‘Alaskan Bush People’: New Season Preview – Billy Brown’s Dream Now in Ashes? (Videos)

Alaskan Bush People’s Billy Brown and family were making headway with all their building plans as the new season rolls out. While this was filmed months ago, real-time reports describe their mountain home as destroyed by fire. But as the new season opens, the Alaskan Bush People patriarch finally saw his dream realized.

Alaskan Bush People: Billy Brown Erects a Mansion

Billy Brown, Ami Brown, and their offspring embarked on a huge undertaking. They built a multi-family dwelling homestead on North Star Ranch. The house seen in the video below would house three of the Alaskan Bush People couples. Billy Brown calls it the Brown mansion.

Billy admits that it’s not a mansion in comparison to homes found in the suburbs today. But to a family who grew up in small quarters in the bush—this is like a mansion.

The Billy Brown mansion will house the Alaskan Bush People’s father and mother, Billy and Ami. It will also be home for two of their grown boys with their wives and children. Both Gabe Brown and Noah Brown plan to build the place with Billy.

Did the Fire Cause Major Loss at North Star Ranch?

It’s not known what the fire did to North Star Ranch or its buildings. As the Alaskan Bush People viewers remember from last season, Bear built his home out of a shipping container. Billy joined in with that task as he drove the bulldozer up the mountain with Bear’s home in tow. Bear’s sister built a tree-house, and his brothers worked on different homes for themselves.

As of last reports, the Brown family was waiting to go in and assess the damage. While Bear Brown reports, “a fire swept through our mountain, our home,” so far, officials don’t report the loss of houses or buildings. Luckily, the same goes for loss of life and injuries. So far, it seems everyone is okay.

Bear said they’d suffered a devastating loss, but he didn’t say what that loss was. Maybe it is an area of the forest surrounding their homes on the mountain.

Bear’s latest photo he shared has him standing in front of a sprawling piece of countryside. It looks like the area is fire ravished. Again, nothing is mentioned about the conditions of the homes the Alaskan Bush People built.

Alaskan Bush People Update: Billy Will Rise Again

Whatever destruction the fire may have caused, the Alaskan Bush People vow to pick up and continue. It looks like Billy Brown’s ranch will be their forever home.

When the first episode of the season rolls out Sunday night, fans will get to see the building as it progresses. The Brown mansion is not something the wilderness clan threw together out of scraps like in the old days. In fact, this time, it looks like Billy wants something more permanent.

It seems Billy incorporated all the modern technology into his plan. To build the house in the first video above, it seems like Billy Brown used state of the art windows. This time around, it looks as if Billy gave in and decided indoor plumbing was the way to go. Outhouses no longer fit Billy’s lifestyle or the lifestyle for this growing family.

Tune in Sunday night to the Discovery Channel to watch the new season of this popular reality series.

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