‘Big Brother’: Jackson Michie Talks Drug Addiction in BB21 House

Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Michie guest-starred on Lance Bass’ podcast The Daily Podcast earlier this week. Where he answered all of the fandom’s burning questions. But more importantly, discussed his mental health before and after entering the BB21 house. Plus, he touched on his dependency on Xanax. He’s struggled with depression and night terrors but wanted to push himself by going on to the show.

Big BrotherUpdate: Jackson Michie Thought He Might Be ‘Addicted to Xanax’

Around 6 months before coming on Big Brother, Jackson Michie was prescribed Xanax by his doctor. He had been suffering from extreme night terrors, along with some other factors that lead to pent up anxiety. So, the medication would help him sleep at night and not go days on end without rest. Jackson talked a lot about it on the live feeds and Lance Bass asked him about possibly being addicted to it. “You talk a lot about being on Xanax and that you might be addicted to [legally prescribed] Xanax”.

“I had just started taking that prescription before coming onto the show,” Jackson Michie explained, “Sometimes we use prescriptions as a crutch, I’ve been there”. But signing up for the show meant getting rid of the crutch. Apparently, production deemed it unnecessary for him to take it into the Big Brother house and he was forced to continue without it, thinking “how the hell am I going to get through this?”


Jackson Feared Having to Self-Evict

Because of his reliance on the medication and having to cold turkey it, his biggest fear was self-evicting in the beginning of the season. “I was thinking I was gonna go Day 3 or Day 4 and I was gonna have to self-evict because I couldn’t do it anymore”.

Yet, having his back against the wall gave Jackson Michie no other choice but to force himself to overcome it. The experience has changed his life for the better. “It’s what got me back to me,” he told Big Brother fan and former *NSYNC singer Lance Bass. Not only that but “it was the most challenging thing at the lowest point of my life,” and Jackson rose to the occasion.

Big Brother: ‘Be Uncomfortable’ Says Michie

“You have to be uncomfortable to grow,” Jackson Michie claimed about his whole BB21 experience. “It forced me to face my demons and overcome them”. Which he definitely did, along with winning $500,000 and meeting Holly Allen. It’s safe to say Jackson ended up better off than he was before the season started. Although he still gets plenty of hate for some of his actions, he said he’s taking responsibility for them. Learning from his mistakes and using them to grow.

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