‘Big Brother’: BB20 Winner Kaycee Clark Finds Love – Meet Her Girlfriend

Big Brother season 20 winner Kaycee Clark and girlfriend Tayler Jimenez are in love! Kaycee and Tayler professed their feelings for each other on Valentine’s day via Instagram. Kaycee and Tayler appear to have a friendship that blossomed into romance. But there is a lot to learn about the BB20 winner and her girlfriend. So, we used our super sleuthing skills to dig up all the juicy details!

Big Brother: Meet Kaycee Clark’s Girlfriend – The Model Tayler Jimenez

Tayler Jimenez is a model that has appeared in photoshoots paying tribute to the likes of Rihanna. She was also featured in the Miss Jetset Magazine 2017 Cover Photo Contest. In her bio, she described herself as a “ball of enegry” and “full of fun, laughter, and positivity.”

Because Big Brother winner Kaycee is an athlete it is no suprise she would be able to snag an attractive model like Tayler. Its been done before by the likes of Tom Brady who is married to Gisele Bundchen and have become an iconic duo. Besides modeling, Tayler is a brand ambassador for Tumble Bee Clothing, Thrive Island, and Franny Marie.

From Friends To Lovers For Kaycee Clark and Tayler Jimenez

Before Kaycee Clark went on Big Brother and won half-a-million dollars she had already met Tayler Jimenez. The two were actually friends and it grew into something more after Kaycee returned to the real world. If you look closely enough, you can follow the journey through her Instagram account.

Originally, Kaycee would post an occasional photo with Tayler in the mix. But what really got fans attention was when she posted a picture with Tayler, Angela Rummans, and Tyler Crispen on New Year’s Eve. Shortly after that, she announced that, yes, the two were in fact dating which led to many cute Instagram stories courtesy of Tayler.

Kaycee Clark (Big Brother 20 Winner) Is Very Happy

In all her posts, Kaycee Clark appears to be giving off happiness in waves. Her smile is genuine and the two seem to be extremely happy together. The young couple is enjoying being in love and we could not be more happy for them. We hope to see more from the two in the near future. Their relationship is very inspirational to the LGBT community and might help let young adults struggling with their sexuality find strength.

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