‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Reports Fire Engulfs North Star Ranch with ‘Devastating Loss’

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown just announced that a fire engulfed their mountain home leaving a “devastating loss” of property. The fire, which started yesterday, is still burning. So, they don’t know what is left, if anything, until they’re able to go back into their property.

Alaskan Bush People: North Star Ranch Still Burning

Earlier today a fan posted a photo of a fire claiming it started at North Star Ranch. This is the name of Billy Brown’s Family’s property. Now Bear Brown takes to social media to describe their mountain home loss, which validates the earlier claims from the Alaskan Bush People fan.

Now Bear reaches out to Alaskan Bush People fans with the news that their home is in flames. The amount of work the Brown family did on that piece of mountain land is highlighted in the new season.

The new Alaskan Bush People season rolls out this Sunday, August 23. This has to be a bitter-sweet season for the Brown brood if the fire left all their hard work in cinders.

Alaskan Bush People: Fire on North Star Ranch

All Bear Brown and Family Can Do Is Watch and Wait

It looks as if all Bear Brown, parents, and siblings can do is watch and wait as the fire roars through their mountain.

Before the last season of the Alaskan Bush People came to a close, fans saw the huge amount of work accomplished by this family. The barn alone, with all the animals, looked almost state of the art.

Bear’s parents, Ami and Billy Brown live in a trailer on the property. The kids were in the process of building their own homes when the last season ended. One of Bear Brown’s sisters already built a treehouse, constructed from all wood. She also had a bunch of cats living with her in that dwelling.

Alaskan Bush People: Fire on North Star Ranch

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Makes Property Loss Sound Grave

Viewers of the Discovery Channel show know that Bear Brown’s home consists of two shipping containers. While the fire might cook everything inside, the containers should weather the fire.

But one of the biggest questions coming from fans of course – “Is everyone alright?” Then people worry about the animals that accumulated on that farm.

From Ostriches to a Bull and cattle, they had a lot of farm animals and some exotic ones too.

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