90 Day Fiance: Asuelu’s Boo Hole Hurts on Season 6 Episode 6 ‘Flirting With Disaster’ Recap

The 90 Day Fiance recap has Asuelu Pulaa learning to ride a bike like a big boy while Jay Smith has a tantrum with his juice box. Larissa Christina stews over Colt Johnson‘s flirty ways. Steven Frend goes aggro but Leida Margaretha learns to vacuum and plays evil stepmother to Tasha Rosenbrook. After that, Fernanda Flores gets a chilly reception in Chicago and we’re not talking about the weather. Let’s see how the couples fared this week on 90 Day Fiance Season 6 Episode 6 ‘Not What I Thought’.

90 Day Fiance: Asuelu Pulaa Has a Hurt Boo-Hole

Kardashian wannabe Kalani Faagata is settling into her new life in Utah on 90 Day Fiance. Things have been strained between her and Asuelu Pulaa since her Cheeto-fingered freeway freak out. She heads out with future hubby and brother Nick, gifter of condoms, for some fun. Apparently, Asuelu never learned to ride a bike in Sam-wah so they will teach him.

Asuelu admits he always wanted to try a bike growing up but his parents told him to focus on school. He wants training wheels but gets mockery instead. Barefoot, he climbs onto the bike and they push him. The minute they let go, of course, he crashes. Thanks Go Pro, for that face shot. He finally gets the hang of it but says riding makes his boo-hole hurt.

Kalani Faagata Dispatches Nick to Spy on Asuelu

While Asuelu rides his bike until his hole gets sore, Kalani confides her fears to Nick. She doesn’t think she should leave Oliver alone with Asuelu as he is like a kid himself and will put Oliver’s safety in jeopardy. Nick agrees to spy on Asuelu on a shopping outing to see how he handles daddy duty. Asuelu, Nick and baby Oliver go shopping for jammies. On the way, Nick asks Asuelu what he likes most about being Oliver’s dad. He answers that he is white. #wow

At the store, Asuelu happily shops with no idea he’s being “tested”. Nick, a killjoy like his siblings, polices Asuelu and tells him to stop hoisting the baby onto his shoulders. Back home, Asuelu tells Kalani that Nick acted weird and stopped him from carrying Oliver on his shoulders. Kalani unblinkingly tells him that it isn’t safe.

She admits to sending Nick to spy on him and the Samoan is crushed. Poor 90 Day Fiance Asuelu just can’t catch a break with this family.

Larissa Christina – In Brazil We’ve Got the Meats

This week on TLC’s 90 Day Fiance, a panoramic shot of Las Vegas and the Stratosphere reminds where Colt Johnson proposed to a terrified of heights Larissa Christina. The newly engaged couple go out to dinner with mother-wife Debbie in tow. Larissa is craving native foods, particularly fatty meats with lots of salt and sauce. Their scenes are starting to feel like a bad remake of “Three’s Company” as they climb in the sauna on wheels to head to dinner.

Debbie in the back seat leans between them like a child trying to pipe into the front seat conversation. The restaurant is lovely and Debbie likes the waterfall. Larissa bonds with the Brazilian waiter. Large quantities of meat are brought out and our unlikely trio digs in for the fatty goodness. Larissa is impressed and wants to bring guests here after the wedding so they can try Brazil food.

Debbie downer is quick to point out that it would be too expensive at $50 per head. Larissa seems confused that Debbie thinks that’s a lot. Of course, Colt will take Debbie’s side as he thinks endless meats for 10 is a bit much. There’s a Golden Corral buffet down the block, right? The talk turns to the wedding and Colt claims to be 97% committed. Larissa pouts then says she’s only at 30%. Debbie grins at the odds she’ll keep little Coltee all to herself.

Larissa Sees Green Over Flirty Coltee on 90 Day Fiance

Colt and Larissa share a drink on the patio free from the glares and judgment of Mama Deb. Colt feels bad that he cast 3% doubt about his intentions to marry her. He says did his homework and has a brochure for a place to have a wedding reception. Larissa Dos Santos Lima approves and he suggests they visit it right then, 90 Day Fiance cameras in tow.

They walk into what appears to be a coffee bistro, and are greeted by an overly-cheerful bespectacled chick. Electricity sparks as Colt and the waitress stare into each other’s four eyes. Colt compliments her glasses and she giggles and compliments his specs. Larissa comes visibly unglued by seeing this side of Coltee. Down, cat-boy, down!

90 Day Fiance: Colt Is Whore for Attention

After the flirty four-eyed hostess goes to procure wedding cakes for tasting, Larissa lays into Colt. A quick 90 Day Fiance aside has Larissa inform us that Colt likes to look good and talk a lot with “womans”. In her opinion, Coltee is quite the attention whore. First Debbie, now the waitress. Can’t Larissa keep her man to herself?

She tells him he should be noticing her and complimenting her. In typical Colt fashion, he says it’s no big deal while his cheeks flush and eyebrows dance around like caterpillars on a hot plate. Larissa tries the carrot cake and decides she would rather have chocolate. Poor girl has no couchee, no biggie car, and is engaged to a mama’s boy-man whore. Girl deserves some good cake.

Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova Take Baby Richie Home

This week on 90 Day Fiance, young new parents Steven and Olga finally leave the ominous Russian Hospital still fighting over germs and who’s being the bigger A-hole. Steven definitely wins the giant a** award as he morphs into being a bigger a** while telling the camera he doesn’t want to be like the jerks in his family.

Hint to Steven: picking on your new baby mama who just had a C-section 48 hours ago isn’t a good start. Steven, in his Ricky Reyes-edition fanny pack, navigates the streets of Russia pretty well. After admonishing Olga again about her lack of please and thank you, he claims a newborn baby can wait to eat. Can someone get this kid a copy of Dr. Spock?

90 Day Fiance – Steven’s Volcanic Temper Overflows

Sweet Baby Richie is home! Not only did he survive the C-section – he survived his father’s immature rant on the way home. He cries a little and Olga breastfeeds. Steven tells producers that having a baby is harder than he thought. Duh.  Olga asks that he wash his hands but this time says please which makes wild-eyed Steven smile.

She asks that her 90 Day Fiance not freak out so quickly. Earlier in her aside she tells producers Steven has a temper like a volcano. Steven acknowledges that he’s been a little bit of a jerk and snuggles up to Olga and son Richie. He blabs on endlessly about nothing and the exhausted Olga asks him to be quiet. She wants to hear silence. We hear you Olga – we hear you.

Ashley Martson to Jay Smith: Who’s Texting You?

Jay Smith is playing a video game in Hobby Lobby (Oh wait, that’s Ashley’s living room) while Ashley demands attention. It seems that since his trip to the barbershop he’s been a little cagey. Jay admits to being a little bored. His phone pings and Ashley, sporting a monogrammed zip-up questions him. Her tone is all suburban mom chastising teenage boy.  Oh wait – because that’s what they are.

Jay admits the text is from a girl in Jamaica who is need of new ink.Previously, 90 Day Fiance showed that Jay did tattoos.

He starts to text his client back and Ashley angers. Apparently, she thinks Jay should only be texting with family. She asks where he snuck off to last night and he mumbles something about getting something for his phone. They admit to looking through each other’s phones on the reg. Such a healthy relationship.

Fruity Booze and Capri Sun on 90 Day Fiance 

Ashley returns home from work to find Jay cooking dinner. She pops a Straw-Ber-Rita and goes all extra and pours it into an actual margarita glass. They dive into Jay’s Jamaican chicken but the mood is tense. Ashley asks if the laundry got done. Jay slurps on a Capri Sun and says yes. Again the vibe is all mom and surly teenager here.

She wants to know why he’s been leaving the house without telling her. He says she’s crazy and spiteful. He doesn’t think he has to tell her his every move. Jay points out he would only be one of two places: McDonald’s or Weiss. Ashley still isn’t happy but her gin and his juice seems to have taken the edge off.

Leida Margaretha Snubbed – Parents Flee Baraboo

Eric Rosenbrook has once again driven 15 hours for a ten-minute turnover in New York. Leida’s parents, glum sister Reina, and utterly silent nameless brother will fly back to Indonesia from JFK. Leida and Eric stand on the street saying goodbye as they must drive another 15 hours back to Baraboo, Wisconsin. Reina has chosen not to come down and say goodbye on 90 Day Fiance 

This upsets Leida but can she honestly be surprised? After all, Eric’s first impressions on 90 Day Fiance included a 4-way Cheese Steak, pig-sty apartment, and blow-up couch. Leida’s dad gets emotional because he will especially miss cute grandson Allessandro. Her mother just kind of stares into space as the duo walks off for yet another cross-country road trip.

Leida Wants It Folded Proper on TLC

90 Day Fiance brings us back to Baraboo, Wisconsin, land of cheese and tiny apartments, Leida tries her hand at vacuuming. Eric looks as if he bathed in WD-40. Little Allessandro is relegated to a blow up mattress on the floor. The psycho OCD side of Leida rears its ugly head once again as Eric doesn’t fold a blanket proper. Daughter Tasha comes in the midst of cleaning and says hello.

Leida stares, refuses to acknowledge her, then finally mutters hello. Tasha asks how Leida likes things so far. Leida says it’s better because she cleaned her mess. She tells Tasha she was pissed and asks if it was done on purpose. In response, Tasha mumbles an apology and says she was just too busy to notice the mushrooms growing out of the wall.

Leida to Tasha: Move Out Today

Leida suggests Tasha move out today. As in right now. Tasha says she has been looking but hasn’t found a place. Eric suggests that she move into a pay by the week motel until she does. Because sending your daughter to live at a place infested with drug dealers and prostitutes is the hallmark of responsibility.

He also admits that he’s been letting Tasha slide on rent, groceries, and utilities so she can save for a new pad. This does not sit well with our displaced Indonesian princess. Leida goes full Jack Nicholson from A Few Good Men and demands the truth. Heads are about to roll proper!

Fernanda Flores Gets Chilly Reception In Windy City

On this week’s 90 Day Fiance, Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera travel to Chicago to meet his family. Fernanda is loving the city and all its action and diversity. She spins around and says she could live there. Jonathan questions Fernanda if she’s certain she wants to be with an older man. She replies that someday she will clean his ass (a better offer than Angela got from Michael on Before the 90 Days).

The first stop on the meet the family tour is Jon’s sister Jackie and her delightful BF Patrick. Jackie tells producers that she has spoken to Fernanda via the internet. She is older than the Mexican teen and also found out about her on Facebook. Next, Jackie warns that she will try to be fair but that their mom isn’t yet on board.

Facebook Stalking and Smart Ass Comments

Fernanda sits awkwardly on Jon’s lap as sister Jackie reveals she stalked Fernanda’s Facebook. She questions Fer wanting to be married at such a young age. Patrick says he’s Team Fernanda. Jackie also echoes what all Jonathan’s friends have said: that he never wanted to get married. Get real people – Fer’s hotness overrode his marriage phobia – that’s all.

Fernanda nervously waits to meet Jon’s mother, Ceci, who’s not happy with his engagement. Mom arrives with red wine and walls up. Ceci repeatedly tells Fernanda she’s too young and is nuts for getting married at 19. Jonathan points out Ceci was young when she had him. They trade smart a** barbs about “doing the math” and it’s uncomfortable all around.

Jon’s Mom Ceci Won’t Say Yes to The Dress

Then on 90 Day Fiance, Ceci questions why Jonathan is wearing a wedding ring. He tells her he’s been wearing it for a while. Hmm. Are he and his child bride already hitched? She claps back that she hasn’t seen him for a while. Jon suggests Ceci go wedding dress shopping with Jackie and Fernanda. Ceci acts like he wants her to jump in Lake Michigan.

Jonathan snarkily suggests that since she’s been married a couple times maybe she could give them some advice. Her advice: hold off and don’t do it. Then, as per every episode of 90 Day Fiance, Fernanda ends up in tears. Poor Fer. She’s got haters in NC and Michigan and poor girl looks ready to hop a flight back to Central America.

That’s it for the 90 Day Fiance recap of Season 6 Episode 6 ‘Flirting with Disaster’. Be sure to read last week’s (and all our other) recaps if you missed an episode!

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