‘Big Brother’ Kevin Schlehuber Cancer – BB19 Houseguest Fights for Life

Big Brother star Kevin Schlehuber revealed yesterday that he is battling cancer by going to Twitter and telling fans.

The BB19 houseguest is a fan favorite and this is heartbreaking. The great news about it is that Kevin says he is ready for a fight. He won’t be giving up at all just like he played the game Big Brother. Kevin Schlehuber has already shown us that he is a strong man. He is also lucky to have family behind him to help him through this all.

Big Brother Kevin Schlehuber’s sad reveal

Kevin Schlehuber of Big Brother went to his Twitter a couple of days ago thanking the fans for support. This had a few people wondering if something was up with him. His tweet said, “I can’t begin to thank all of U 4 the kindness you’ve all shown to me and my family for that I will be 4eva thankful! As we Live we Learn and the hardest things in life are actually controlled by ourselves1 of the Most important is Forgiveness, when U forgive life gets better❤️?.” It sounds like he has forgiven a few people in his life and moved on. The cancer diagnosis could be the reason.

Sadly, there was a reason that Kevin Schlehuber was thanking all of his fans. It turns out that something was going on he hadn’t shared just yet.

Kevin is battling cancer. You can see his reveal below. He shared that he went to the doctor with his family and found out this heartbreaking news. It does sound like he found out at a check-up, but so far he hasn’t given all the details.

How is Kevin Schlehuber doing now?

It turns out that Kevin Schlehuber of Big Brother is feeling totally fine. He wants to raise awareness and wants the fans to know that they should get their regular checkups from the doctor. You don’t have to feel sick for something to be wrong with you. He also shared that he will be fighting and has a lot of love and support. Of course, once he starts treatment Kevin might not feel near as well, but he has people to help him through it all.

Kevin Schlehuber also has all of his fans and the Big Brother family behind him on this one. This won’t be an easy battle at all, but luckily he is ready for it. He seems like the type of guy who will take this head on and not give up no matter what.

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Update: Kevin just gave fans an update on what kind of cancer and how he is doing.