‘Ex On The Beach’ Spoilers: Mark Jansen and Elena Davies Revisit Valentine’s Day Nightmare

Ex On The Beach spoilers reveal that Mark Jansen and Elena Davies revisit their Valentine’s Day nightmare. Mark and Elena first appeared on Big Brother season 19. Neither Mark or Elena won the show. However, they won each other’s hearts and started dating after the show ended. Although their fairytale story ended when Mark supposedly cheated on Elena. Now the couple face their issues in the Ex On The Beach’s Shack of Secrets. A place where everyone’s secrets are revealed.

Ex On The Beach airs Tuesdays on MTV at 8pm.

Ex On The Beach – Mark Jansen Confesses on Valentine’s Day

Mark Jansen and ex Elena Davies started their relationship on Big Brother. The couple continued their romance outside of the BB house. However, their relationship ended after Mark hooked up with a girl from a dating app. According to the BB alum, him and Elena were broken up. Therefore, he didn’t cheat on Elena. On the other hand, his BB partner was under the impression that they were just on a break.

Ex On The Beach spoilers explain that Mark Jansen reveals that he confessed to his ex-girlfriend on Valentine’s Day about what he did. Which is probably the worst day to confess something like that. In Elena’s mind, he cheated on her. However, Mark justifies that he didn’t cheat on her since they were no longer together. With this miscommunication, the couple finds themselves constantly fighting.


Elena Davies Faces Heartbreak Again

On the season premiere of Ex On The Beach, Elena Davies revealed that she “absolutely still loves Mark.” However, she admitted that it is “so sad.” She hopes that her and Mark can work things out. Which means facing what happened between her ex-boyfriend and the girl from the dating app. Surly, this won’t be easy for her to deal with again.

Ex On The Beach spoilers indicate that Elena Davies isn’t ready to find out more secrets from Mark Jansen. She wants to know more, but doesn’t know exactly what she is getting herself into. Elena states that “I’m walking into pain.” She explains what Mark did to her when their relationship hit a rocky patch. She adds that “he told me on Valentine’s Day.” So heartbreaking.

More Secrets Revealed On MTV Show

When Elena Davies entered the Ex On The Beach house, she confronted Mark Jansen right away. She even interrupted his one-on-one date with Aubrey O’Day. However, Mark didn’t want to deal with Elena. Therefore, all he could do was smile and laugh. Now he has to face all the secrets he’s been hiding from Elena.

Ex On The Beach spoilers show the two of them walking into the Shack of Secrets. Mark reveals that he hopes that this only involves things that have to do with Elena. He states that there are things that he doesn’t want to come out that could come up. He adds “it could be trouble.” What secrets could Mark be hiding from Elena?

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