‘Big Brother 20’ JC Mounduix Says ‘F–k You All’ To Fans on Sexual Harassment Accusations

Big Brother 20 houseguest JC Mounduix took to social media after the BB20 finale to rant about the sexual harassment accusations made against him. Only days after finale night of Big Brother there’s already fresh new drama has started. Now JC is on his Instagram page telling his side of the story.

JC Mounduix says “F–k You All” to Fans via Instagram Live – Big Brother 20

In the live video, JC says he was surprised at backlash he received when Big Brother ended. One incident that really took Twitter by storm was the night that JC kissed housemate Tyler Crispen’s armpit. He stands by his statement. His actions were misread because Tyler Crispen was having a nightmare.

JC said when Tyler was fussing in his sleep, he touched him to soothe him, adjusted his bandanna over his eyes as he likes, and, very importantly, meant to kiss him on the shoulder in reassurance. So he got armpit instead because the problem was the position of Tyler’s arm.

He said they were like family in the house and all comforted each other. Then JC says that the phrase sexual harassment is “such a strong word.” He then continued with “f*** you all for thinking that.”

Fans Came After JC Mounduix’s Game Play as Well – BB20

The post-Big Brother live video continues with JC stating that fans said he just floated by in the game. He became angry and said he was not “a f***ing floater.” The BB20 player says always knew about the alliances because he then said, “you guys are crazy if you think I didn’t know about level 6.”

He then says as the days went on he felt like he was going crazy and importantly, he says he tried every day not to cry in the Big Brother house. JC then admits he was constantly working on his social game. Who he was going to talk to that day was constantly on his mind. (Just for the fun of it, check out JC Mounduix when he was really little below – from his Instagram feed).


Big Brother 20 Aftermath Affecting JC Mounduix

Big Brother third placer JC started the live video very irate. He slammed the table, yelled and swore at the camera. Instagram viewers of his live video were quick to respond with “chill” and “don’t cry”. Thankfully, he was able to read these comments live as he was recording his video and seemed to calm down.

His voice became quiet and said “I know the kind of person I am. I am a good person.” JC Mounduix went on to say that Big Brother is a game and he had to play the way he did in order to get as far as he did. He claims people on social media have been harassing him and calling him names wherever he goes.

Even though Big Brother 20 has ended, JC Mounduix is still feeling the aftershock of the decisions he has made. He promised watchers that he’s not as “extra” in real life as he came across on TV. Are there more outbursts and rants to come because he sure was irate on this IG live? Expect the unexpected.

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