’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers Season 6: Ashley Ignores Jay’s Red Flags

90 Day Fiance shows Ashley Martson and Conroy “Jay” Smith, who are over a decade apart in age. The new season kicks off with Jay and Ashley and five more couples.

At 31, Ashley’s friends think she so desperate to be in love that she’s ignoring red flags waving all around Jay Smith, 20. If you think about it – this guy is barely just out of his teen years and Ashley’s a mom of two young daughters.

90 Day Fiance – Ashley and Jay

It looks like Ashley and Jay join the other couples who are bombarded with skeptics from just about every limb in their family tree. Not to mention the cynical remarks they endure from their circle of friends.


According to the 90 Day Fiance spoilers, Sunday night’s premiere of season 6 has the international couples ready to set up house together in America. The foreign love interests make their way to America with the K1 visa in hand. But all is not well with the families ready to meet them for the first time.

90 Day Fiance – Cynical Family Members

Cynical family members and friends are putting a damper on the excitement for a few of the cast members on tonight’s episode. Ashley Martson is getting slack from her friends. One friend suggests that Ashley is “so eager to be in love that she lets red flags just go.”

While her friends see this does Ashley? It sounds like she does as she tells her friends during a preview clip that nothing is changing her mind. Ashley says: “If Jesus came down from heaven right now and said [Jay] cheated on me, I wouldn’t do anything about it.”


90 Day Fiance – Does Ashley Martson Sell Herself Short?

This pretty woman from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, who is overflowing in personality, seems to sell herself short with that statement. Ashley met Jay Smith while in Jamaica attending a friends wedding.

They hit it off and they had a great time together, but when she returned home she never thought she’d seem him again. They didn’t have a plan to get in touch with each other again.

90 Day Fiance – Jay Smith Tracked Her Down

Jay Smith had a different plan apparently because he tracked her down. That wasn’t hard with social media at his disposal. For six months the two carried on a relationship via social media. Another trip back to Jamaica put the two right where they left off. After another fun visit, it took only eight days before Jay popped the question.

Now with his K1 visa in tow, he is on his way to Pennsylvania, a long way from his island paradise home. While Ashley Martson is so excited she’s willing to overlook some worries she harbors, she’s still not sure Jay is ready for all this.

90 Day Fiance – Ashley and Jay Third Time a Charm?

Ashley’s not been lucky in love in the past. She’s been engaged twice and both times the relationship went south. Now Jay Smith is on the way and maybe the third time is a charm. 90 Day Fiance clips from TLC show this couple as rather playful together. They certainly seem to know how to have fun.

With that said, what will happen when the two settle down and real-life settles in?

It looks like her friends already have their minds made up but Ashley Martson remains positive. She believes this is the guy for her. While the episodes for season 6 were filmed at the beginning of the year, there is evidence online today that these two made a go of it.


Both Ashley and Jay show up in pictures together this week at the TLC 90 Day Fiance season 6 kick-off party in Los Angeles.  One of those photos is in the post above. They look very happy in the images posted online recently.

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