90 Day Fiance Recap: Damn It, Colt, Buy Larissa Some Flowers – Eric Crams Junk In His Trunk – Season 6 Episode 2

The 90 Day Fiance recap finds Larissa Christina landing in Vegas to an empty-handed Colt Johnson. Eric Rosenbrook handles Leida Maragaretha’s baggage improperly. We finally meet Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova who complete this season’s cast. Jay Smith gets drilled at his K1 Visa interview after drilling Ashley (three times a day). Plus, Fernanda Flores survives a frying by Jonathan Rivera’s friends and Asuelu Pulaa dirty dances upon arrival at LAX. Here’s a look at the action on Season 6 Episode 2 ‘Young and Restless’.

90 Day Fiance – Move Over Mama, Larissa Christina Comes to Sin City

On Sunday’s 90 Day Fiance, Colt Johnson’s mom/Uber driver Debbie Johnson picks him up from work. They share a beater with no air conditioning. Maybe all their money is in the slot machine at their kitchen table. Colt admits sharing a home, car, and multiple cats with his mama caused problems in previous relationships. Duh.

Mom serves Colt up a platter of mush and he praises her culinary skills. They discuss the impending arrival of Larissa Christina. They wonder where Larissa will sit at the table. Colt says that in Brazil romantic couples typically sit next to each other.

Colt’s mom Debbie creepily suggests it would be nice if he sat next to her since they’ve “been together a long time”. Colt and his mother may be the best 90 Day Fiance couple ever.

Um, Debbie, you gave birth to this person. He’s not your boyfriend. They discuss boundaries and privacy which Debbie clearly knows nothing about. She tells him to keep the door shut and she will do the same if she has someone over. Almost like she was trying to make him jealous. This is so uncomfortable. Despite the one-armed bandit in the room, no one hit the jackpot here…

Colt Johnson Picks Up Flowerless Fiancee on 90 Day Fiance

Before running to pick up his 90 Day Fiance, Colt follows Larissa’s orders and scrapes off his face fuzz. He cuddles Cookie Dough and converses with his kitty. Then he’s off to the airport to gather Larissa. Colt says it’s like Christmas morning. He looks like grown-up Ralphie from a Christmas Story (minus the bunny suit) and heads out to unwrap his present.

The last one off the plane apparently, Larissa crests the escalator in a tight leather skirt and sweater, unaware that she will be riding in a 1994 vehicular sauna through the desert. Her first reaction is utter disappointment (we feel you girl…). She’s upset Colt didn’t bring flowers or chocolates. To be fair, a  Whitman sampler would have melted into a chocolate fountain by the time he got there.

Larissa points to a flower vending machine and drops one hint after another. She wants flowers. But Colt won’t drop a twenty to get her some roses. A dozen roses for only twenty bucks is a better deal than an off strip Las Vegas buffet. This is when we find out Colt is a real tightwad.

Come on Larissa, he’s got three cats to feed and clothe! Larissa says it’s even hotter than Brazil and he explains it’s a desert. Her American dream is melting away faster than her makeup. And she still hasn’t seen the Bates Motel she’s moving into!

90 Day Fiance: Sin City Sign – It Ain’t No Christ the Redeemer

Confused by the lack of local glamour, 90 Day Fiance gal Larissa Christina demands to see the Vegas of the movies. Colt Johnson takes her to the strip to see the famous welcome sign. She says it’s just okay. He admits it’s no Christ the Redeemer. Larissa says “Here is nightmare” as she’s hoping for a more cinematic experience. This is more of a Leaving Las Vegas vibe and that’s probably what Larissa’s thinking of doing.

Olga Koshimbetova and Steven Frend Round Out Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance

Steven and Olga round at the new crop of couples on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance. Steven is a self-described high school drop out living in Maryland. He’s got a short rap sheet mostly for things like graffiti. His mom kicked him out at 16 and his dad passed when he was seven. Steven works as a waiter and a professional sofa surfer since he says he has no place to live and seems pretty broke.

This paragon of good decision making met and knocked up smokin’ hot Russian native Olga. Turned on by her accent, he forgot to use a condom and bam, Olga is preggo. Steven knows what it’s like to not have a dad so he vows to stand by Olga and his future son who is due any day now. He’s committed to the fatherhood gig and wants to turn his life around.


Grandma Says: You Couldn’t Have Picked a Worse Country

On 90 Day Fiance Steven consults his grandma for advice as he prepares to hop on a plane for the first time ever to go to Russia. Grandma looks like she’s no stranger to Grateful Dead concerts. She reins in her dogs and sits her grandson down to talk about his plans. They both agree that given the current political climate, impregnating a Russian is mighty awkward.

Steven had no idea there was a controversy between the US and Russia. He must work at a restaurant that’s under a rock somewhere. How do you miss that critical info? In a sweet moment, Steven says he plans to name his coming baby after his father Richie. Grandma cries and says his dad would have been proud. Aww…

Steven’s grandparents take him to the airport where he is pretty clueless since it’s his first flight. He wonders whether Olga will still be the hot girl on the beach even though she’s nine months gone. Steven’s grandmother tells 90 Day Fiance producers that he is immature and a mess. Steven heads to Russia with love. This should be interesting when he sees his Moscow Baby Mama again.

Jonathan Rivera’s Panty Problems Intensify

Fernanda Flores is still angry about finding another woman’s “tong” at the house. Nope, not salad grabbers. She found his ex’s undies in the dresser drawer and it left her mad. Jonathan Rivera tries to end the Mexican standoff with hot java. Fernanda pouts on the couch and tells producers she cannot “truuuuust” Jonathan. She is disillusioned by his slovenly home and lame life choices.

Next, on 90 Day Fiance, Jonathan gripes as Fernanda takes hours to get ready for dinner with his posse of Southern homies. Fernanda is wowed by the house but underwhelmed by its overzealous occupants. They are quick to tell her all about how he’s not marriage material and humped half of North Carolina. #awkward

She gamely loaded up a plate of deep-fried southern delicacies even though she’d never seen cornbread before. They encourage her to eat with her fingers. After relaxing Fernanda by doping her with a full can of Crisco, they spring an inquisition on her. Poor Fernanda can’t even get her feed on before they pounce.

Southern Fried Interrogation on 90 Day Fiance

Just as everyone is getting down with the fried okra and sweet tea, Jonathan’s friends decide its time to put her on the spot with the tough and inappropriate questions that always make good dinner conversation. One of his pals thinks Fernanda’s people are stealing their jobs. The job of being a realtor’s 19-year-old girlfriend? Hmm. Nice try ICE agent wannabe.

They imply (okay, actually they downright say it) that Fernanda’s fellow Mexicans might go on public assistance or commit crimes. Then Jon’s crew turns on him and points out his GF is barely legal. Fernanda holds her own with the tough room and later mocks their accents. She does a fairly decent imitation of a Southern drawl then laughs like an unhinged Sofia Vergara. She’s only 19 and they’ve been dating for two years. The math gets kinda creepy.

Jonathan and Fernanda recently posted a video about the night they met. No, he (probably) didn’t pick her up at her homecoming dance.

90 Day Fiance – Happy Birthday Kalani Faagata

On 90 Day Fiance, Kalani Faagata and adorable baby Oliver are camped out at her recently rented AirBnb. Her sister Kolini kicked her out of her condo in advance of her Samoan baby daddy Asuelu Pulaa coming to town. Kolini doesn’t like Asuelu due to Kalani lying about him cheating on her. Kalani’s mom sings happy birthday to her daughter who turns the big 3-0 the day Asuelu is slated to arrive on US soil.

Kalani heads to LAX to pick up Asuelu and talks about how much is on the line here for her. She pronounces Samoa as “Sam-wow” and I realize I’ve mispronounced my favorite Girl Scout cookie all these years. If Asuela is anywhere as tasty as those caramel coconut chocolate cookies, it’s easy to see why she chose him…

Asuelu Dirty Dancing at LAX

Kalani waits at the airport and spots Asuelu heading her way finally. He has a birthday surprise for her. You know when your friends tell the hostess at the restaurant it’s your birthday to embarrass you. Yeah like that. He flings off his shirt and launches into a tango of torment for Kalani. He hoots, howls, and slaps himself while a crowd gathers.

Kalani seems to hope for a California earthquake to swallow her up. Later, she says she doesn’t like to be the center of attention. So she signed up for a reality show why? Asuelu gives Kalani driving advice even though he’s never seen roads like ours (or maybe any roads). To him, the AirBnB looks like a prime minister’s home. We see pics of his wall-less house with rock floors. Where did he hang his TV?

Kalani Faagata is nervous about Asuelu meeting her parents on 90 Day Fiance. Her mom is at her house and is sweet to Asuelu. Oliver is a little fussy but Asuelu holds and snuggles him. So far so good, but Kalani reminds us that tomorrow they must face her Dad who is not a fan of this whole situation.

Leida Margaretha Wants Her Luggage Proper

90 Day Fiance divorced dad of three Eric Rosenbrook drove 14 hours to JFK to pick up Leida Margaretha, doctor and beauty queen from Indonesia. She was wealthy and pampered back in Jakarta and he’s worried about his lesser lifestyle (with good cause). He claims he wants her and her family to see NYC but he’s really prolonging the moment she sees his tiny two bedroom apartment in Wisconsin. The small apartment he shares with his daughter.

Leida also packed along her sister Reina as her judgy plus one. And little Allesandro is along for the ride. Eric plans to adopt the kid. Much-younger Leida is thrilled to see her over-the-hill honey and they engage in a bout of tonsil hockey. Her sister looks queasy. Leida thinks Eric’s face is very “ruggedly” but what’s clear is she’s using him for an escape hatch from her controlling parents.

Spoiled Leida packed half of Jakarta in her suitcases and she screeches at Eric as he crams the luggage into his SUV. She screams “it has to be in proper” at least 20 times. Eric tells her to hush and continues to shove her emotional baggage in the back. He officially has more junk in his trunk than fits comfortably.

Eric Spits Out a Bite of the Big Apple

Leida is extremely excited to see NYC and her sister wants to see Trump Tower but Eric drives like a NASCAR tour guide. He speeds out of NY, hastily pointing out some landmarks as he hauls ass to Pennsylvania. He says New York City is too expensive and takes them to a cabin in the woods. The place is all rustic and understated. Leida is understandably underwhelmed.

Exhausted, she just wants to sleep. Eric is up early cooking to impress his international guests with a good old-fashioned American breakfast of breakfast burritos laden with fatty cured meats. Leida laments that she misses the chicken porridge the staff would make her back home. She suggests Eric get a live-in maid. He dashes that dream faster than you can say breakfast burrito.

Eric Rosenbrook Says Sister Reina Can “Pack Sand”

Concerned sister Reina is a complete killjoy. Any pleasure to be derived from Eric’s cheesy egg and meat-laden tortillas falls flat as she grills him on his lifestyle. Reina wonders about his ability to keep Leida in the Indonesian lap of luxury as she’s accustomed. Their parents are on the way to judge Eric, so this is the pre-judging phase and Reina’s harping on him hard.

She peppers Leida with a fair amount of questions too such as who will take care of Allessandro. No cook, no maid, no nanny. How can Princess Leida get by? Reina tells producers that her sister has little patience and is “an awful person”. Can Eric handle that? Eric tells 90 Day Fiance producers that Reina can butt out or “pack sand”. Let’s hope she gets it in proper.

90 Day Fiance – Ashley Martson and Her Jay-Maican

On 90 Day, Ashley Martson headed to Jamaica to be there for Jay’s K1 interview. He runs late to pick her up then takes her to a hotel where he’s got some romance for his woman. Ashley is loving the balmy Jamaican weather as it’s a frigid 10 degrees back in Mechanicsburg, PA. Jay has no idea what to expect with the weather.

He talks about the perception of a Jamaican man with a white woman and using her to get to America. He said that’s not them and he loves her. Ashley jokes that sometimes these men pick any woman and they might be fat or unattractive. Jay says he’s beautiful. He pledges to pass the interview with flying colors, and get approved to go to America and “give her the D every day”.

Jay Packs His Heavy Sack to Take to America

Ashley Martson says it’s hard to keep up with his 20-year-old passion. They both seem to think the other wants it more. Ah, the sweet smell of obligatory sex… He brags about his sack and then throws it on Ashley while the cameras roll. Next day on 90 Day Fiance, Ashley and Jay prep for his interview. She made a scrapbook of their courtship. Wonder if it has a centerfold of the man bits he’s so proud of.

Jay is concerned about stuttering nervously. She quizzes him on when is her birthday which he gets wrong. Ashley waits in a breezy bar and Jay returns looking sullen. Spinning around he reveals he is approved! It’s a bait-and-switch move taken straight from the playbook of every 90 Day Fiance season. The two celebrate with a drink and Ashley can look forward to that nightly dose of D.

That’s it for the 90 Day Fiance recap of Episode 2 of Season 6 ‘Young and Restless’.

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