90 Day Fiance Recap: Leida Caught Between Eric and Ex – Kalani Can’t Keep It In Her Pants – Season 6 Episode 4 Recap

This 90 Day Fiance recap finds Eric Rosenbrook‘s fiance Leida Margaretha saying Baraboo is unbearable. Kalani Faagata is hot for Asuelu Pulaa who can’t control the sexy inside him. Larissa Christina and Colt Johnson‘s mom Debbie Johnson go couch surfing while Fernanda Flores goes nuclear. Plus, Olga Koshimbetova needs an emergency C-section while Steven Frend freaks out. Let’s catch up with our crazy couples on the TLC show for Season 6, Episode 4 “I Know What You Did”.

Eric Rosenbrook Drags Leida’s Family Cross-Country

On 90 Day Fiance, Eric Rosenbrook tried to distract the Indonesians from his trainwreck life but it doesn’t go well. In the car Eric can’t understand a word the parents are saying as they speak in their native tongue. Leida Margaretha kindly tells Eric her family is smack-talking him behind his back. She says they’re saying he looks much older than his age. An observation well noted for fans of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance.

He takes them back to the musty cabin in the woods and they’re not impressed. Just you wait, future in-laws – – things are about to get so much worse! Nothing’s more comfortable than a 15-hour road trip from hell. Eric is concerned that they will be underwhelmed by their accommodations as they live lavishly in Indonesia. Duh.

90 Day Fiance Recap: Screaming Kid, Tiny Cabin, What Could Go Wrong?

The adults decide to leave tiny Allessandro sleeping in the car all alone – even after a discussion about what terrifying wildlife might be lurking in the woods ready to attack. Leida’s parents are used to 5-star hotels and Eric has them at a no-star shack. Way to impress them, man. Eric retrieves cranky sleepy Alessandro from the car but the kid only wants grandpa.

When 90 Day Fiance‘s Eric tries to play strict stepdad, relentless nag Reina barks that the child isn’t comfortable with Eric. They all stare daggers at him until he hands the kid over to Leida’s dad.

There’s not enough beds for everyone so an exasperated Leida Margaretha tries to fall asleep on the couch. No one notices Leida’s apparently mute brother (or else TLC forgot to put a mike on him). He sits at the table staring in silence while watching this all go down.

Unbearable in Baraboo – 90 Day Fiance Fiasco

90 Day Fiance then fast-forwards to the end of road trip where the Cohen-Margaretha clan (she’s got so many last names) pull up in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Eric doesn’t want them to see his hovel so instead decides to spring his ex-wife on them. Ex-wife Tanya Rosenbrook is there with her kids trying to be a supportive co-parent but it’s all so cringeworthy.

At the apartment he rented for the future in-laws, Leida finds herself in an ex-spouse sandwich and only Eric looks happy about it. After a series of awkward introductions, Eric decides he’ll leave Leida’s parents with his ex-wife and kids and take off. Hmm… Then again, solid decision making doesn’t land you at age 40+ sharing rent in a tiny place with your daughter, so…

Leida’s Rude Awakening – Squalor and Squishy Couch

Next on 90 Day Fiance, Eric takes Leida Margaretha to see her new home. Nothing could’ve possibly prepared Leida for the cesspool she was about to walk into. Upon finding out there’s no elevator, she asks Eric to carry her suitcase and he balks. Once upstairs, she’s stunned to see a small dingy apartment filled with trash and dirty dishes. (And Larissa thought she had it bad with no flowers!)

A rancid cup of coffee sits on a table. Leida’s knee-jerk reaction is “WTF is this”! Even worse is the bedroom which contains a dreary child size single bed. Leida quickly (and understandably) spirals out of control.

For someone who required her luggage to be stacked just-so, this is “not proper” and it looks like she’s ready to hightail it back to Indonesia.

90 Day Fiance – Leida Disappointed, Wants to Go

Leida tells Eric the bed is too small to sleep in together and he says it’s fine. She complains about the inflatable couch and he says it’s fine. If he’s trying a Jedi mind trick on her, it’s not working. Out on the tiny patio where he told his daughter he was kicking her out, Leida is about ready to kick him. She says he didn’t prepare for them and wants to go home.

Eric tries to blame his daughter for the mess. Leida complains she’ll have to clean the mess for him. Remember when Leida said Eric should get a maid? Looks like he just found one in his new 90 Day Fiance.

Blaming is daughter might fly for the dirty laundry, bloody whatever that was in the bathroom, and the thing in the fridge that made Leida scream. But Tasha didn’t put Eric in a position to be a 40-year-old man with a Barbie blow up couch, a single bed, and no excuse for his lifestyle. Eric’s rightly worried that Leida will exit with her parents.

Larissa And Mama Debbie’s Couch-Crazed Confrontation

On this 90 Day Fiance, Larissa Christina complains that the K1 constrictions have left her stuck at home with Debbie Johnson. The house has a slot machine but no sofa. Sounds like Vegas. The two venture to a high-quality rent-to-own outlet and clash like titans over cut-rate furniture. Those snowmen in the barren living room need somewhere to sit, but Debbie’s uncooperative.

At the furniture store the two bicker over their taste in sofas (shocker). Debbie prefers an old-fashioned sofa to go with her one-armed bandit. Larissa would like something a little more modern. She tells the salesman she wants something that looks classy but is cheap. Sounds like the criteria for shopping for love online too…

No Cookie Dough on the Leather

On the 90 Day Fiance recap, Larissa favors a leather sectional. Debbie puts the kibosh on it because fat feline Cookie Dokie will claw it up. Does pleather count? Not sure that brown monstrosity was authentic dead cow anyway. Larissa wants to get the couch but mama says no. Debbie says that she and her son share a credit card, joint bank account, and the ability to horrify onlookers with their creepy closeness.

Larissa tells producers that it should be the wife that controls the husband’s wallet. Along with the rest of viewers, she thinks its also time to cut the umbilical cord. The duo leaves sofa-less as Debbie says Colt must approve. Norman Bates and his mommy had nothing on Debbie and Coltee.

90 Day Fiance – Colt’s Cousin John, No Fan of Larissa

Next, on 90 Day Fiance, Colt Johnson takes Larissa to meet his cousin John and trippy wife Lea. Remember, these are the two that wondered whether Colt was packing a foot-long sausage that let him attract the Brazilian babe. Lea straps a flowered doily to her head, pops out her cleavage and is ready to host this scintillating shindig.

John doesn’t even attempt to hide his contempt for his cousin’s toothy fiancee. When asked how she likes Vegas, Larissa complains about the heat. Which is understandable as she’s forced to drive in a beater with no AC in the desert. No one at that table wants to be there but production demanded it, so let the awkwardness ensue!

On 90 Day Fiance, John’s shirt may say “Friendly” but he’s not…

Coltee’s Big Sex Drive

On 90 Day Fiance at least wife Lea is friendlier but John grills Larissa about the relationship. Larissa says there are many ways to express love and says she cleans and does laundry. Given that’s all that Debbie does, who loves him more?

She then says that Colt’s way of showing love is through sex and implies he wants it often. Lea and John freeze to ponder that horror.

Larissa says that Colt – of the nerd glasses and doughboy physique – has a high sexual drive. She thinks he expects her to be a butt-wiggling Brazilian sex bomb but that’s not her deal.

Larissa also says she doesn’t want to be “stuck like glue” to Colt 24/7, and John is visibly annoyed. He thinks she’s chasing a green card and implies that Colt should diddle her for 90 days then send her packing. But TLC probably wants another season of Larissa on 90 Day Fiance, so Colt will probably keep her.

Olga Koshimbetova – In Labor on 90 Day Fiance

Olga Koshimbetova starts having contractions at 1:00 am on the TLC show. A very scared Steven Frend gets her sneakers on and tries to chill her out. Steven wants to stay but the Russians aren’t having his liberated “men in the birthing room” nonsense. Steven is terrified that Olga will give birth during the night when he cannot be there.

Say what you will about our directionally-challenged baby daddy, but he really seems sincere in his love for Olga and his unborn son. It’s painful to watch his expression when they tell him to just go. They send him and the camera crew packing but he’s back to speak with the chief doctor first thing in the morning. He says he’ll freak if they don’t let him in to see his son born.

Steven seems prepared with his fanny pack – is that from the Ricky Reyes collection? I believe the Reyes line of man purses are known as “douche bags”. Steven, however, seems genuinely nice for someone on 90 Day Fiance, aside from the “murse”.

Steven Frend Gets Green Light – Olga Needs C-Section

In the morning, Steven signs a stack of forms he can’t read and is told, “this will take a long time”. Finally, the Russian red tape unravels and he gets permission to be with Olga. The doctor explains the math of baby with big head and tiny Olga and decides they need to operate to get the baby out. She wants a natural birth but Steven encourages safety.

Steven assures her it’s ok and we leave the young couple as Olga is taken to prepare for the surgery. Fans of 90 Day Fiance will have to wait one more week to meet the new Bolshevik bambino. The preview from next week’s 90 Day Fiance reveal Steven is in the OR with Olga for her surgery and they’ll have their son in-hand.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith Domestic Bliss

The Pennsylvania pair on 90 Day Fiance, Jay Smith and Ashley Martson, are happy at home. Jay remarks that in Jamaica only rich people eat white sugar and asks if she has any brown. They break dishes trying to find broke-ass brown sugar then head out. Ashley’s cooked up a surprise to make Jay feel at home in Mechanicsburg.

Ashley surprises him with a house party to meet her friends. Jay seems truly humbled by the party and busts out some dance moves. The fun screeches to a halt when Ashley’s “best friend” Natalie Crawford confronts him on the porch. This impromptu conversation was so heavily engineered by TLC, you can almost see the scaffolding. Natalie’s sure that Jay cheated. He’s sure that B- needs to go!

Ashley Kicks Troublemaker Natalie Out of The Wedding

After the 90 Day Fiance party, Ashley and Jay enjoy pillow talk. Jay is not happy about Natalie’s accusations and drama. He suggests Ashley distance herself from her misery-mongering bestie. Ash decides “sisters before misters” ain’t the way to go and curb-kicks Natalie hard. She removes her from the wedding party and her life.

Then, Ashley and her bridesmaids go try on their dresses. Ashley reveals she’s been a runaway bride twice – the second when she ditched a 60k soiree. When the clerk pulls out Natalie’s dress, Ashley is quick to tell her they don’t need the bigger one – that bridesmaid is out. Over mimosas, she dishes to her friends about the falling out. The girls say they have her back. At least for now.

Asuelu Pulaa: “Because I’m Sexy Moves”

On 90 Day Fiance, Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa take adorable baby Oliver to the park. Asuelu tries to push Oliver in the swing a little too high and Kalani intervenes. Speaking to the camera, Kalani reveals that they are moving to Utah because she’s broke and can’t keep the AirBnb. Apparently, her brother will be living there too and her parents will lurk for the first two weeks as well.

In the second dose of TMI on this week’s 90 Day Fiance, Asuelu divulges that the monotone mama’s sexual appetite is massive. He explains how she can’t keep off his D. We’ve all seen he’s too sexy for his shirt. So sexy. It hurts…

Then we’re treated to Kalani in a Kardashian-esque confessional on the verge of tears but never quite ruining those on-fleek lashes. She laments about Kolini that “my sister is my home” so she has to make things right before she goes back to Utah, the Mormon motherland.


Asuelu Tries Red Wine – Faces “Father” Kolini

Kalani and Asuelu slap together some apps for Kolini who rolls in looking ready to brawl. The three take a bottle of wine out to a fire pit. Asuelu reveals he has never tried red wine. He spits out his first sip and they recommend he drink a lot then he’ll learn to like it. Okay, admittedly, they are maybe the coolest Mormons ever. Except for maybe Elder Cunningham.

The mood is tense on 90 Day Fiance, and then Kolini brings up the cheating allegations. The badly-scripted scenario plays out. It sounds like Kalani threw her V-card on Asuelu then left Sam-whoa and he didn’t know she was ever coming back. So he went back to bedding resort babes because Kalani told him she preferred white guys over brown guys then bailed.

Kalani confirms his side of the story and Kolini realizes at last that her grudge is ridick. She warns Asuelu she’ll believe in him until he shows her she can’t. Poor Asuelu can’t catch a break with this family. He’s no doubt counting the miles between ‘Lini and Utah already.

Jonathan Rivera’s Jealous Mom

Last in our 90 Day Fiance recap is still-teen Fernanda Flores and realtor Rivera. She is bored out of her mind in sleepy Lumberton, NC while fiance Jon works long hours. They head to Myrtle Beach for a fun weekend to remind her of the beaches in Mexico that Fernanda sorely misses.

At dinner, Jonathan reveals that his mother is not happy with his engagement to the teen Latino. It seems the mom found out about the pair’s engagement on social media. Jon says she’s “a jealous person”. What is up with the recurring mother-and-son creep factor on this season of 90 Day Fiance? Fernanda tells him that if his family doesn’t accept her, she’s headed back South of the border. Ru-roh.

Fernanda’s Got a Hot Bod and Hotter Temper – 90 Day Fiance

Jonathan jokes about Fernanda needing two days to get ready to go out. He paces and like an old guy worried the early bird buffet will sell out, tells her they need to go. Fernanda says she works hard to look good and therefore wants to show off her bod. Admittedly, she is a smoke show of hotness by the time she’s done.

At the club, Fernanda gets the dreaded underage wristband. Meanwhile, her old man decides it’s time to get sloppy drunk. Fernanda tells producers that alcohol “makes Jonathan be Idiot”. She heads to the bathroom and production sends over someone they obviously hired to grind on Jon’s drunk junk.

Season 6, Episode 4 “I Know What You Did” – – And She’s Outta There!

The sloshed self-described former man whore tried to tell blondie that he’s engaged, but TLC must have slipped her a hundy, because she doesn’t stop until Fernanda is back. The mad Mexican slaps the drink out of her hand and comes out swinging and screaming. Fernanda goes off hard on the club chick and then Jonathan. Fer walks out remarkably fast on her high heels.

Jonathan hightails it after her and we have to give him props for being drunk, desperate, and still keeping the accent perfect while calling out “Ferr-nannn-daaaa”. A police car rolls up lights flashing but that’s probably b-roll that TLC shot elsewhere to get us excited that the MBPD might get involved. #wecanonlyhope

That’s it for this week for the recap of Season 6, Episode 4 “I Know What You Did”. Come back Sunday to TLC for the next chapter in this hot mess romance reality show.

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