‘The Amazing Race’ Spoilers: Second Leg Brings Surprising Cross Roads – Detours Revealed

The Amazing Race spoilers reveal a Double U-Turn takes place during the second leg. In this week’s episode, “Knock the Newbie Out of Us,” each team will have to decide between two detours. And thanks to Rachel Reilly and Eliza Orlins, we now know what their options are. The two women from different teams shared a sneak peek on their social media of them and their partners at each detour.

The Amazing Race Spoilers: Rachel and Elissa Decide on Cooking

When faced with the option to choose between the detours, Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater decide on cooking. The next Amazing Race leg takes the teams to the Southeast Asian country, Laos. Known for their fishing industry, it is no surprise that one of the challenges takes place in a fish market. So, the two Big Brother stars have to do something that centers around fish.

From Eliza’s spoiler, we know that they probably have to correctly prepare a traditional Laotian dish. Hopefully, one – or both – of the Rachel/Elissa duo know how to cook!

Eliza Orlins and Corinne Kaplan Learn the Alphabet

Instead of cooking, Eliza and Corinne attempt to learn the Laotian alphabet in this week’s episode of The Amazing Race. In a video Eliza shared on Twitter, watch as the two ladies completely butcher the Laotian letters. This detour seems much harder than what we think is the other option the teams had to choose from.

Eliza and Corinne compare the alphabet to a Boston accent. Corinne points out how Bret LaBelle would have been really good at the Laotian alphabet, considering he is from the Massachusettes capital. Then Eliza says, “too bad he’s cooking!” Can the women channel their inner Bret in order to complete this latest detour?

The Amazing Race Spoilers: Will Rupert and Laura Remain in the Race?

After nearly getting eliminated in the first leg, Rupert and Laura Boneham sit on the bottom of the totem pole. The married couple spent four hours searching in the park last week for the detour. Which almost cost them the Race. But luckily, returning Amazing Race team Art and JJ had to take a penalty and the Survivor duo beat the clock.

Yet, they have to get out of last place if they want to remain in the race to win a million dollars. The latest episode airs tonight on CBS.

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