‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear’s Ex Promotes Her Debut on Show since No One Else Did? [Photo]

Alaskan Bush People fans know by now that Bear Brown and Raiven Adams split for a second time and possibly the last but she’s not going away. Now that Raiven is expecting Bear Brown’s baby, the two will have ties for the rest of their lives. Although it appears Raiven making sure people tune in to catch her debut of fame on the family’s reality show

Raiven Adams has pretty much kept herself in the Alaskan Bush People loop. She hasn’t appeared on the show yet but she’s posting baby bump updates using pictures that show her bare belly growing. For someone interested in Bear Brown and supposedly not the fame, she’s doing alright for herself.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Creates New Cast Member – Raiven Adams?

While Raiven Adams hasn’t been part of the cast so far, it seems she filmed with Bear Brown for the series over the summer. So, is she looking for billing as an Alaskan Bush People cast member even if it’s only for a short period?

But don’t count Raiven Adams out just yet when it comes to keeping herself on the screen. She recently told fans that her baby will show up on the Discovery Channel reality show series.

Raiven Adams went online to address the people wanting to know when they’ll see her on Alaskan Bush People. It doesn’t look as if the Discovery Channel promoted her appearance and the same goes for Bear. But Raiven took charge of the situation. She posted a picture of herself on the show with Bear Brown and a few other family members.

The mom-to-be decorated the post and announced that her debut is December 4th on Alaskan Bush People She titled the post, seen below, as “What Season You Will See Bear and I”. An explanation of the scene is not offered on her post. But it looks like the people around Bear, including Raiven, look startled at something he’s doing.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Raiven Brown

Alaskan Bush People: Didn’t End Well – Really?

Raiven Adams says on her post that “everyone keeps asking when you’ll see me”. Then she claims just because things didn’t end well it doesn’t mean that they didn’t have fun together.

Oops… didn’t Raiven Adams say that things did end well when they parted – both times? Raiven claimed that she and Bear decided they don’t fit together as a couple. But co-parenting a baby with her ex becomes a different story – this leaves her hyped.

The Alaskan Bush People newcomer made sure to describe a mutual split. She also conveyed that they plan to remain close friends. That came along with the original announcements of their relationship demise. But now she claims, “things didn’t end well”?

If it didn’t go well for someone, that’s probably Bear Brown. His gushing words of love for Raiven Adams filled his social media accounts for weeks. From the first day, he introduced Raiven Adams to his Alaskan Bush People followers he seemed as if he was on cloud nine with happiness.

Then the Alaskan Bush People couple abruptly announced a split, followed by her pregnancy news. Then they reunited after realizing they were meant to be together. But that realization didn’t last long.

But when they reunited Bear picked right back up with his admiration for the woman pregnant with his baby. The Alaskan Bush People star once again showered her with words of love online. Then that became short-lived.

Raiven Self-Promoting Her Way to Fame?

Next in line, another split. Again it’s Raiven who first shares the demise of their relationship online. The mom-to-be keeps followers up to date on Instagram about their relationship and her pregnancy progress. But now, a new post seemed to turn into self-promoting. Apparently, if no one else promotes Raiven’s debut, then apparently she will.

So for all of the Alaskan Bush People viewers losing sleep over not knowing when you’ll get to see Raiven Adams on the screen, now you know. After all those sleepless nights fans can now rest well.

Soon followers can expect more from Raiven besides an updated photo of her baby bump. Come Wednesday, December 4 at 8 pm, Raiven Adams will grace the Alaskan Bush People screen alongside Bear Brown.

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