‘Amazing Race’ Spoilers: Bret LaBelle Fear of Heights Causes Panic in Challenge?

The Amazing Race spoilers reveal challenges based entirely around heights in Switzerland on this week’s episode, “Living Fearlessly.” It looks like some of the racers will have to face one of their biggest fears in order to move on. Which include free falling 400 feet and repelling down a cliffside. Bret LaBelle seems to be in the midst of a panic attack when his turn comes. Bret has a fear of heights.

Amazing Race Spoilers: We’re Free Falling

The Amazing Race spoilers show that the roadblock for this episode is a doozy and Bret LaBelle will struggle. After taking a nice helicopter ride to the peak of a ravine. One person from each team will have to gear up and jump off the top of a cliff. Where they will then bungee jump off and fall around 400 feet. But that is the easy part!

First, they will have to get up the nerve to jump, which is hard when a river littered with huge rocks is staring up at them. No, the challenge will be taking the leap, and in the preview below, you can see Korey Kuhl brave it with his The Amazing Race teammate Tyler Oakley standing by.

Bret LaBelle Faces His Biggest Fear

An exclusive video posted by Bret LaBelle on Instagram showed him and teammate Chris Hammons at an Amazing Race detour. They stand by as Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater propel down a cliffside. And Bret happens to suffer from a severe case of acrophobia. Which translates to a fear of heights.

Yet, he actually begins to go down while Chris watches with bated breath. But not even halfway down he starts having a panic attack. “Oh god it’s so fast,” he cries out, “I’m leaning back! I’m leaning back!” Will Bret LaBelle be able to get it together in order to get over his greatest fear on The Amazing Race?


Amazing Race Spoilers: Nicole Franzel is ‘So Scared’

It looks like Nicole Franzel is another racer with a fear of heights on this season of The Amazing Race. 

The Amazing Race spoilers have leaked that it’s going to be a photo finish race to end for two teams. In a quick preview for tonight’s episode, she watches as another team completes the challenges. She turns to the camera with wide eyes and admits, “I’m so scared.” But she must get up the nerve to jump because we next see her screaming as she flies through the air. Tune in to The Amazing Race tonight at 8pm on CBS to see who rises to the occasion and who falls short.

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