Kevin would have other BB house guests hide chocolate chip cookies in the fridge. Then Kevin would take the cookies out of the fridge and then hide him in his shorts. He would have other people put the cookies in the fridge for him. Once inside the bathroom, he would flush the toilet over and over then eat the cookies. This way he wouldn’t get caught. He knew if he washed his hands that they would notice because there were cameras everywhere. Josh even gave him a hard time about not washing his hands, but they were still full of cookies so there was no way Kevin could do it.

He also put the cookies between the spikes in the Big Brother house Have Not room and would steal one now and then. Kevin teased that he had to wait for them to get soft to eat them. He admits that the slop wasn’t that bad, but he did love those cookies.

This podcast is great and has a ton of inside information from Kevin Schlehuber. If you want to hear about the cheating, fast forward to about 38 minutes in to get the details.

It’s Kevin’s funny way of “gaming the system”, that has made him one of our favorite Big Brother players to watch.

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