‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown’s Alleged Abuse Details Revealed for Restraining Order?

Alaskan Bush People celeb Bear Brown is under a restraining order and details emerge today of the alleged abuse that led to this action. Pregnant Raiven Adams slapped a temporary domestic violence restraining order this week on Bear Brown. She’s due to return to court on February 27. On this date, she’s expected to file for a long-term restraining order against the Alaskan Bush People son.

Alaskan Bush People Update: Bear Brown Cements His Future

Bear Brown is the father of Raiven’s unborn baby. Reports indicate that she is 30-weeks pregnant. But contractions started recently for the 22-year-old mother-to-be. Alaskan Bush People fans got to meet Bear Brown’s now ex-girlfriend via the last few episodes of the Discovery Channel show.

Alaskan Bush People viewers also witnessed Bear Brown, 32, propose Raiven. This was followed by a “yes” from his love interest. Then he slipped a ring on her finger.

After the Alaskan Bush People season ended, the two split up. Then Raiven announced her pregnancy, followed by a short-lived reconciliation. Then Bear and his ex parted ways for good with reports of a second amicable breakup. But this time it appears it’s for good. Especially now that a restraining order is in place.

When they split, their future plans entailed co-parenting their Alaskan Bush People baby boy. They also planned to remain good friends. But Bear Brown’s heir to the bush isn’t due until April. Now a restraining order suggests the two didn’t remain a friendly couple as first reported. So what went wrong?

Alaskan Bush People: Kassy Michelle



Baby Tries to Come Into World Too Early

Raiven’s mother, Kassy Michelle, hopped online to address her daughter’s problems today. It seems Raiven experienced contractions recently at only 30 weeks pregnant.

Kassy writes in a post above that her grandson only weighs 2.5 pounds right now. But the little guy attempted an early entrance into the world, 10-weeks too early.

Raiven also addressed this the same day she filed for the restraining order against her ex from Alaskan Bush People. She said she’s on medication, including steroids, to stop the early contractions. Bear’s ex also vowed to keep her unborn son safe online. This seemed to add even more questions to the mix. What does this suggest about the reasons Bear is now under a restraining order?

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Raiven Adams - Court Docs
Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown – Raiven Adams – Court Docs

Kassy reports her daughter is in “preterm labor”. She also asked for prayers for both her daughter and her unborn grandson. But she also suggested these contractions happened as the result of stress.

News of the restraining order on Bear Brown came as a shock for the fans of Alaskan Bush People. Bear Brown tends to march to a different tune of the drum. But he’s not noted for any mean tendencies. So what happened?

Alaskan Bush People: Family Member Fills Fans In on Social Media

Despite the Alaskan Bush People dad-to-be and Raiven Adams not addressing the restraining order, a family member did. That would be Raiven’s mothe. Kassy Michelle first shared a few details about toxic relationships and alleged abuse online.

It seems Kassy had her own problems with toxic people back when she was Raiven’s age. So apparently she feels she can relate to just what her daughter is going through.

Raiven’s mom seems to suggest that stress brought on early contractions for her daughter. It also looks like Kassy suggests the cause of stress falls to the baby’s father who hails from Alaskan Bush People. 

Kassy used hashtags that seemed to suggest to fans that Raiven is the victim of abuse. The hashtags ranged from “mental abuse awareness” to “don’t pick on pregnant ladies”. They also seem to tell a story of their own.

The hashtags seemed to send a message. Like, “women are not property” and “domestic abuse awareness.” She also included “drugs are bad” in one of the hashtags.

Needless to say, the hashtags didn’t go unnoticed. So when one commenter asked Kassy if the hashtags imply that the father of the baby is abusive. Kassy answered, “yes he is”.

So it appears that Raiven’s mother accuses Bear Brown of being abusive to her daughter. She made a point of saying mental abuse is abuse as well, so maybe these accusations come from alleged mental abuse. Either way, these are serious accusations against Bear Brown.

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