’90 Day Fiance’: Anny Called out by Fans for Wasting Money – Leaves Full Glass of Wine Behind

90 Day Fiance star Anny was called out by viewers for wasting money. Fans saw she did not finishing her wine during her date with Robert, her fiance. Anny came to the United States hoping to live a lifestyle of the rich and famous. A lifestyle Robert doesn’t have the means to support. In the recently aired episode, the couple continuously fought during their night out together over expenses. In the end, it was the untouched glass full of wine that had some 90 Day Fiance watchers mad.

90 Day Fiance: Anny Wants A Lavish Life In America

Anny had a shocking surprise from her fiance Robert when he took her to buy clothes on 90 Day Fiance. Robert didn’t tell Anny that the store he took her to was a second-hand shop. This didn’t go down well with Anny when she found out. Anny thought that when Robert said he would take her shopping he would buy her expensive designer clothes. On Robert’s budget, she will never be able to afford Versace.

The 90 Day Fiance Dominican Republic native started to realize that Robert wasn’t going to make good on his promises. As seen in the last episode, the two went to a nice restaurant. During the outing, the topic of their wedding came up. Anny said that she wanted the ceremony to take place on a beach in Miami with an expensive menu. But, Robert was not agreeing with any of it. He prefers a more low-key ceremony that involves the courthouse and a local buffet.

Robert and Anny Get Into Heated Argument

As shown on 90 Day Fiance, Anny and Robert got into an argument during their dinner. It seemed like Robert doesn’t want to spend a lot on a “boho wedding.” On the other hand, Anny expected Robert to pay for all the things she said he promised her. She said that she needs cash to purchase nice things.

The conversation between the 90 Day Fiance newcomers got heated when Anny brought up the idea of potentially moving to Miami. According to Robert, she never said anything to him about moving there. The conversation got worse when the pair exchange a few harsh words. Which led Anny wanting to go home and sleep as far away as she can from Robert.

Fans Shocked Over Wasteful Actions

Once the 90 Day Fiance TLC reality stars left the restaurant, many fans noticed that Anny didn’t finish her wine. Some fans pointed out that she may need that drink after the way Robert spoke to her. One viewer jokingly said that not drinking it all ” is just plain rude!”

90 Day Fiance supporters also couldn’t believe that Anny would waste food like she did. She also didn’t eat her meal. Of course, Robert took it to go. One viewer wrote online that she doesn’t care if she is being wasteful. One fan wrote, “she doesn’t care about that” since she didn’t pay for the bill. If Anny is only after the finer things then Robert might not be the right person for her.

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