’90 Day Fiance’: No Love Shack for Blake and Jasmin at His Parent’s Place [Recap]

On 90 Day Fiance, Blake Abelard‘s mom and step dad tell him and Jasmin Lahtinen that their place is no love shack. And Tania Maduro heads to Costa Rica and leaves Syngin Colchester behind with her demanding mother and a to do list. And Michael Jessen’s ex-wife Sarah Jessen stirs the pot ahead of his wedding to Juliana Custodio. Time to cozy up in the she-shed and take a look at season 7 episode 6 “Premature Departure.” The show airs Sunday nights on TLC at 8 PM.

90 Day Fiance Recap: Blake Abelard Can’t Catch a Break with Jasmin Lahtinen

Blake Abelard finally has Finnish dream girl Jasmin Lahtinen with him in LA. But it’s been more of a nightmare so far. Jet lagged Jasmin’s grumpy and made no secret of the fact that she wanted to chill – alone. Blake’s very patient but things are about to get worse.

On 90 Day Fiance, he takes her to his parent’s place where they will stay until his folks move out. Jasmin meets his mom. Then, his stepdad comes home and they drop a morality bomb. His parents explain they are religious and have certain rules and beliefs. Number one being no shacking up under our roof until you’re married.

They send poor Blake off to his brother’s for the night leaving Jasmin in their guest room. Which looks like someone put a bed in an 80’s high school audio-visual room. The same girl who didn’t even want him putting his arm around her two days ago says she won’t spend the 90 Day Fiance term sleeping alone. Can’t this poor kid just crash on the couch?

Anna Campisi Tries To Mend Things With The Boys and Mursel Mistanoglu

On 90 Day Fiance,  Anna Campisi just wants to marry her fellow bee keeper. But her sons want none of it. They go try on tuxedos. Her oldest son Joey is determined to ruin everything and does. He mocks Mursel Mistanoglu and the younger ones laugh. He basically says that he feels Mursel will be nothing but a burden. Mursel asks if he should just go and Joey says yes. Of course, Anna is upset.

Later, she takes the boys to a picnic in the park to talk. Joey calls the picnic stupid. The only one Anna has any hope of convincing to give Mursel a chance is adorable youngest Leo. Who says he’s sad that his Mom and Mursel might split. The boys also worry their mom will leave them and go to Turkey.

They’re still upset Mursel’s keeping them a secret. While she tries to explain she doesn’t want to be alone when they grow up. Joey says rude things and it’s a lost cause. Anna breaks down and tells producers everything’s a battle and nothing works out. Of course, we know this 90 Day Fiance pair got hitched.

90 Day Fiance Recap: Tania Maduro Goes To Costa Rica. Syngin Colchester Gets Left In The Shed

Syngin Colchester has been in America for a month. And he’s learning that love “takes a sh*tload” of work. His fiance Tania Maduro is dipping out for the next 30 days. The couple eat with her mom who let isn’t about to let them forget it she had to take her tanning bed out of the shed for them. Syngin is concerned about being “left alone in the forest” while Tania goes to Witch Doctor School in Costa Rica.

On 90 Day Fiance, he asks her mom if he can borrow the car. She says he can but he also needs to help out. So this dude’s stuck like Slingblade in a shed for 30 days and now he’s the help? Tania says her mom is demanding like her. Syngin (and viewers) gives a hard eye roll. Tania suggests he send her shirtless pics of him cutting the grass.

On the way to the airport, Syngin says he’s sad. She calls him clingy. Hell, she might stay a little longer and get her masters in Voo Doo while she’s at it. 90 Day Fiance Syngin even gives her a hand-made gift at the airport. This poor sobbing guy leaves and goes back to the shed to find a list of chores waiting. Syngin: take that car and GO…

Angela Deem Gets Botox While Michael Ilesanmi Gets Warned

90 Day Fiance master of cake Michael Ilesanmi and Angela Deem’s Georgia a** are back. Michael prepares for his visa interview. And Angela is prepares for her young fiance’s arrival. By getting Botox. Her friend Dodie looks like she knows a thing or two about injections and warns her not to overdo it.

Angela doesn’t have a lot of faith in Michael’s ability to get through the interview. She doesn’t trust him a whole lot and says he needs to up his game. Michael seems to think he’s got it in the bag. Angie tells producers that when Michael gets to America, he’ll be Mr Mom to her 6 grandkids. In Nigeria, Michael visits with his nieces and nephews. He seems great with kids so that’s a plus.

On 90 Day Fiance, Michael meets with some ex pats who rake him over the coals about Angela. They warn him about life in ‘Merica. And one mocks him for thinking that Angela can tote a baby. Michael says he’s not giving up. That he loves Angela and that despite her age she’s very agile. Just don’t put pics of these chicks on your Instagram Michael.

Sasha & Emily McCue Larina Head to America With Baby On Board on 90 Day Fiance

Sasha Larin and Emily McCue Larina pack to fly to America with adorable baby David. Emily non stop nags the buff Russian. She thinks he’s purposely packing light so he can bolt when the going gets tough. She sorts though clothes and Sasha tells her to pack too-small pants to motivate her to shake the baby weight. Dayum dude – that’s harsh.

On 90 Day Fiance, Emily’s emotional. She says she needs to get back in shape since Sasha’s gonna be a fitness model. She also reminds him her mom doesn’t know about his messy personal life. Sasha shrugs it all off and says he’ll just smile a lot. Perhaps his dad’s fart ninja shirt helps. Does the man even know what he’s wearing? SBD indeed.

They finally head to the airport as Emily breaks down. Sasha melts down too. The Russian parents seem to want them both to suck it up. They tell Sasha this 90 Day Fiance deal’s his golden ticket to a “normal life”. But Sasha’s mom worries since she knows his track record with women. Time will tell.

Michael Jessen’s Ex Sarah Offers to Perform His Wedding Ceremony to Juliana Custodio

On 90 Day Fiance, Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio are off to see a wedding planner. The planners tell producers there’s lots of money in this part of Connecticut – Along with a lot of age differences and second marriages. Michael and Juliana fit all that. Juliana admits she had an arranged marriage at 19. She was pushed into it by family and the church. It consisted of signing papers and a lunch he complained about paying for.

This time around, things will be different for the Brazilian babe. They decide to have the wedding at home. It will still cost a boatload of money. Juliette won’t be inviting her family because she fears they will think she is rich and that they deserve a permanent seat on the gravy train. Michael admits he paid for things for her family in the past. Like hearing aids and, of course, a taxi cab business.

Later on 90 Day Fiance, ex Sarah Jessen comes by to drop off dog food and stir some sh*t. After politely offering to get ordained to marry these two crazy kids, she drops a bomb under the guise of being a “good mother”. She inquires about a prenup. Michael stammers and Juliana says she’s never heard of a “pre-nush”. The daggers she stares at Michael prove she knows exactly what it means.

Till next week. The show airs Sundays at 8PM on TLC.

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