’90 Day Fiance’: Leida vs. Tasha – Who’s Playing Who As Claws Emerge?

90 Day Fiance family trouble explodes when Leida Margaretha and Tasha Rosenbrook are in the same room together. When screaming matches unfold, Eric Rosenbrook has a tendency to sit on the fence. Eric’s silence seems to push Tasha and Leida into these epic battles seen on the show.

90 Day Fiance – Tasha Rosenbrook versus Leida Margaretha

On a recent episode of the TLC show, the words “psychotic b***h” rang through the small rooms of Eric’s apartment. A recently aired fight between Tasha Rosenbrook and his bride seemed to leae Eric surprised that the women in his life were attacking each other. Some fans believe Leida Margaretha has an inflated sense of importance.

Certainly, Leida wanted what was promised, and some viewers see this. With that said, a lot of 90 Day Fiance fans online believe it was Eric Rosenbrook that concocted a recipe for disaster. He seemingly did this by bringing Leida Margaretha to the states without making appropriate arrangments for his new blended family.

Leida Wants Tasha Gone – Mission Accomplished

While Eric continued to say Tasha Rosenbrook would exit, his daughter refused as seen on a recent 90 Day Fiance. Meanwhile, Leida Margaretha fights with Eric over his child support. As the episodes roll out, it seems Leida’s popularity dips online, as evidenced by fan comments deriding her attitude.

Leida and Eric both said there got death threats from fans upset at what they see as unfair treatment of Tasha Rosenbrook. One thing is confirmed. Tasha is out of their home now. A quick glimpse at Leida’s Insta Stories shows she and Eric live with her son Allessandro. Tasha is now nowhere on the premises.

What’s Up with Tasha?

As the battle between stepmother and stepdaughter amps up, fans learned on a recent show that Tasha doesn’t spend that much time at the apartment. She lived with her boyfriend most of the time, at the time of filming, her dad said. Eric claimed his kid was keeping stuff there just to drag her feet on moving and aggravate her now-stepmother.

Tasha’s fanbase might be bigger than her father or his wife’s right now based on comments on social media. 90 Day Fiance fans, on the whole, seem to be more Team Tasha than Team Leida (with Team Eric somewhere in the middle). However, it’s important to note what we see on TLC now was filmed months ago and the reality of the situation today is not as it is on air.

Eric Rosenbrook Bends For Leida

It looks like Leida succeeded in getting his daughter out of the house by giving Eric an ultimatum. As seen on 90 Day Fiance on TLC, Leida said she’d leave if he didn’t get his daughter out of their apartment. It looked like Eric picked Leida over Tasha. But if she was no longer at the apartment much anymore, why was she digging in her heels to stay?

Does Tasha enjoy this arguing with her or was this her way of punishing her father? While Leida didn’t waste a minute speaking up, she only said what most people would think in that situation. The apartment was a disaster and while Tasha said she didn’t do it on purpose, she also made it clear that she didn’t care what her stepmom thought.

Where’s Eric’s Blame in this 90 Day Fiance Mess?

While it’s understandable how some 90 Day Fiance could criticize Leida Margaretha, does Eric Rosenbrook deserve a second look? He has a big part in all of this. After all, he didn’t seem to make room (literally) in his living space for his wife and stepson. So while Leida might look like a tyrant, maybe there’s enough blame to spread around.

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