‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Hit with Restraining Order – Pregnant Raiven Vows to Protect Baby

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown has a restraining order against him, taken out by Raiven Adams, the mother of his unborn baby. Around the same time she filed for the restraining order, Raiven posted a blurb online promising to keep her unborn son safe.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Hit With Restraining Order From Raiven Adams

So, what is going on with Bear Brown, the father-to-be from the Alaskan Bush People tribe today? Raiven Adams filed for a temporary restraining order against Solomon “Bear” Brown, on February 11. The next step is a court date on February 27, for a long-term restraining order.

According to reports, Raiven Adams, 22, filed for a domestic violence restraining order in the Anchorage, Alaska, court system. The 32-year-old son from the Alaskan Bush People goes by Bear Brown. But his full legal name is Solomon Isaiah Freedom Brown.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Raiven Adams - Court Docs

Raiven Adams 30-Weeks Pregnant – Needed Medical Attention?

Right before news of the restraining order emerged Raiven Adams posted that she recently experienced early contractions.

Raiven, the Alaskan Bush People mom-to-be, is 30-weeks pregnant with a due date of April 19. Bear Brown’s ex also reported that she’s on steroids and other medication to stop the early contractions.

Raiven also claimed she will do everything she can to protect her unborn baby son on that same site. Raiven also mentioned people who display narcissism. But offered no names to go with that thought. Bear Brown’s former girlfriend did not comment on the restraining order.

Alaskan Bush People: Mother Knew Best?

Bear and Raiven first split shortly after announcing their engagement. At the time, Raiven’s mother Kassy Michelle went after Bear Brown online. She said Raiven claimed the split was amicable. But Kassy claimed her daughter just said that to keep the peace.

Kassy also said that Raiven signed a non-disclosure agreement for the Alaskan Bush People. But Kassy apparently did not sign an NDA with the Discovery Channel. So she said this left her in the clear to speak up with the truth. She then offered up her version of Raiven’s reasons for leaving the mountain to stay safe.

Kassy said that Raiven needed to leave Bear Brown to protect herself and her unborn baby. But she never elaborated on details. Then she suddenly stopped with the accusations against Bear. Next, she retreated from her social media sites.

Both Raiven Adams and her mother closed down their Instagram page. Raiven’s mother seemed to back off saying anything that had to do with the Alaskan Bush People.

Then Bear and Raiven announced a baby is on the way. Not long after that, they rebooted their relationship. They became engaged again for a second time after as expectant parents. But that didn’t last, it was over in a blink of an eye.

From there both Raiven Adams and Bear Brown said they planned to stay friends with the intentions of co-parenting their son in the future. Now with a restraining order in place, it looks like plans may have changed.

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