‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown’s Rise Before the Fall in New Season

Alaskan Bush People premieres their new season this week with Bear Brown apparently feeling a broad spectrum of emotions. Fans of the show will meet the infamous Raiven Adams who stole Bear Brown’s heart.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Saga Plays Out

The Alaskan Bush People viewers will get to see their favorite wild-child howl at the moon from high atop a windmill. But to find out just why Bear Brown is howling, it looks like fans will need to tune in.

Bear Brown’s love life saga played out on social media over the last few months. First, he’s together with Raiven and then they’re not. Next, Raiven’s pregnant and planning to co-parent with Bear as they live separate lives.

But that suddenly changed as well.  Soon they’re together again but in a blink of the eye, they split yet again. Now they’re back to friends who will co-parent.

So, as far as the Alaskan Bush People enthusiasts know, in real life Bear and Raiven remain estranged. But it looks like parts of their saga play out on the new season.

From his own admission, Bear fell hard for Raiven. Now that she’s having his baby and they’re estranged, it looks as though Bear’s heart may be broken. Following their last breakup, fans point out that Bear Brown looks sad.

Bear rose to new heights when first introducing Raiven. He could gush enough about her. Now a fall follows that rise and fans get to see the woman who swept Bear Brown off his feet when Alaskan Bush People rolls out the new season Wednesday.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Caution Not a Practice for Wolf Pack

Bear Brown doesn’t seem to change from season to season. This new season doesn’t appear to be the exception to the rule as he likes to climb up high.

The Alaskan Bush People boys probably won’t win any awards for safety if any such honor is ever doled out for reality stars. They seem to act first and think later in various scenes throughout the years.

Bear Brown is probably the leader of the Brown wolfpack when it comes to throwing caution to the wind. Although Noah Brown is probably a close second with all his inventions, as some would make your toes curl.

While the Alaskan Bush People might get an A in creativity, a grade for demonstrating caution would probably be a “fail.” The Brown boys make some risky moves in the new promo video below.

Alaskan Bush People: Hazard Around Many Corners This New Season

It looks like Rain Brown and her brother Gabe Brown also have a close call with danger in this new season. In the clip, the two get into a cherry picker and it slips while the contraption carries them up high. In the video above, Rain holds on after the machine seems to jar them, leaving them on an incline. Gabe looks petrified as well.

Besides Bear Brown reaching new heights, he also looks like he almost gets clobbered by a falling beam as they erect some kind of building. Along with his Alaskan Bush People siblings, Bear is joined by Raiven while putting up the building.

Also in the video, you see Bear moving some huge gas tank. It’s big enough to use as a room for his shipping container home. Is this an addition to his home? Possibly a nursery? That tank gets banged around on that video so hopefully, there’s no gas left inside.

Watch the new season of the Alaskan Bush People roll out Wednesday, December 4, on the Discovery Channel.

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