90 Day Fiance Horror Story: Olga’s Sister Brutally Murdered by Parents – Orphanage Years Explained

90 Day Fiance Olga Koshimbetova survived a real-life horror story according to Russian news sources. It appears that her parents killed her older sister in a ritualistic killing that reads like something from a Hollywood horror movie. This is why, if the reports are true, Olga spent years in an orphanage as she mentioned on the TLC show.

Warning – – the details of this terrible crime are graphic — do not read if you are easily disturbed.

90 Day Fiance Olga Koshimbetova Sister Murdered

This is news from the past and is a grim tale of how 90 Day Fiance’s Olga came to spend years in an orphanage. Olga was born in 1997. This grisly crime occurred when she was 13. Her parents’ arrest and trial happened in 2011. Even then, justice was not served. Here is what happened and why Olga Koshimbetova has such a tragic backstory.

Sputnik News from Russia reported that Alexandra (age 25), mother of two, was murdered on January 7 during the Orthodox Christmas celebration by her parents. Sergei Koshimbetov was a 49-year-old taxi driver at the time he took his daughter’s life. His wife, Elena Antonova, aged 50, was a school teacher. All lived in Voronezh, Russia, where Steven Frend traveled to meet Olga on 90 Day Fiance. Alexandra was Olga’s big sister.

Religious Cult Slaying Left Olga Alone in the World

The news site said the murdered woman, Alexandra, told her parents she was hearing voices in her head and thought “unclean spirits” had possessed her. Olga’s parents reportedly also believed that their daughter had married the devil. They performed a violent exorcism to try and “save” their daughter but killed her instead.

The police investigator of the case, Murat Suroyev, told the press at the time: “The mother and father believed they were helping their daughter to stop loving her husband, believing him to be Satan”. The crime was horrific and the details came out when the victims’ parents went on trial in 2011 to answer for their actions.

90 Day Fiance star Olga has not mentioned this terrible family secret on the TLC show but all the facts align to her history.

90 Day Fiance: Olga mother murder

Olga Lost Her Sister and Parents in One Awful Night

Sergei and Elena tortured their daughter, forcing five liters of what they claimed was holy water down her throat. They next disemboweled her. Olga’s mother pulled out Alexandra’s intestines with her hands. Then the disturbed pair stomped on their daughter until she died. It’s no wonder that 90 Day Fiance Olga seems so haunted.

Olga Koshimbetova’s mother said at her trial that she “did not kill her” daughter but said, “what I did, I did to her body”. After murdering their daughter, they wrapped her body in a blanket and told family members that she would resurrect in three days like Jesus. Olga was the one to call the police – who were stunned by what they found.

Sentenced to Psychiatric Institute for Ritual Murder

One of the reporting EMTs, Irina Semirod, said that the killers laid their daughter’s body in a crucifix position. Olga’s parents were taken to the Serbsky Institute, a psychiatric hospital in Moscow. Investigators said the killers were mentally ill, yet both stood trial. The court sentenced them to a high-security mental hospital.

After the trial, when she was ordered to the psychiatric facility, Olga’s mother Elena said, “I feel fine”. Then she asked, “How can they send me to a madhouse?” At the time of the terrible crime, Olga Koshimbetova’s sister was 25. Olga was just 13. Olga reportedly hid Alexandra’s baby and three-year-old in another room while the crime occurred.

90 Day Fiance: Facts of the Crime Align With Olga’s History

The timeline and key facts align to Olga Koshimbetova’s known family information. First, the crime took place in the city, Voronezh, where the 90 Day Fiance star grew up. Second, the male perpetrator’s name is Sergei Koshimbetov. In Russia, an “a” is added to the last name of a father when a female child is born. So, Koshimbetova indicates a girl born to a man with the last name Koshimbetov. That matches Olga’s last name.

Third, is that Olga was born in 1997. Sergei and Elena killed Alexandra in 2011. Their younger daughter was 13 at the time. The ages match. Fourth, Olga spent time in an orphanage. If your parents are locked in an asylum, that is where you would wind up.

Last, Olga and Steven Frend gave their son the middle name Alexandr, the masculine version of the name Alexandra, the murder victim’s name. It seems that Olga named her new baby boy after her sister that she lost so tragically. This is a terribly sad history for the 90 Day Fiance star that has no doubt left her scarred for life.

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