’90 Day Fiance’: Ashley Martson Cheating When She Met Jay Smith in Jamaica?

90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson may have been cheating when she first hooked up with Jay Smith in Jamica. A recent social media post hints she was in a relationship with another man when she met her current fiance in Jamaica.

90 Day Fiance – Ashley Martson Meets Jay Smith

90 Day Fiance history shows that Ashley met her fiance Jay Smith while attending a friend’s wedding in Jamaica. The wedding was life-changing not only for the bride but also for Ashley since it brought her to Jay Smith. The two said they hit it off instantly. They had a great time together, according to both. To her, this was just a vacation fling. She says she left Jamaica and didn’t think more about Jay.

According to Ashley, she thought she would never see him again. However, Jay says he was smitten. He tracked her down through social media. Their romance timeline shows that the two grew close over the next six months. Ashley visited Jay twice more in Jamaica. They picked right up where they left off and grew closer with each visit. On the third trip, Jay proposed and became her 90 Day Fiance.


Ashley In A Relationship When She Met Jay?

Ashley Martson admitted on 90 Day Fiance that she has not had the best track record with her previous relationships. She was engaged twice before accepting Jay Smith’s proposal. She claimed that other men cheated on her multiple times. But is Ashley being hypocritical? New allegations posted on Instagram indicate that Ashley Martson was not single when she met Jay in Jamaica.


According to the tidbit, 90 Day Fiance Ashley was in a relationship when she headed to that destination wedding. And her boyfriend footed the bill! Reportedly, her boyfriend thought he was sending Ashley off on a girls weekend to her friend’s wedding. He unwittingly sent his girlfriend to an exotic locale to meet another man, if the allegations are true. This Instagram rumor paints Ashley Martson is a cheater herself.

90 Day Fiance fans are like detectives that crawl through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles of the show’s cast and often dig up dirt that the TLC shows stars wish would stay buried. Ashley Martson sure looks cozy with the guy in the photo, but you never know the truth. This photo of Ashley and the mystery man she allegedly cheated on might be the real deal, though, since her ex-BFF Natalie Crawford has been busily airing Ashley’s dirty laundry for all to see!

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