90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Eric’s Daughter Has Dirty Plan to Sabotage Leida And Her Dad? – TLC Video

90 Day Fiance spoilers for Sunday’s episode reveal Eric Rosenbrook’s daughter has a dirty plan awaiting him and Leida Margaretha back in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Was Tasha Rosenbrook’s filthy scheme to punish her dad, try and ruin his new relationship, or just a disgruntled “child” playing a prank on her future step-mother? Watch the TLC video below and you decide.

Eric Rosenbrook’s Angry Daughter Tasha

After a week on the road where they checked out NYC and Philadelphia, Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha are home. Eric brought Leida and her son Allessandro to Baraboo but it wasn’t what she was expecting. He was already worried about his tiny two-bedroom apartment failing to impress his Indonesian fiancee, and then this happened.

In Season 6 Episode 1 of 90 Day Fiance, Eric revealed he was roommates with his middle daughter Tasha Rosenbrook. They share a two-bedroom apartment and split all the expenses. He told Tasha on the season opener that she had to move out because Leida and her young son would be moving in and there was no room for her anymore. She was not happy.

Leida Margaretha Disgusted by Eric’s Apartment

Leida has demonstrated an overreaction to many things since landing in America. This time around most would agree her disgust over the mess in Eric’s apartment isn’t overkill. If Eric’s daughter deliberately wanted to send an un-welcoming statement to Leida – she succeeded.

Eric told Leida that he asked Tasha to straighten up because he was bringing her home for the first time. But from the looks of things, she did the polar opposite.

The garbage is overflowing to the floor. There’s not an empty space on the table or kitchen counter that isn’t littered with dirty dishes. Not to mention there are even more dirty dishes in the kitchen sink and on the stove top as well.

90 Day Fiance Couple Can Look at Brightside – At Least There’s Toliet Paper

In the video, Leida picks up a filthy coffee cup that’s perched next to a partly consumed bottle of Coke.  Even a heaping basket of laundry was in dire need of attention while the mail discarded on top of the toaster looked like a fire waiting to happen.

As Leida eyes the apartment, which looks like it’s in various stages of decay due to the mess, her face says it all. Then there’s a roll of toilet paper plopped in the middle of this disaster. That seems to carry a message all on its own.

You can see some of the mess his daughter left in the slideshow below.

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Eric Rosenbrook Not Surprised But Leida is Mortified

Eric turns to Leida and says, I “leave home for one week and this is what happens to the place.” Leida knows what she sees and doesn’t sugarcoat it a bit. She replies: “It’s such a mess.” While not having any other excuse for the shambles they walked in on, Eric offers up: “Yeah, well that’s Tasha – I told her to clean up knowing that you’re coming.”

Leida describes the mess once again for her future husband by saying: “It’s not even clean – so she left like this.?” She then spews off a detailed list of what she sees. Eric lets Leida know this is not what he expected. He also says: “Yes, I know. I’m not happy about that.”

Describing the mess wasn’t enough for Leida. Next, she defines her mood for Eric while opening up the fridge, ” I am pissed already,” she chirps, which is followed by a big groan.

Eric talks to the camera and claims that she’ll have to get used to things that upset her. He also hopes she processes the apartment. From the sound of their conversation, it looks like she already did.

The bathroom elicits another groan of disgust from Leida: “It looks like there’s something bloody in the overflowing trash can,” says Eric’s future bride. In his defense, Eric yells out: ‘It was clean when I left.”

Leida Margaretha Lets Eric Know – It’s Not Clean Now

Leida seems to think the apartment looks like this to rattle her. She tells Eric, “I think Tasha left this mess in this place on purpose.” She adds that she thinks Tasha wanted to make her feel less excited about her new home.

Leida reveals yet another bit of disappointment as she eyes the bedroom. Even the sleeping arrangements weren’t suitable. She takes a look at the single bed and freaks out. Leida then wants to know if that small bed is for her to sleep in alone.

90 Day Fiance Couple – Too Close For Comfort?

Eric tells her the bed will work for the time being, but Leida insists there’s no room. She puts her foot down saying, “we cannot share a bed.” Eric insists that they will share the bed until they get another bigger bed.

As far as Leida’s concerned, one of them sleeps in the living room and the other gets the bed. The very disappointed Leida also tells her future groom that he’s done nothing to prepare for her and Allessandro.

Eric Rosenbrook Lets Leida Margaretha Down?

“I feel like Eric lied to me the whole time,” she said to the camera. It looks like Leida got a rude welcome to her new home, Was this done on purpose?

Did Eric’s daughter leave a big mess to embarrass her dad and to punish him for making her move out to make room for Leida? Or was Tasha hoping to get Leida to dump her father?

If so that seems terrible, but also understandable. A new woman in her dad’s life that also has a child he plans to adopt could spawn jealousy. Not to mention Tasha had to vacate to make room for these strangers.

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