90 Day Fiance: Leida Suspended From Instagram – Eric Shames Daughter Online

90 Day Fiance star Leida Margaretha was booted from Instagram yesterday. Before the ban, she and Eric Rosenbrook posted a profanity-laced tirade about death threats. The couple continues to get criticism online and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. TLC fan accounts on IG claimed responsibility for reporting Leida Margaretha and getting her banned. Tasha Rosebrook piled on and the drama keeps coming.

90 Day Fiance: Leida Margaretha Booted Off Instagram

Looks like Leida Margaretha’s social media reign is over — at least for the moment. Instagram suspended the 29-year-old mother of one after reportedly violating the platform’s guidelines. The 90 Day Fiance star actively shares her thoughts on Instagram often with rants and clap backs against online haters.

The photo and video-sharing site immediately took action after receiving reports from several users who said they were offended by the reality star’s IG activities. Instagram found the reports convincing enough to take down the account. This is interesting since Leida often uses the account to complain she’s the victim of inappropriate posts.


Instagram Shuts Down Leida

Instagram shuttered Leida’s account reported 90 Day Fiance snark account 90DayFianceSavageEdition. The account is known for hilarious memes and criticism of the TLC show but the account owner said: “This was sent to me. I’ve never reported her account.”

SavageEdition added: “But she had called for mine to be reported. Even went as far as individually messaging people to do so. I really think she could use the break.”

Now, when you search for Leida Margaretha on IG under _aicohen, you see the message that it was removed for “violating Community Guidelines” and thanked those that reported it. Leida’s critics online are celebrating her disappearance from Instagram, but this might not last. Eric Rosenbrook’s account is still active.

Haters Pile On – Eric Rosenbrook Daughter Tasha Joins In

90 Day Fiance commenters on Instagram have been brutal. One said Leida’s removal was long overdue. Another one admitted that she was one of many who reported Leida’s account. The 90 Day Fiance personality is famous for her heated social media posts.

A fan asked Tasha how she felt about Leida’s IG ban. Tasha replied, “I can’t stop laughing about it.” Eric Rosenbrook aired his daughter’s snarky reply and then went off on her, reiterating that his now-wife Leida Margaretha was defending herself and her son.


Eric Rosenbrook Picks Leida Over Daughter Tasha Rosenbrook?

In his reply, the 90 Day Fiance Marine and new step-dad to Allessandro confronted his daughter. He said: “…you are fueling with your lies” the people making death threats against his wife and stepson. He added that he doesn’t “care how much you may never like Leida, but how can you even condone that kind of behavior?”

Then Eric slammed his daughter. “You were never raised to be this way”. Tasha posted the above criticism, seemingly unrepentant even after the chastising. It’s about Leida Margaretha kicking her out of the apartment they all share on the 90 Day Fiance episode.

90 Day Fiance: Father-Daughter Relationship Tarnished

Amid Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha’s online controversies, Tasha is not holding back in expressing her feelings. In a post, she admitted that she is currently not in good terms with her father and new step-mother. In a case of he-said-she-said, Eric says he took Tasha in because she needed a place to live and gave her lots of notice to move out.

However, Tasha claims she was the one who asked her dad to move in with her saying he was “homeless” for almost two years. She says this prompted her to take action. She adds that she wasn’t “floating between jobs” as her dad Eric Rosenbrook said. Tasha lists herself on Instagram as a 90 Day Fiance cast member.

It remains unclear whether Leida can still recover her page or if it’ll remain suspended for good.

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