‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Vague on Fire Details – Lost ‘a Lot’ of What?

Alaskan Bush People celeb Bear Brown gave frequent updates on the fire that ravaged their mountainside property, but he’s short on details. At one point, the officials in that area reported no loss of life, homes, or structures in that fire.

Still, the Alaskan Bush People‘s son reports they lost “a lot” in the blaze on their mountain. He goes even further by calling it a devastating loss.

Alaskan Bush People: Why Is Bear Brown Mum On Details?

That fire started a week ago. Still, the update messages pop up online from Bear and his Alaskan Bush People siblings. One of the latest updates comes from the Brown offspring.

This includes Bear Brown, Rain Brown, Snow Brown, Noah Brown, and his wife, Rhaine Brown, and son Elijah Brown.  Bear posted this update that looks more like a public service video.

In the video, they say all of them are fine. They also stress that they don’t need a thing. They don’t want fans to send them anything, but they do offer an agency to donate to. That agency will help people who do need help from loss due to fire.

As Bear continues to report, they lost “a lot” in the fire, and fans question just what “a lot” means. If they lost their homes that they spent this new Alaskan Bush People season building, you would think they’d say as much. But they haven’t.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

One Flaming Tree Does Not Tell the Story

Bear Brown showed a picture of a charred tree, which still had flames shooting from it. But he didn’t show much else. This Alaskan Bush People sibling was pictured in front of a field on one post. But it’s hard to tell if it is flattened from the fire or just a treeless field, to begin with.

The Browns continue to say a fire broke out “near” their home, according to the latest reports. Hints pop up during the week that suggests “a lot” might mean some of their land burned. Unless they are keeping the loss of their mountain home under wraps, it doesn’t appear as if they lost any buildings.

Discovery’s Bear Brown did say they were staying in a hotel. That gave Alaskan Bush People followers the impression the Browns lost their houses.

They were evacuated off the mountain because of a fire nearing their land. So, they could have stayed in a hotel as only a precautionary measure.

Alaskan Bush People: Noah Brown - Rhain Brown - Eijah Brown - Rain Brown - Bear Brown

Alaskan Bush People: Publicity Doesn’t Hurt Bear & Family

The Alaskan Bush People series dwindled in ratings over the past few seasons. Much of that has to do with the family no longer being in Alaska. Plus, living off the grid is not so hard any more with indoor plumbing and the modern amenities the Alaskan bush didn’t offer.

Bear Brown seems to have taken over as the spokesperson for the Brown family these days. At one time, Matt Brown, the oldest sibling, had that honor. But the longer Bear talks about the fire and points to how they lost “a lot,” the more interest the Alaskan Bush People show gathers.

If they came out and said, the fire came near their home, but they luckily skirted the brunt of the blaze, that would be the end of the chatter. But now that fans heard they lost a lot, people come back to see what that is. Maybe they lost a lot of acreage in the fire. But it sounds like their homes may still stand.

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