’90 Day Fiance’ Recap: Kalani Preggo – Ashley Goes to Pound Town – Season 6 Episode 9 ‘Backed Into A Corner’

In this 90 Day Fiance recap, we pick up with Kalani Faagata revealing she’s preggo while Ashley Martson‘s crazy ex-bff Natalie Crawford rolls up on a scooter to stir the pot. Colt Johnson tries to bounce Larissa Christina back to Brazil. And shady Steven Frend plots to smuggle baby Richie to the states. Let’s see who stays and who plays on the ‘Backed Into A Corner’ recap of Season 9 Episode 9 of TLC’s crazy hit show.

90 Day Fiance Recap – Ashley Martson’s Ex-BFF Rolls Up and Pops Off

90 Day Fiance picks up with Jay Smith and Ashley Martson packing to elope in Vegas. Someone is banging and screaming at the door. It’s crazy ex-BFF Natalie Crawford who arrived by scooter. She demands Ash speak to her. Then she goes off on Ashley Martson and tells her Jay is ruining her life. Ashley has been ignoring Nat’s attempts to reach her. Ash is not happy that Natalie is hell-bent on calling Jay a cheater and man-child.

Natalie is convinced Jay is using Ash for a green card. She says it’s drilled into Jamaicans from a young age to get to America. Jay Smith joins the convo on 90 Day Fiance. Nat tells him to butt out. Ashley Martson goes back inside with Jay who thinks they should call 5-0. Desperate Nat tries calling Ash. We see her contact info is “Thatsmybestfriend” with a million feel-good emojis. Rejected, Nat rolls out on her scooter.

Jay Smith Needs 3 Trips to Pound Town a Day – Ashley Doesn’t Have Time

90 Day Fiance couple Jay Smith and Ashley Martson arrived in Vegas to get married. Jay picks up his bride-to-be and tosses her on the bed. He’s a little freaked out by his impending wedding. Growing up in Jamaica he didn’t think about marriage. Ashley reminds him that he was a man-whore. Jay is loving Vegas. he says it’s way sexier than Mechanicsburg. (What isn’t?)

The duo head to the pool for some libations (at least for Ash). Jay is not old enough to gamble or drink in Sin City. Jay has heard that after people get married the sexy times stop. He wants it three times a day. He says since he’s black, he has to keep his blood pumping or he’ll clog up. Ashley Martson responds that she doesn’t have time to service her 90 Day Fiance three times a day.

Colt Johnson Wants One-Way Ticket to Return Brazilian Bridezilla

Colt Johnson sits on his new sofa searching for a one-way plane ticket to return his Brazilian bride to sender. I guess he kept the receipt for his mail order bride. He’s heartbroken that Larissa Christina threw her rock of a ring at him. But she still wants to marry Coltee. She also thinks mother-wife Debbie Johnson trash talked her to crazy cousin John. On 90 Day Fiance, Larissa slips the ring back on and shows Colt.

He coldly says that’s nice and tells her he wants her to go away. Larissa is appalled that Coltee would try to “buy her a ticket in silence”. Colt blames the Brazilian’s cray-cray ways for all the trouble at the cookout. Larissa defends herself an says it was John who acted all “agg-gres-eveeeee”. Colt accepts her apology and closes the cheapbrazilianflights.com site. Catlike Debbie is nowhere in sight.

Larissa Christina Wants True Compliments From Colt

Larissa spackles on the makeup for a night out. She wants to look extra beautiful for Coltee. They have a double date with Colt’s friends. These friends are smartee and niceee not like boorish cousin John. The couples jump in the boiling hot beater to head to dinner on 90 Day Fiance. Don’t the other two have a car with AC? Larissa is immediately miffed that Coltee hasn’t noticed her caked-on face. Or blue jumpsuit from Hoes-R-Us.

She asks Colt’s friend if American men give compliments. Other hubby says yes despite the fact his wife carries a Rainbow Brite purse and wears pigtails. On 90 Day Fiance, they arrive at the restaurant and the Vegas heat hangs heavy in the air. Oh wait, that would be Larissa’s insecurity. She continues badgering Colt about his lack of giving her “true compliments”. Colt says he can’t win and calls her bats*it crazy

Larissa’s Big Heart and Coltee’s Big D

The restaurant is the same one that Colt and Larissa looked at as a possible wedding venue. So of course, it’s the same waitress whose fancy frames caught Colt’s eye waiting on them. He does everything but crawl under the table while she serves drinks. Larissa is pleased that he ignored the cute server on 90 Day Fiance. 

She wants to know what Colt’s friends really think. They find her insecure and fiery with a side of crazy. Colt says Larissa has a good heart. Larissa tells them Colt has a bigee d*ckie. TMI Larissa TMI. Colt agrees that it is huge. If that is true, it explains soooo much on this season of the TLC show. Reportedly, Colt put it on display in a video to someone he was flirting with online, so it’s out there people! BTW, so is Jonathan Rivera’s privates in a video taken by Fernanda. Guess the men on this show can’t keep it in their pants when there’s a camera around.

Baby Richie Strikes Adorable Passport Pose

On 90 Day Fiance, Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova take adorable son Richie for his passport photo. Baby Richie takes a great closeup. Steven will take him to the US embassy to apply for his citizenship. Olga fears Steven is only concerned with the baby’s documents and isn’t working to get her K1.

She doesn’t understand why the baby has to physically go to the embassy. Olga fears (and rightly so) that Steven will try to take the baby to the US. Steven, Mr. Insensitive, tells the new mom that her fears don’t matter and she has no say in it. He cuddles with the baby while she goes off to cry in the shower.

Clueless Steven Frend Trying to Take Olga’s Baby

On 90 Day Fiance Olga anxiously waits for Steven and Richie outside the US embassy. Olga sheds tears of joy when they come back. Steven orders her to feed him and then says he will take newly minted US citizen Richie with him to America.

Olga is clearly devastated by this. Steven, who probably couldn’t take care of a houseplant, wants to take a newborn across the world. Never mind that the baby is still breastfeeding and requires care 24/7 that Olga has been providing!

The angry young dad rants about the lack of his own father in his life. I Hope he can afford Richie’s therapy when he realizes he was literally ripped from his mother’s breast and put in an overhead compartment to fly thousands of miles away from her.

Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa: Knocked Up 2 Samoa Edition

Cue the dramatic music on 90 Day Fiance. Kalani, Asuelu, and baby son Oliver are at a doctor’s office. Drumroll please. Kalani Faagata is pregnant (again)! Since condoms are for slut people (and responsible ones), Asuelu doesn’t like them. But Kalani likes his d. He said before she won’t keep her hands off him.

Kalani cries and says she is already spread too thin. Because having a free place to stay and not working can be a bit much. Asuelu is thrilled that they made another baby. He just wishes Kalani would be happy too. They head to a park and meet Kalani’s mom Lisa. Asuelu breaks the news that he got her pregnant. Kalani blames Asuelu and makes it sound like something he did while she wasn’t looking.

Really Kalani? You were there too. Mom is shocked but tells her not to cry. Kalani fears everyone will be mad. The good news is that sister-father Kolini Faagata has another child on the way.   

Kalani Tells Asuelu She Still Wants to Marry Him

Over ice cream, Asuelu tells Kalani he fears she doesn’t want to marry him anymore. She suggests to producers that this wasn’t a good time for Asuelu to “get her pregnant”. As if he acted alone.

Kalani babbles in her Kardashian-speak about kommunications and konversations. She does admit that she would like to marry him and move forward with their life. This makes her Samoan baby daddy very happy.

Tasha’s Out – Leida Margaretha is Proper Priority

Now that Leida Margaretha kicked Eric’s daughter Tasha Rosenbrook to the curb on 90 Day Fiance, she feels better. She can work on being proper and a priority. That means cleaning out Tasha’s old room for her son Allessandro. So then Leida gave her man an ultimatum: her or Tasha. He chose Leida because he was afraid she’d flee back to Indonesia.

Eric can worry about his own flesh and blood later. He can’t risk losing the former wannabe beauty queen. Eric comes home early to find out what happened between Leida and Tasha. His wife-to-be fibs that she just pushed the door open a little and saw a mess. Eric tells her what she demands to hear – that she is his priority and he’ll keep it proper on 90 Day Fiance.

Mama Tania Calls a Meeting – Eric Cries After Talking with His Dad

With the wedding two weeks out on 90 Day Fiance, Eric hits up the barbershop with his dad. Eric’s dad wants to know what’s up with Leida and Tasha. His dad isn’t buying Eric’s answer that he had no choice to prioritize Leida over his children. Grandpa Rosenbrook also doesn’t think you should kick a child out for being a slob.

Eric cries in an aside. Fans think he’s a POS for putting his childish, spoiled brat fiance first over his daughter. That’s enough to cause tears. Ex-wife Tania calls a meeting with Leida. Because the kids are upset with Dad’s treatment of Tasha and don’t want to come to the wedding. Leida basically says who cares. It is what it is. Not a successful summit.

Jonathan Rivera at Happy Hour – Fernanda Flores Blows Up His Phone

Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores head back home to North Carolina. Jon promised Fer to mend things with his mom. So, after a day of selling houses, he meets friend Stephen for a brewski and some bro talk. The two toast to the realty biz and marriage. Stephen is concerned that Fernanda is too young to get married.

Jon controls pretty much everything. Will she resent him for that eventually? Jon tells is bud about the Myrtle Beach incident. (Remember the one where TLC hired an extra to fake-enrage Fernanda at da club?) His 90 Day Fiance is blowing up his phone demanding he come home.

Hurricane Fern: Don’t Leave Me Alone, Leave Me Alone

She is beyond pissed that Jonathan had a beer instead of coming home to her. She is alone and has nothing to do but wait for him. Fernanda does not approve of him stopping for a beer after work on 90 Day Fiance. Jon claps back about the times the teen stayed out all night with friends partying when he visited her. He tolerates it when she breaks her curfew…

She also spent six hours on the phone jawing with a friend today. It’s hell having a teenager in the house. He compares her to a hurricane when she’s mad. The indecisive beauty cries and drools. “You can’t leave me alone” she wails. Then she asks him to leave her alone. Jonathan reminds the tantrum-throwing teen all the things he bought her – a car, a college education – oh yeah, and a pair of fun bags.

That’s all the action for the 90 Day Fiance recap of Episode 9 from Season 9, ‘Backed Into A Corner’. Tune in Sunday nights for more of the relationship insanity.

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