90 Day Fiance: Eric Defends Leida’s Nasty Comments About Youngest Daughter Jennica

90 Day Fiance Leida Margaretha and Eric Rosenbrook face scathing criticism as fans are taking his wife to task over how she treats Jennica Rosenbrook, Eric’s youngest. The pair says they quit the TLC show over death threats. Plus there’s an ongoing feud with his daughter Tasha. Now he’s addressing comments Leida recently made, defending her from critics over how she treats Jennica.

90 Day Fiance: Eric Rosenbrook Defends Leida

A 90 Day Fiance fan asked Eric to weigh in on what his wife said about his daughter Jennica Rosenbrook. According to his middle daughter Tasha Rosenbrook, stepmom Leida forces Jennica to shower as soon as she gets to their apartment to “wash your mother off of you.”

He defended his wife, saying that her comments were “taken out of context”. Eric claims that it’s not the smell of his ex-wife, but “the smell of her house”. His new wife doesn’t exactly get along with Eric’s ex-wife Tania Rosenbrook. What could that mean? He explained in more detail.

Eric Says Ex-Wife Lives in Nasty House

According to the Baraboo Marine, his ex-wife’s home “is nasty” because she keeps chickens, rabbits, and dogs inside. He calls Jennica the “stinky kid in school” and says that “children can be cruel”. It reads like he’s not happy with her hygiene and blames it on his ex.

With all the she-said-he-said-she-said going around, it’s hard to know the truth. Eric sided with his new wife on 90 Day Fiance. He may be doing that again here. Or it could be as he said and the house smells. Perhaps Leida has allergies. Or perhaps she’s being an evil step-mother. Depends on who you believe.

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Leida Margaretha in Charge on 90 Day Fiance?

Eric goes on to defend his wife’s comments further. A 90 Day Fiance fan asked on Instagram whether or not Leida told his daughter that she would get cancer from a mole. This is another accusation that came from Tasha.

According to Eric, she said the mole “could become cancerous” and portrayed it as a concern, not a scare tactic. Leida has shown that she cares about herself and her son Allesandro. But what about Jennica Rosenbrook?

90 Day Fiance fans may never know her exact motive. But he seems determined to put a positive spin on things. However, fans remain critical of Leida’s treatment of Tasha Rosenbrook. As of now, Tasha is out of the house, but the bitter battle rages on. And Jennica seems to be caught in the middle.


Can Leida and Eric Quit 90 Day Fiance?

It will be interesting to see how TLC and the 90 Day Fiance production company handle the fact that Leida and Eric say they’re quitting. But they may not be able to unload their contractual obligations so easily, no matter what they said.

According to Anfisa Nava, Sharp Entertainment sent her a letter saying that her 90 Day Fiance contract was renewed – although she says she never signed or consented. Could Sharp Entertainment do the same thing to Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha?

See what happens with the war of the Rosenbrooks with Leida, Eric, and Jennica this Sunday at 8 PM only on TLC.

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