‘The Amazing Race’: When Will Production Restart on Season 33

The Amazing Race‘s Phil Keoghan has just revealed when production can resume on season 33 of the CBS reality show. It paused back in February when the COVID-19 crisis started becoming widespread. Now he’s hosting a new show called Tough as Nails. But Phil’s speaking out on when we should expect to see Amazing Race return. So, what’s he saying about the 33rd season of the critically acclaimed show?

The Amazing Race: Production Paused on Season 33

Production for the 33rd season of The Amazing Race halted back in late February. It occurred after the coronavirus turned into a worldwide pandemic. They were already three episodes into the season when CBS made the call to pull them from overseas. They had cast and crew return to the United States. Yet, none of the production team or cast had contracted the virus while traveling out of the country

It’s July and COVID-19 is still a major concern, especially in the US. There are more cases here than anywhere else in the world. CBS says its utmost priority is keeping their Amazing Race crew workers and cast safe. So, they won’t give the green light until then. But Phil Keoghan has the inside scoop on when to expect production to resume on the CBS show.

Host Phil Keoghan Says When the CBS Will Return

In a recent interview, Phil Keoghan discussed the potential of The Amazing Race returning sometime in the near future. According to the show’s host, it’ll all depend on the current COVID-19 situation around the globe. Since they film in multiple countries it’s much harder to control than some of CBS’s other shows such as Big Brother and Survivor.

Phil said that “as soon as that curve goes down,” they could get the green light to begin production once more. Unfortunately, The Amazing Race host says that the curve is “so depressing right now”. That it “is an indication of not shooting/shooting”. So, we’re going to have to wait to see what the ever-changing situation is before getting a more clear answer.

The Amazing Race: Phil’s New Show ‘Tough as Nails’

Meanwhile, if you’re missing Phil Keoghan, you’re in luck. He is hosting a new CBS show called Tough as Nails. It premiered it’s first episode this week. It featured a multitude of different contestants.

It’s a competition where they compete in challenges at different job sites in order to test their toughness and overall ability. One person is eliminated each episode until there’s only one person left who wins $200,000 and a brand new truck.

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