‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Gets Legal Help – Raiven Goes To Court Alone

Alaskan Bush People celeb Bear Brown got some help in his legal battle after Raiven Adams took him to court again this week. Raiven, the mother of his unborn child, filed for a long-term restraining order. That case went before a judge on Thursday.

Raiven was granted a temporary restraining order at the beginning of February. In the ongoing battle, Bear Brown, the Alaskan Bush People star, opted to use legal representations, Raiven at this time is going at it alone.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown’s Legal Situation

A judge originally granted a short-term order in an Alaskan court for Raiven Adams against Bear Brown, which according to Alaskan law is easy to get and does not require much in the way of proof.

The accusations made by Raiven include Bear using cocaine. As her accusations are unsubstantiated, this is a she-said-he-said situation.

She also said that he threatened to kick her out leaving her without money and food. While this may sound bad, doesn’t it really mean he simply said he wanted to break-up?


Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Alaskan Bush People: The Court Case

Reports indicate Bear Brown hired a high-power attorney to represent him in court. That makes sense because there’s a lot at stake here after the allegations surfaced from Raiven. So, Bear hired Alaskan Attorney Blake Fulton Bushwhacker.

Raiven wants to turn the temporary restraining order (TRO) into a long term protection order. However, it may not be that easy. To get the temporary order, she did not have to prove anything, but she will have to prove her story to get a long term protective order.

There was a hearing scheduled, but at this time both parties agreed to continue (reschedule) the hearing.  The 20-day protective order is in place, and was automatically extended because Bear Brown’s lawyer and Raiven agreed to reschedule the hearing.

As previously reported, the motions to dissolve the 20-day protective order were not “shut down” by the judge, they were deemed “moot” (meaning unnecessary) because both parties had agreed to the rescheduling of the hearing. There was no motion to vacate filed.

At the next hearing the court will decide whether to dissolve TRO and whether to deny Raiven’s request for a long term order.

Bear Has Not Been Given A Chance To Tell His Side

A long term order was NOT granted or put in place during the last hearing.  Bear Brown has not even had a chance to present his case,  and Bear has a right to do so under the due process clause of the Alaskan Constitution.

Raiven was given a 20-day order only because it was an “ex parte” hearing (a hearing where Bear, was not even there to defend himself).  Ex parte orders are easily obtained because the burden of proof is not high in Alaska.

Bear Brown’s Life Has Changed

Bear Brown was thrilled to learn he is going to be a dad. He was beside himself when he got the news. He talked about how proud he was to add to the second generation of the Alaskan Bush People clan. But this duo could only maintain an on-again-off-again relationship for a few short months.

This Alaskan Bush People romance finally ended. Both Bear Brown and Raiven said at the time that they’ll remain friends. They also planned to co-parent their child under friendly terms. But it looks like this recent court action may change everything.

Bizarre Relationship From Get-Go – Now Lifetime of Grief?

The Alaskan Bush People followers suggest today, this restraining order will haunt Bear Brown for a long time. It probably won’t help Bear in his quest to be a hands-on dad. For some of the fans, it seems as if Raiven laid out the foundation for custody with this court action.

Domestic abuse is a serious accusation and it should never be taken lightly. But some fans believe this is all part of Raiven’s plan to take full custody of their child along with child support. The allegations made by Raiven are denied by Bear. So, again, it’s a she-said-he-said situation.

It does seem as if Bear Brown realizes the future problems of this restraining order. Fans worry that down the line, the Alaskan Bush People new father might find this stands in the way of custody or visitation with his child.

So, now that Bear Brown hired an attorney it might help his case in the future. He didn’t sit idly by and let this happen. He denied the allegations and he fought the restraining order in court.

Another concern coming from the fans today is the possibility the show might be canceled over this. Some fans are calling for the Discovery Channel to take the show off the air after these unconfirmed allegations were made. But others don’t want to see it end especially on a note like this.

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