’90 Day Fiance’: Tasha Wants Leida Deported – Stepmother Taunts Her Online

90 Day Fiance star Tasha Rosenbrook shares her “step-monster” story about Leida Margaretha as the two engage in an Instagram war of words. After Eric Rosenbrook‘s new wife allegedly taunted his 19-year-old daughter to no end, Tasha is threatening a move that could get Leida deported. It’s a bitter case of she-said-she-said that shows no signs of slowing.

90 Day Fiance – Tasha Rosenbrook vs Leida Margaretha

Eric Rosenbrook moved his fiance and her five-year-old son, Allessandro, into a two-bedroom apartment that he shared with his daughter. His fiance wanted Tasha evicted as soon as she saw the mess, which Eric blamed on his daughter. All this went down on the TLC show.

What the fans got to see on 90 Day Fiance was minor in comparison to what is going on today with Leida and Tasha. Eric Rosenboork’s now wife Leida is allegedly gunning for his daughter. But it looks like she may have underestimated her new stepdaughter.

Tasha Eyes Deportation for Leida Margaretha

While Eric Rosenbrook might be blinded by love of Leida, Tasha is not. She refers to her dad’s new wife as “step-monster”. She makes it clear she cannot stand her and said in a recent video, she wants her father’s new wife to “go back to Indonesia”. It looks like she relishes the possibility of Leida being deported on one of her recent social streams.

Eric’s daughter threatens to get the ball rolling on deportation by turning Leida into the police for harassment. If what Tasha says is true, Leida Margaretha has done some awful things to her new stepdaughter. This includes recent behavior by Leida which happened after 90 Day Fiance episodes filmed.

Eric Rosenbrook a Push Over?

Tasha Rosenbrook was on the lease for the apartment when Eric’s then fiancee ordered her out on 90 Days Fiance. The teen needed some time to find a new place, which eventually she did. She says she moved into a trailer with her boyfriend. But before she moved out, she claims that her new step mother made her life at home unbearable.

While still living in the apartment, Tasha came down with mono (mononucleosis). Leida allegedly took Tasha’s futon mattress (perhaps for her son to sleep on), which left Tasha on the floor, according to the teenager. Once Leida Margaretha got her wish and Eric’s daughter vacated the premises, she continued harassing her, reports Tasha.

90 Day Fiance: Tasha Rosenbrook

Leida Trashes Tasha’s Room?

According to Tasha, her dad Eric Rosenbrook stood by while his wife targeted her. She says, Eric even participated in the mattress removal. The TLC’s 90 Day Fiance episode showed her bedroom a mess. While Tasha doesn’t deny the messy room, she claims Leida Margaretha made it worse.

According to Tasha, her stepmother went through her things in the bedroom. She says Leida threw her stuff all over the place, which made the mess much worse. Given the gaps in filming and how orchestrated things are with the TLC show, she likely had time to go through the place before the cameras rolled.

Tasha Rosenbrook Medical Information Posted Online?

You can see in the video above that Tasha Rosenrbook says a friend called urging her to get on Facebook immediately to see something Leida did. Eric’s daughter says she found that her private medical information was posted online. She claims if Leida doesn’t stop this campaign to taunt and harass her, she will press charges.

In one of the video streams by Tasha Rosenbrook, she said, “I’m done”. She also said she refuses to play these games with Leida Margaretha anymore. She said, “I don’t give a damn if he’s my father”. Tasha then said if the harassment doesn’t stop, she will be going to the police to press charges. She then said that since Leida’s here on a visa, she could be deported.

90 Day Fiance Leida’s Instagram Suspended

Leida Margaretha’s Instagram account was recently suspended for violating the guidelines after the social site received several complaints from 90 Day Fiance fans. While it’s only temporary, it seems to show that she has a tough time following the rules. As of today, she has her account back.

Fans of 90 Day Fiance left comments on Tasha’s recent video posts. They’re addressing the allegations about Leida. A couple of fans pointed out how her dream was to become a doctor in the US, which they were having a tough time imagining now. Most fans seem to be siding with Tasha over Eric and Leida Margaretha.

The bitter battle between stepmother and daughter, with Eric Rosenbrook taking sides, shows little signs of coming to an end! Watch the TLC show Sunday nights to see more drama unfold onscreen.

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