90 Day Fiance: Larissa Shares Video – Colt Trashed House After Fight

90 Day Fiance star Larissa Christina just shared in Insta Story accusing Colt Johnson of trashing their house. The pair married back in June and things seemed good between them judging by posts on their social media accounts. They have been traveling, dining out, and looking happy. Larissa even got a cat of her own and decored their home. But now she says Colt fans need to know who he is.

A new promo for Sunday’s 90 Day Fiance episode has Larissa and Colt’s mom Debbie Johnson arguing over a sofa purchase, But this real-time incident seems much worse than what’s on the TLC reality show.

90 Day Fiance – Colt Johnson Trashes House – Larissa Upset

You can watch the video just posted by 90 Day Fiance‘s Larissa Christina of her showing the living room and kitchen and the mess she says he made. She says in the video (see below) that she’s showing it so people can see who Colt is. Larissa said he brought her flowers but then showed they were thrown to the floor.

In the foyer of their home, you see a storage rack’s contents are strewn all over. One of the cats sits behind the shelf. She said, “I was cleaning. Look at what he did in the house.” An obviously upset Larissa said, “it’s ridiculous”. She said he doesn’t do anything around the house and “doesn’t have respect” for her.


Larissa Christina Says She “Can’t Lie or Pretend” Anymore

Larissa said “it’s true” then said, “Colt fans, look now who he is”. Then a very tearful Larissa posted a follow-up video saying she wants people to understand. She recently took her Instagram private and many 90 Day Fiance fans were wondering why she did. Larissa says her husband Colt doesn’t want her posting “anything about him”.

She is near tears and says, “I can’t lie and I can’t pretend anymore”. Larissa says (see video below) that women are messaging Colt all the time hitting on him. She goes on to say that Colt wants her to say everything is going fine between them that the women will stop and leave him alone. 90 Day Fiance‘s Colt Johnson joked recently on social media about being a serial killer, but this video his wife posted is no joke.


90 Day Fiance Larissa “I want to cry… I feel like sh*t”

She called him extremely selfish. Then, in the multi-part video, the 90 Day Fiance star says, “This is the truth – I can’t keep lying, lying, lying. I’m tired of this game.” She said she wants to cry and feels “like sh-t”. There is something going on behind closed doors and the pair is obviously not as happy as their social media profiles would indicate.

On Colt’s Instagram, there are tons of photos of them out to dinner and sightseeing. Until recently, Larissa Christina was publishing on her Instagram with happy videos of her new cat and answering fan questions. But then today it seems, everything blew up. Colt finally brought her flowers but then wrecked the house knocking things over, if what Larissa alleges is true.

Whatever happened, Colt’s 90 Day Fiance from Brazil seems genuinely upset. She’s upset and crying in the clip. Larissa said it was Colt that made her take her Instagram private then trashed the house because he doesn’t respect her. Since 90 Day Fiance filming is long done, none of this will be on the show, as these sad events are happening in real time. Are Colt and Larissa done?

Soap Dirt will keep our readers updated as events continue to unfold.

UPDATE: Larissa begs for help and claims Colt shut off her phone. The police were called. Read more about what happened.

NEW UPDATE: In a strange turn of event, Larissa was just arrested. Check out the latest here.

LATEST UPDATE: A TLC source contacted Soap Dirt and informed us this is her 2nd arrest. Check out the details of Larissa’s earlier arrest.

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