90 Day Fiance: Steven Frend Demands DNA Test on Baby From Olga Koshimbetova – Here’s Why

90 Day Fiance is back again and Steven Frend wants Olga Koshimbetova to have a DNA test done on the baby. Why? It’s all about her K-1 visa! Steven and Olga feature on season 6 of the TLC hit show as it follows love with a foreigner. The young couple met at the beach in America and then summer love turned to pregnancy. This week’s episode has Steven Frend in Russia. He’s there for the birth of their child but also needs to confirm that he’s the baby daddy.

90 Day Fiance: Go Fund Me Confirms DNA Test Request

This season on 90 Day Fiance, Steven had to get to Russia and it looks like he turned to Go Fund Me to make it happen. In his now-deleted crowdfunding campaign, Steven Frend was seeking $5,000 to go to Russia to be with Olga Koshimbetova. At the time he ran the Go Fund Me, Olga was 17 weeks pregnant. Now on TLC, we see that she’s about to pop. So why the DNA request? Is this like Paul Staehle with his doubts or something else?

Steven Frend wrote on his fundraising page that he needed funds to go to Russia. He said he must “get DNA drawn so I can turn my child into a US citizen”. He doesn’t think his fiance is cheating, as far as we can tell, but needs it for the visa. Confirmation that he’s the legal father of Olga’s baby should help their K1 visa case. See screenshots of the 90 Day Fiance Go Fund Me below.

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90 Day Fiance Immigration Requires Steven Frend to be Tested

Steven Frend explained they plan to marry in Russia and then once he’s back in the US he can “get our marriage recognized” and then “invite her here AGAIN… as my wife with my child”. They plan to pursue citizenship that way. We dug up the information on what happens with babies born abroad to one US parent. The US State Department has very strict guidelines.

Olga Koshimbetova needs a green card. But her unborn child can get automatic US citizenship. The state department says you must prove a “biological relationship” to the baby born abroad but then that will “transmit US citizenship” to the child once it’s proven. Their website says “DNA testing is the only biological testing method currently accepted by the Department to establish a biological relationship.”

Olga Koshimbetova Needs to Prove He’s the Baby Daddy

So, once Steven was there in Russia, you can bet he made a beeline to get the paternity confirmed. Steven Frend has no DNA worries. They were together just two months before she cropped up pregnant, but he’s embracing fatherhood.

Olga needs the test to prove Steven is the bio-dad of her baby. If it’s a match, Steven and their child will be US citizens. Then Olga Koshimbetova will have an easier 90 Day Fiance spouse process. Tonight, we’ll see what happens when Steven paces the floor as he waits to become a very young first-time father on the new episode of 90 Day Fiance.

There’s no word on whether Steven’s Go Fund Me raised the money he needed, but maybe it did since he’s in Russia with Olga. TLC pays little to the couples and the production team rarely foots the bill for anything. The cameras are just along for the ride while they make their way in the world. But fans of TLC 90 Day Fiance are happy to tune in for the journey.

What do you think? Will this paternity test for Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova go as planned?

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