’90 Day Fiance’ Recap: Tania Disses Syngin Again – Says He’s Not her Soulmate

90 Day Fiance Recap: Syngin Colchester just can’t win. Tania Maduro finds it necessary to tell him that he’s not her soul mate. Because her first love was. A pouty Mike Youngquist leaves Ukraine after Natalie Mordovtseva couldn’t say she loved him.

Juliana Custodio gets ready to walk down the aisle, but misses her family. Angela Deem gets roped into buying a microwave for Michael Ilesanmi’s mama. And Robert Spring’s brother is straight up rude to Anny. Let’s check out the good, the bad and all the ugly in this recap. You can watch 90 Day Fiance Sunday nights at 8 PM on TLC.

90 Day Fiance Recap: Tania Maduros Crushes Syngin Colchester’s Soul

Syngin Colchester and Tania Maduro have made up for now after their fight in the car. But because she’s only happy when filling Syngin Colchester with doubt and insecurity, she already has a plan. It seems she believes strongly in astrology and that she was born at a particular time for a specific reason. And not the real reason which was probably a snow storm and her mom’s penchant for whiskey. Tania Maduro schedules an online consult with an astrologist who goes by AfroMystic.

First on 90 Day Fiance, Syngin Colchester must call his mother to find out exactly when he burst into the world complete with a full head of hair and a stone necklace. It was an unremarkable 2:40 pm. Armed with this oh so important nugget of info they dial-up AfroMystic.

Tania Maduro spouts the usual babble about energies and astral planes and suns and moons. But then asks a hard question. Do they consider each other soul mates?

Syngin says yes. And Tania says she doesn’t get that soul mate feeling from Syngin Colchester. Baby daddy yes. Soul mate no. With Syngin deflated like a day old balloon she takes it a notch higher. Her ex is her soul mate. And never had to live in a shed.

Syngin tells producers he needs a break. And holes up in the she-shed to brood. Tania Maduro seems to think it’s perfectly fine to chip away at him daily. While reminding him he needs to knock her up. Tune in next week when she tells him she prefers bald men.

A Sad Mike Youngquist Heads Back to the Farm for Some Flapjacks

On 90 Day Fiance, Natalie Mordovtseva has started to burn holes through Mike Youngquist’s head with her icy stares. He gets in the Ukrainian Uber and prepares to head to the airport. At the last-minute Nat jumps in the car. He’s still pouting and mad that she won’t use the L-word. She starts rubbing his face and talking to him like he’s a child. Telling him that everybody loves him, even dogs love him. Just not her. It’s creepy and condescending and Mike knows it.

No doubt Natalie learned this behavior from her own mother. Who calls her golden child and resorts to this same coddling no matter what Natalie does. She could walk in and say she robbed a bank and her mom would tell her how gorgeous her curls are. These two could be on the Ukraine version of S’Mothered. Mike stays stone faced all the way to the airport. She insists on coming inside. They both play passive aggressive games. And Natalie ends up walking out without giving him a hug.

On 90 Day Fiance, Mike pours himself a strong one and shelves Natalie’s engagement ring. In the morning he whistles and calls for Uncle Beau. Who bounds out of the barn like Lassie and up to the main house. It’s a Sunday tradition for Mike to make pancakes. Mike tells him things didn’t go so well. And Beau gets it. He’s knows women. He’s even had a few. Despite being a self-described old fart. Mike says he’s not sure what’s going to happen. At least he’s got Uncle Beau.

Jasmin Lahtinen Shames Blake Abelard on 90 Day Fiance

Blake Abelard is picking up Jasmin Lahtinen for a fun night out. Or so he thought. It’s his best friend Everett’s birthday. There’s a pre-game dinner thing followed by a party. Of course the ice queen isn’t happy. She casts her surgically enhanced nose down at what he’s wearing. And suggests they go out to dinner alone. And just hit the party later. Blake looks so disappointed but he agrees to do it her way.

After ordering a salad and a green tea she wastes no time shaming Blake. Because he got a wine slushie. Girl. There aren’t enough icy alcoholic drinks in the world to dull the pain of listening to your judgey, boring ass. The rest of the world likes fun. And sometimes it involves conversing with people. Or God forbid pizza and beer. Get over your damn self! Then she gets really b*tchy and says she won’t go to the party at all. And walks out saying she’ll go to her sisters on 90 Day Fiance.

Blake really wants her to go with him but sees a mannequin in a store window he could take that would have more personality so off she goes. She arrives at her sisters apartment and we are shown what it would be like if you lived in an IKEA. Jasmin talks more in the next three minutes than she has the entire season. We are treated to subtitles and she talks about Blake, bars, rampages and loud Americans. Even her sister probably needs a drink now. I think I spotted some wine on the counter.

Angela Deem is Totin’ Gifts at Michael’s Family Dinner

On 90 Day Fiance Angela Deem thinks she can waltz into the American embassy, prop her feet up, light up a cig and get to the bottom of this K-1 nonsense. Of course that’s not the case. So she tells Michael they need to make an appointment. He reminds her that they will be dining at his uncles place tonight. Angie is excited for dinner with the soon to be in-laws. Michael suggests Angie not show up empty-handed. But rather with a microwave instead of a nice bottle of red.

So Angie stashes some Nigerian cash in her bra and off they go. After haggling with a back alley appliance dealer they head out with a microwave for his mama and an electric kettle for his aunt. Michael says it’s a cultural thing to gift small appliances when you go to dinner. Angela thinks it’s a little sneaky. Nonetheless the pair arrive and Michael’s mom seems pretty entitled to her 500 watt black market microwave. Michael’s aunt calls her into the kitchen to help cook plantains.

On 90 Day Fiance it seems Angela is now  the “junior wife” of the family. It’s up to her to not only give appliances but cook and serve too. Angie admits her culinary skills don’t go beyond nuking Hot Pockets. But she gives it a try. Of course the subject of the visa denial comes up. His uncle suggests if she won’t get married in Nigeria that they “move on”. Meaning let him marry someone else. Dude. No you just didn’t. Run. Or you may end up with a plantain where the sun don’t shine.

Anny ‘s Not Feeling the Love From Robert’s Brother

Anny is getting along great with Robert Spring’s sister Robin. So he decides she should meet his brother Kenny. Over craft beers Kenny questions Anny’s motives. Robin stands up for Anny. She loves her like a sister and thinks she’s great with Bryson. But Kenny isn’t sold. And tells her she complains a lot. Anny brings up that Robert lied about how many kids he had. And told her not to bring clothes but then took her to the thrift shop.

On 90 Day Fiance brother Kenny says he has 7 kids. And Robin points out that’s how they roll. Anny says having sex without condoms with 4 different women is nasty. And Kenny suggests she could have been a street-walker in the Dominican Republic. Damn. That’s harsh bro. Anny of course storms out. She cries and tells producers it’s hard enough to be in a strange country without everyone questioning you.

Wedding Day Blues for Juliana Custodio?

On 90 Day Fiance it’s wedding day for Juliana Custodio and Michael Jessen. The kids are excited. Max is super proud that he will be speaking at the ceremony. But won’t spill the beans to younger sister Cece. Juliana is getting hair and makeup done. She loves her dress but is sad that no family is there for her big day. She’s especially hurt she hasn’t heard from her mother. A few of her friends have made the trip for the back yard ceremony.

friends show Juliana a video of various people wishing her well on her wedding day. But none are from close family. She starts crying and isn’t sure if she can go through with it since she’s so upset. Outside, Michael Jessen, the kids and ex Sarah Jessen wait at the altar. Yep. Sarah will be doing the officiating. It’s all a little too close for comfort. And we have to wait till next week to see the ceremony and hear little Max’s speech. Bummer.

Emily McCue Wants To Marry Sasha ASAP on 90 Day Fiance

Things have been rough for Sasha Larin and Emily McCue since coming to the US. Emily McCue’s sister Besty flat-out doesn’t like Sasha. And he doesn’t like her diet of Captain Crunch and Veggie Straws. So Emily took him to her hometown of Portland , Oregon. Sasha likes it better than Indiana. And says he wants to live there. Emily suggests they get married ASAP. Sasha doesn’t know what this means. He’s seen the commercials with the sad dogs for the ASPCA but isn’t sure of the connection to his marriage.

After explaining it to him, he agrees with the enthusiasm of someone who hasn’t ingested a carb in 10 years. Back in Indiana Emily dress shops with her sister Betsy McCue. Who appalls Greta, token 90 Day Fiance wedding store clerk number 173 with her rude comments. She suggests Emily get a casual dress since the wedding won’t be fancy. And says she thinks Emily found the right dress but maybe the wrong groom. In the end they make up much to Greta’s relief.

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