‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Makes Big Announcement – Who Knew?

Alaskan Bush People celeb Bear Brown made a big announcement via social media today that may come as quite a surprise to some fans. This news seems to go against the grain of the naysayers’ suggestions that the show now circles the drain. Bear Brown gushes a bit over this honor but who he thanks from his Alaskan Bush People world also raises a few eyebrows.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Gains Huge Following

So what did the extreme son of the Alaskan Bush People announce? It seems 100,000 people now follow Bear Brown on Instagram. You have to admit that’s a lot of people for a show critics claim is on its last leg. So what gave him that big push into a new viewer number bracket?

Was it his courting of Raiven Adams on the latest season? From his social media posts in real-time fans know he will become a papa Bear in the spring. Could fans want to get a jump on this and follow any news Bear might share between now and then?

This guy was so smitten with Raiven Adams on this season of Alaskan Bush People. Maybe fans hope the two reboot their relationship after seeing just how happy this wolfpack member was with his new gal. He called her his angel who dropped down from heaven.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Bear Brown Shares Odd Gender-Specific Thank You

Okay, it’s not as if the wilderness man won any type of award. So delivering a long thank you speech is not in order. But Bear Brown needed to thank his followers for coming on board. He also thanked the Alaskan Bush People crew. Then Bear adds “especially the amazing women” on the show’s crew.

So what’s up with that? Is this extreme son still pining over Raiven? Was this a toss out to ping a cord of jealousy in the mom of his unborn baby son? When rolling through the photos on Bear’s social media, he’s often pictured with the female members of the Alaskan Bush People film crew.

Who knows, maybe the Discovery Channel just happens to hire some awesome women. Bear’s brother Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown probably thinks so. He is in a long-term relationship with a woman who once was the Alaskan Bush People field producer. Allison Kagan and Bam are still together and going strong according to recent reports.

Alaskan Bush People: Last Season Ends with Unfinished Business

The season that just ended for Alaskan Bush People went out with a sad note. Billy Brown revealed he is very ill. His heart is working at a diminished capacity and he won’t get better. While the doctors want him off the mountain, Billy decided to stay.

The Brown offspring decided to build a big house on the mountain instead of three separate dwellings. Not only does the plan call for Billy Brown and Ami Brown to live there, but two sons and their families will also move in.

That puts three Alaskan Bush People families all in one house. Each family will get their own private section. This allows them to be close in case their dad needs them. At the same time, Ami and Billy will see the grandkids daily.

While Bear built a shipping container home on the top of the mountain, it doesn’t look like a permanent home. But it’s Bear so you never know.

Will another season of this Discovery Channel show ever hit the screen? It’s not known if the show is renewed or canceled after this last season. As of February 2, 2020, there’s no news on the show’s future with the Discovery Channel.

But if they do come back, there’s a bunch of cliffhangers to look for. This includes the birth of Bear’s baby and how Billy fares with his grim prognosis.

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