’90 Day Fiance’: Robert and Anny Are Married – It Was Not a Dream Beach Wedding

90 Day Fiance stars Robert Springs and his now-wife Anny are married. Despite all the arguments the couple had, they went ahead with a wedding. According to their marriage license obtained by Soap Dirt, Robert Springs and Anny were married just north of Orlando. Although, their wedding didn’t have all the glitz and glamor that Anny was hoping for. Instead, Robert and his fiance Anny had a wedding that was budget-friendly.

90 Day Fiance: Robert Springs & Anny Get Married

Robert Springs met his wife Anny online. Robert then went to visit Anny while he was on a cruise. But, the couple only spent eight hours together. Within that time, the 90 Day Fiance TLC star proposed to Anny. The couple then filed for the K-1 visa and Anny moved to America to marry Robert. However, they only had 90 days to wed.

The 90 Day Fiance Florida resident and his foreign wife seemingly tied the knot within the 90 days. According to records, Anny and Robert Springs became husband and wife on September 21. The wedding took place in Eustis, Orlando. Which isn’t too far from where Robert lives. But, was the wedding up to Anny’s standards?

90 Day Fiance: Robert Springs - Anny

90 Day Fiance: No Dream Wedding on the Beach for Anny

Anny made it clear to Robert Springs what she wanted for their wedding. The bride wanted her wedding ceremony to take place on a beach. More specifically a beach in Miami. She also included that she wanted to have an expensive menu. But, it seems like Robert got the low-key wedding that he wanted. As for the 90 Day Fiance cast member, it looks like she didn’t get her wedding on a beach after all.

90 Day Fiance: Robert Springs - Anny - Marriage License

Anny, the 90 Day Fiance Dominican Republic native didn’t get the wedding she was hoping for.

Anny and her husband Robert Springs had a wedding in The Little White Chapel in central Florida, known as the Chapel of Love.

90 Day Fiance: Robert - Anny - Wedding Chapel

The chapel offers all-inclusive wedding packages. The package prices range from $380-$550. Their venues can seat up to 50 guests. Each package offers a minister, coordinator, decorations, bouquets, boutonnieres, a photographer, music and dressing rooms. While it’s a nice place, especially for the price, it’s not the beach dream wedding Anny, the 90 Day Fiance celeb wanted.

If Robert cheaped out on his wedding day, they most likely got the lowest priced package. Which includes an outdoor ceremony that seats up to 10 people.


First Marriages For Both TLC Stars

Robert Springs shared that Bryson Springs isn’t his only son. The 90 Day Fiance father has five children with four different women. This was shocking to Anny. She also didn’t like the fact that Robert had pictures of his children’s’ mothers on social media. But, he insisted that those relationships are in the past.

Despite having many kids with different women, the 90 Day Fiance newcomer never married any of those women. According to the couple’s marriage records, this was Robert’s first marriage. Robert Springs marrying Anny was the first time he walked down the aisle. As for the bride, it was also her first wedding. The marriage record shows that she had never been in a marriage before. Too bad she didn’t get her dream wedding.

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