‘Amazing Race’ Spoilers: Team Fun Cutting Line Ruins Nicole and Victor’s Race – Or Gives Them a Leg Up?

The Amazing Race spoilers reveal trouble at the airport for Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo. While trying to get tickets for the flight on the next leg, Team Fun appears to cut them in line. Floyd Pierce and Becca Droz get their tickets, leaving Nicole and Victor scrambling for a miracle. Will they be the latest team to arrive and eliminated from the race – or will it actually help them?

Amazing Race Spoilers: Team Fun Cuts in Line

In the preview for this week’s episode “Let’s Split”, things get a little intense. All the teams are in a rush to get tickets for their flight to the next leg of the race which is in Croatia. Nicole Franzel and her honey Victor Arroyo are behind the Afghanimals, Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran, waiting to get tickets.

Then, another desk opens up. Becca Droz and Floyd Pierce appear to butt ahead of them in line and secure the quickest flight. But was their cutting in line intentional or was it an accident? And could this cost the Big Brother engaged couple the race? It looks tense and could be a game changer on The Amazing Race.

Victor Arroyo and Sweetie Nicole Franzel Scramble

Immediately after giving the Afghanimals their tickets, the cashier closes her desk and refuses to help Victor and Nicole. Instead, the two are forced to watch as Team Fun gets ahead of them on The Amazing Race. Nicole even whispers to Victor, “it’s frustrating when people cut!” This is another exampleof the Big Brother duo bickering and Nicole whisper-complaining about others.

The two decide to try at another station and book it up a flight of stairs where they are told they can get a flight. But it would be a later time than the one they were originally trying to get on – but then another flight opens on stand-by. This pulls them out of the back of the group. So while it looks like Victor Arroyo and Nicole Franzel might have a tough time on tonight’s Amazing Race episode – it might be a blessing in disguise.

The Amazing Race Spoilers: Becca Says Team Fun Didn’t Cut

According to Becca Droz, she and Floyd Pierce did not cut Victor Arroyo and fiancee Nicole Franzel in line. In fact, The Amazing Race alumni were in a completely separate line while the Big Brother couple was in the one behind Leo and Jamal. According to half of Team Fun, they did not cheat and should not be to blame for Victor and Nicole’s frustrations.

Tune in tonight to see which team is eliminated, since every leg from here on out is an elimination round. Will Nicole Franzel and fiance Victor Arroyo survive Croatia? Find out for yourself and see whether or not Team Fun cut in line when the new episode airs on Wednesday at 8.

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