‘Big Brother’: Elena Davies Reveals She is Still in Love With Mark Jansen In Emotional Podcast

Big Brother news reveals that Elena Davies still loves Mark Jansen. The two broke up last month and Elena finally told her side of the story on her podcast MiscELENAeous. She admitted her feelings on the breakup and the struggle in their relationships in an emotional retelling. In the podcast episode entitled, “Ex Marks the Spot,” Elena got real with her fans on everything.

Big Brother: Elena Davies Admits She Did Not Deserve Mark Jansen

Elena Davies could be heard audibly holding back tears as she described the reasons behind her breakup with Mark Jansen. In what she said was, “kinda kidding,” Elena said that fans were right when they trolled her on social media. Where they said she did not deserve Mark and was a “bitch.” And while she did not always show how much she loved him in the right ways, the depth of her love was always there.

The former Big Brother player said she never claimed to be a perfect girlfriend and reaffirms that claim during the podcast episode. Elena may have taken him for granted sometimes but she would change it in a heartbeat if she could turn back time. Even though she may have seen him as a “guarantee,” she says she, “never did not love him.”


Mark Jansen Was The Greatest Love Of Elena Davies’ Life

In the podcast, Elena Davies described Mark Jansen as, “the greatest love of my life.” She admitted that even though all the negative things she is feeling, she still smiles when she says his name. While she was reading the US Weekly article about their relationship, it stated that Mark was the closest thing to a fairytale she could get.

And Big Brother‘s Elena agreed but was quick to point out that it was not fair to the girls who are fans of her. By thinking that she and Mark were some perfect couple, they might compare their relationship to their own and not be satisfied with it. They should not be comparing her, “highlights to what happens behind closed doors in their own lives.”

Being Polar Opposites Became A Major Factor In Breakup

Anyone with eyes can see that Mark Jansen and Elena Davies have many differences. While Elena prefers to be loud and hide her vulnerability, Mark is quieter and expressed his emotions when he felt them. In some relationships, opposites attract but it seemed to be a negative factor in Mark and Elena’s relationship.

But this was not the case for the former Big Brother houseguests Elena and Mark. Some of their differences were what caused strife between them and ultimately ended the relationship. One of them is that they had two different ideas of what their relationship should have been like.

Claims She Is Still In Love With Mark

Elena Davies says several times in the podcast that she is still in love with Mark Jansen. She even went as far as to say she was “obsessed” with Mark and still kinda is. Breakups are hard and falling out of love with someone you have been with for over a year must seem almost impossible. “I wish I could be the girl for him,” she tells listeners while her voice shakes.

According to Big Brother player Elena, love does not just disappear when someone breaks up with you. It lingers and can feel crushing at times with the onslaught of so many different emotions. Going through the situation, she expressed her gratefulness to her family and friends during this hard time.

2018 Was A Hard Year For Elena Davies

Emotionally, Elena Davies said that 2018 was not a great year for her. Although it had nothing to do with Mark Jansen, the feelings could have had an impact on their relationship. She was struggling emotionally and had all these feelings that made things harder for her.

But 2019 is a new year for Elena and the Big Brother contestant has adopted a new word to live by. Resilience. So, while last year she did not so much resilience in anything, this year she will be following through with this mantra. Best wishes to the two of them moving forward and hopefully, they can find happiness.

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