‘Amazing Race’ Spoilers: First Ever Public U-Turn Vote Causes Trouble – Victor and Nicole Target Reilly Sisters?

The Amazing Race is switching things up again with another never-before-seen twist. With Victor Arroyo and fiancee Nicole Franzel irritated at Rachel Reilly and her sister, this could be a big moment. While the racing teams are still in Switzerland, there will be a chance to U-Turn some other racers. But for the first time ever, everyone will be picking their choice publicly. What could possibly go wrong as they all sit together to call out face-to-face who they plan to sabotage?

It’s bad enough on the CBS reality show when racers hit the U-Turn and see that another team slapped up their photo. It’s quite another to be named in person and told that another team is doing their level best to knock you out of the running for the million dollar prize. So, this episode is not-miss because it’s a fresh twist and should make for tense TV.

Amazing Race Spoilers: Previous Season 31 U-Turns

Earlier this season, two different teams decided to use the U-Turn power to try for the upper hand. Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater, known as the Reilly Sisters picked Team Fun (Becca Droz and Floyd Pierce). Then, the fun loving duo that loves to rap were forced to go back and complete the other detour option as a punishment. And it almost cost them the race because they came in ninth out of 10.

Coincidentally, Team Fun also ended up U-Turning another Amazing Race team using the second slot. They used their power on Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl who actually passed Becca and Floyd and ended up in seventh place. That means the U-Turn this season hasn’t knocked anyone out of the competition. But all that could change this week with this wild new shakeup. Particularly since Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo took the Reilly sisters’ warning them the wrong way, causing a blowout scenario with all teams.

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New Twist Spells Trouble For Racers

Usually, an Amazing Race U-Turn is done in a rush during the middle of the race. So, teams arrive at the stop separately. They don’t have to stick around and face their targets. This time, host Phil Keoghan is there waiting for them to all gather together as a group. With a little joke about how Switzerland is a democracy, he tells them they are going to switch things up this time. With all the teams eyeing the Reillys, this could be huge.

The teams shout out their U-Turn choice in public for the first time ever. Which means that whoever uses their power has to do so with the eyes of the entire cast on them. Talk about pressure. The question is whether the public scrutiny will get them to avoid using the power? Or, since the field is so narrow, will they suck it up and call out other teams to advance their own shot at winning?

The Amazing Race Spoilers: Who’s Gonna Step Up?

There is not a specified number of slots for U-Turning teams. But it’s likely that at least one duo will forced to double back. Yet, what is more interesting is to see which teams will have the guts to cast their vote in front of everyone? Because relationships have been pretty chill up until this point but it looks like things are about to change.

Tune into CBS at 8pm on Wednesday. See who throws caution to the wind. And who the teams throw to the wolves in this U-Turn change of tactics that promises to make things rough on the racers. Victor Arroyo and his sweetie Nicole Franzel had a close call and fumed at the Reilly sisters, so we’ll see if they call out their names or let the grudge go.

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