‘Big Brother’: Kevin Schlehuber Admits He Found Dirty Condoms in BB House

Big Brother alumni Kevin Schlehuber said he found condoms during the Hide-and-go-Veto competition. Not only were there more than one but they were all open! That means someone must have used them for something. He dished all the dirt in a recent podcast episode of Dirty Reality. And the signs point to Big Brother 19 couple Matthew Clines and Raven Walton.

BB19’s Kevin Schlehuber Shares Dirty Details From His Season

Kevin Schlehuber got down and dirty on the Dirty Reality podcast show. They asked him all kinds of questions about his time in the Big Brother house and most importantly if he ever witnessed any of the showmances “banging!”

And while Kevin did not see anything to that degree, he did sometimes “hear some noises.” There was also a lot of “grab-ass,” he added, referring to the other Big Brother houseguests touching each other’s butts. But he did find some condoms!

Big Brother: Kevin Finds Condoms During Competition

One of the most notable PoV competitions in Big Brother is the Hide-and-go-Veto. Which is where the houseguests hide name cards and then tear apart the house to find each others’. The last card left wins the power of veto. Well, Kevin Schlehuber found more than what he bargained for. The Boston father ended up uncovering a treasure trove of condoms.

“I lifted up a mattress and there were condoms,” Kevin Schlehuber told fans. “And I was like, they can hide the veto thing but they can’t hide the condoms?”

But that’s not all! According to Big Brother‘s Kevin in the most recent ICTV podcast episode, these condoms were open. These were reportedly much easier to find than the actual thing he was searching for. Yet, all we want to know is whose stash of rubbers it was.

Matthew Clines & Raven Walton Hooked Up In The BB House

During the live feeds, fans noticed some interesting behavior occurring in one of the bedrooms. Matt and Raven often retreated to their bedroom to partake in some under the cover activities. Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez even claimed to have found a bunch on condoms in their bedside table.

Even worse, the condoms that Josh found were used! Did Matt and Raven ever learn about getting rid of the evidence? Apparently not.

No More Condoms Necessary For Big Brother’s ‘Maven’?

It is a good thing the two left their condom haul in the Big Brother house because they might not need them anymore. Although the status of their relationship is unclear, the two live in separate states. Matt in Arizona and Raven in Arkansas. Their friendship is still strong, but the romantic aspect could have fizzled out. They surely will not be the last BB couple to leave evidence of a showmance hook up.

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