’90 Day Fiance’ Recap: Eric Reality Checks Leida – Season 6 Episode 7 ‘Ready to Run’

Our 90 Day Fiance recap this week has Leida Margaretha unhappy with her venue, florist and furniture while Eric Rosenbrook pleads poverty. Colt Johnson teases Larissa Christina with a fancy Las Vegas loft. Jay Smith and Ashley Martson deal with racist remarks on their wedding. And Jonathan Rivera’s mom Ceci makes Fernanda Flores cry. Olga Koshimbetova just wants peace but Steven Frend wants attention. Let’s dig into what happened

Leida Margaretha and Eric Rosenbrook: Bland in Baraboo

As 90 Day Fiance starts, Leida Margaretha obviously woke up on the wrong side of the blow-up mattress. She is angry at Eric’s continual fibs about finances and shoestring budget lifestyle. Leida reminds the producers often that she left behind an extravagant life in Indonesia.

She and Eric Rosenbrook are on the way to check out their wedding venue. Knowing his spoiled bride-to-be’s expectations are way too lofty, he tries to hold her hand and Leida Margaretha shuns him. She says “I’m holding stuff”. Emotional baggage and a grudge maybe?

Leida Reminds Everyone (Again) That Her Daddy is Rich

The venue her 90 Day Fiance Eric Rosenbrook chose is a ballroom that honestly looks more like a meeting room at the Days Inn. The kind of place that would be ideal for a conference for the Wisconsin Association of Insurance Adjusters. She is quick to point out that her first wedding cost $300,000 for 2,000 guests.

Oh, and there was a surprise performance by Mike Tyson at the end. (No, wait, that was Hangover 2). Leida even has pics on her phone of her first wedding which took place at a 5-star hotel. Girl loves to drop star ratings. Eric has to love that she keeps a vision board of her past wonderful life at hand.

90 Day Fiance at the Florist: Double or Nothing

Next, on 90 Day Fiance, Leida Rosenbrook accepts the bland ballroom on the condition that the florist work magic. She is told that Eric’s budget of $400 covers a paltry few white roses. She obnoxiously whips out her phone to show Tiffany the florist the flowers from her first wedding.

Tiffany acts impressed even though they sort of look like funeral wreaths. In an aside Leida reminds us again of her taste and class. Kind of ironic considering she is carrying around pictures of her first wedding to show to people planning her second wedding. Eric finally agrees to double the floral budget and she’s happy (for the moment).

Eric to Leida: Get a Grip

90 Day Fiance Leida sits with a cranky Allessandro. She complains to Eric that things are far from 5-star or proper in her new life here. They go furniture shopping for a couch that doesn’t deflate and a bed for her son. She wants a $30k couch and a $7k bed. Meanwhile, Eric’s thinking Ikea outlet. Why is it so hard for the women of 90 Day Fiance to get a damn couch? First Larissa now Leida.

The two argue as Leida reminds him she gave up a life of luxury to be with him. She starts in again on the child support to his own flesh and blood. He tells her she needs to let go of her selfish Indonesian culture. She asks why she has to accept all this? He tells her that reality and feelings are two separate things. This prompts her to ask “what am I doing here?” Honestly Leida – we are all wondering the same thing.

Larissa Christina and Colt Johnson: Lofty In Las Vegas

Then on 90 Day Fiance, Colt and Larissa cruise the strip in his stifling oven-hot beater. Luckily, Mama Debbie’s handicap placard is in the car and Larissa fans herself with it. Colt Johnson is yet again playing bait and switch with his Brazilian bride. Just like a leather couchee or Brazilian brisket for 10. This time it’s a gorgeous furnished loft in Vegas. There’s no mom or slot machine, so Colt’s not feeling it.

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It seems Larissa Christina wants to live with just Coltee and the catee in the biggee place. She’s tired of sharing her space and man with mother-wife Debbie. She tells producers that Debbie is like a cat. She disappears then appears again just in time to make your life hell. Colt is having a harder time with the notion of life without his mama-roommate of 33 years. The fact that he and Debbie both bring up this stat in their asides is like a creepy anniversary tribute.

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Can’t Make Colt Choose Between Her and Mom

Back at the ranch on 90 Day Fiance, Colt Johnson and Larissa tell Debbie about their house hunting venture. Larissa Christina is sure to emphasize they looked at a ONE bedroom apartment. Debbie chokes back tears and says she can move to a senior living place. Colt says he ideally would like Debbie to live near them. Or next door. Or what the hell right in the bedroom with them!

Larissa doesn’t wish Debbie anywhere in their vicinity. Colt doesn’t think she should be asking him to choose between her and his 33-year long relationship. I mean in two more years, Debbie and Coltee would get the traditional gift of coral. He wishes they could all be together forever eating beef stew next to a one-armed bandit. But if Colt and his mom split up who gets custody of cookie dough?

Jay Smith Agrees to Stick to Curfew

Then on 90 Day Fiance, Ashley Martson fires up her Keurig and preps a cup of morning refreshment in her A mug with a stern face. It seems her teen son (oops, I mean lover) Jay Smith has been sneaking out and not keeping up with chores. She can’t decide whether to ground him or take away his phone.

Between sips of her herbal morning refreshment, she leans toward taking the phone since he’s also been texting randoms with it. Jay saunters into the kitchen and offers up a rambling apology. He will stick to curfew and pitch in around the house. Ashley is all smiles. Life is again full of promise and throw pillows with inspo quotes.

Jay and Ashley Martson Face with Racial Taunts

Later on 90 Day Fiance, Ashley and Jay go visit the barn venue for their wedding. The barn is rustic and inviting and Jay approves. With the help of Pinterest, Ashley has a vision in mind. Their bliss is short-lived when Ashley’s phone starts blowing up in the car. Apparently, some creep left hundreds of racially charged comments on their wedding website.

One is even threatening. Ashley reads Jay the ugly remarks who begins to doubt whether he wants to stay in America. Ashley Martson is devastated and fearful. While she expected some stares or judgment she said didn’t expect anything like this. Whether the two will go on with the wedding as planned remains to be seen.

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Steven Frend’s Tantrums on 90 Day Fiance

It’s hard to find any humor in the immature ridiculous behavior of Steven Frend on 90 Day Fiance. The young father stomps, pouts, and gaslights poor Olga Koshimbetova to the point it’s painful to watch. While the sweet and attentive young mom Olga feeds and nurtures adorable baby Richie, Steven feels left out.

He wonders why Olga isn’t doing cartwheels of excitement and throwing herself at him the minute he walks into the room. Dude. She had a person cut out of her two weeks ago and is wholly responsible for keeping it alive. Put-upon Steven heads out to the drug store to pick up some baby acne cream. He can’t master Russian currency and hands over a credit card.

The Kid Can’t Come Before Me

Another argument brews on 90 Day Fiance when Steven wants to take the baby to “the fancy baby park” versus what can only be the low-rent local park. The two struggle with Richie’s car seat and Olga has the sense to realize it’s not suited for a newborn. She suggests a walk close by with the new stroller. We hear a fifteen-minute rant on how Steven put the stroller together, tore it down, and put it in the trunk. He needs to be told how awesome he is every five minutes.

Olga just wants to chill inside and care for the baby. Steven continues his relentless tirade and reminds us he had a shit*y family life. He says “the kid can’t come before me.”

Exhausted Olga tells him what he wants to hear and seems visibly relieved when he skulks off to stew at the playground. He returns to make Olga cry AGAIN. Then in typical passive-aggressive fashion, he apologizes. Olga says what viewers are thinking – she doesn’t know if this will work out.

Fernanda Flores Wedding Dress Wows in Windy City

90 Day Fiance next has Fernanda Flores out with Jackie, sister of Jonathan Rivera. They head to a bridal shop so the teen bride-to-be can try on dresses. Jackie Rivera invited mom Ceci to join them despite her still being on the fence about the whole situation. We flashback to last episode where Ceci says she will think about joining Fernanda for dress shopping. Fernanda is alone and near tears.

As Fernanda nurses a Starbucks, Jackie checks her watch while Ceci runs late. Perhaps Ceci just had a little too much white Zin at her 50 Shades book club party last night? Alas, in walks Jon’s dour mom. She relented and gives Fernanda Flores a second chance. Fernanda is whisked upstairs to try on dresses. Ceci reiterates her concern to Jackie about Fer’s young age. She also thinks son Jon Rivera is in la-la land.

Fernanda Says Yes To The Jackie O Dress

Fernanda comes out in a few sexy gowns on 90 Day Fiance. Sister Jackie admires her boobs that were proudly bought by her big bro himself. Ceci makes a face like she smelled a fart and says something about being age appropriate. The third dress is the charm, the one they call the Jackie O. Fernanda cries that her mom can’t be there for the moment.

Ceci actually shows a flicker of emotion and consoles the teary teen. Fernanda is at peace with Ceci but doesn’t wish to be caught in the middle of her and Jonathan. Good luck with that. Looks like Jon got this episode off, but we’ll see him next time on 90 Day Fiance.

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Asuelu Pulaa Still Under Sister Scrutiny

The 90 Day Fiance version of the Kardashians – Kolini and Kalana Fagaata – have more 1000 yard stares and judgy ‘tude for Asuelu. In Utah, Asuelu Pulaa and Kalani settle into life with baby Oliver. Kalani is still not convinced he is up to her standard of parenting. If he doesn’t prove himself soon, she won’t marry him. Kalani’s overbearing and critical sister Kolini is flying in for girl time and wedding dress shopping.

Asuelu is comfortable with her visiting as he thinks things have been “sorted out”. Kolini, on the other hand, tells producers she will be watching hard for red flags so she can steer her sister away from marrying the native Samoan. She arrives and there is abject awkwardness. The sisters head out with their mom to dress shop. Asked if she’s excited about it Kalani says yes and no.

90 Day Fiance – Kalani Getting Cold Feet?

In the second 90 Day Fiance wedding dress outing of the episode, Kalani Faagata tries on dresses and feels a bad vibe. She likes a dress but second guesses whether marrying Asuelu Pulaa is the right thing. Kolini asks if she can run in the dress, implying she should flee Asuelu. Kalani’s mom admits her daughter has always had issues with commitment. Later, Kolini, Kalani, and Asuelu take baby Oliver to lunch.

Then Kolini, who always looks like she accidentally sat on a sharp object when talking to Asuelu, wastes no time interrogating him about what he likes about her sister. She tries to manipulate him into saying he only hooked up with her because she is American and has money. TLC did some funky editing to make it appear that way too. But Asuelu held his ground saying he liked her personality. (That makes one person at least.)

Asuelu Dips After Argument

Things go from awkward to argumentative on 90 Day Fiance. Asuelu accuses Kalani of not liking or respecting his family. Kalani reveals it’s because his brother made an inappropriate sexual remark to her. Certainly this goes over like a lead balloon with Kolini, who loves nothing more than dirt on Asuelu. Knowing he can’t win with these two monotone instigators, he grabs the baby carrier and walks out.

Question – can he run in that sarong? Because he sure needs too! That’s all for this week’s recap of 90 Day Fiance Season 6 Episode 7 ‘Ready to Run”. Be sure to read last weeks (and all our other recaps) if you missed an episode!

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