‘The Amazing Race’ Spoilers: Clash of Reality TV’s Best Competitors

The Amazing Race spoilers tease an exciting season full of familiar reality television faces. Former competitors from Big Brother, Survivor, and TAR race for the million dollar prize. But the veteran racers might have an upper hand because of past experience. Which of the reality show duos will come out on top on the CBS reality show. Meet the teams below and make your guess.

The Amazing Race Spoilers: Veteran Teams

Several of the duos have previously competed on the reality show. But all fell short of the finish line. Art Velez and JJ Carrell came in second, the million dollars just out of reach. The two Border Patrol agents became best friends when they first raced together on season 20. They proved to be very good at winning legs of the race.

Way back during TAR 5, life partners Colin Guinn and Christie Lee Woods also came in second place. The two were just at the dating stage at the time but fell short at the end. Now, they are back with a vengeance and tons of experience running the race.

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Veterans Becca and Floyd

Becca Droz and Floyd Pierce are the freshest veteran racers in the game having been on season 29. They are back to redeem themselves after only taking fifth place last time. Can these two friends bring home the cash?

Cousins Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran have competed on two seasons of The Amazing Race. But they came in fourth place on both season 23 and the all-stars season. With two rounds of game experience, Leo and Jamal might put up quite a fight this time around to redeem themselves.

Meet the Big Brother Legends Coming to The Amazing Race

TAR fans will be familiar with Rachel Reilly. Instead of her husband Brendon Villegas, she will be racing with her sister Elissa Slater. Rachel was on season 20 and All-Stars and wound up in third place both times.

The sister duo has plenty of knowledge on both games. So, they could prove to be quite a threat to the other racers. Third time’s the charm, right? This Big Brother dynamo might win this one too.

Big Brother Engaged Pair Racing

Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo both came out winners at the end of Big Brother 18. While Nicole struggled on BB16, she ended up winning her second time back. Victor was the Battle-Back Champ. The two got engaged on the set of Big Brother in front of a subsequent season of houseguests, so The Amazing Race should be quite the test of their relationship’s strength but many BB couples manage to stay strong.

Lastly, are a couple of Big Brother fan-favorites. Britney Haynes and Janelle Pierzina are legends in their own right. Janelle is a master manipulator while Britney is the queen of the diary room. Which should make for some hilarious moments on the show. Both are competitive and know how to get what they want. This season is going to be one for the books.

Survivor Castaways Making Their Way to TAR

Chris Hammons and Bret LaBelle bonded during their time on Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X. Now, they are being marooned on a game that is about to take them all over the world. Making the jump from a secluded island to traveling the globe might prove daunting to any of the non-experienced racers this season.

Having never competed during the same season of Survivor, it should be interesting to see Corrine Kaplan and Eliza Orlins’ teamwork. The women met off the island and did not forge their relationship from being stuck together. They might just end up cracking under the pressure.

Husband and wife Rupert and Laura Boneham are a couple of seasoned Survivor castaways. Both of them understand what it means to be under tremendous amounts of pressure. Which could help them a lot during The Amazing Race 31..

The Amazing Race Spoilers: YouTube Sensation Tyler Oakley is Back!

YouTuber Tyler Oakley and his best friend Korey Kuhl are taking another shot at the million dollar grand prize. After coming in third during TAR 28, the two are back again. Not only does Tyler have millions of followers on social media, he and Korey also have their own podcast called Psychobabble. See how it all plays out when TAR premieres on April 17 on CBS.

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