90 Day Fiance: Larissa Christina Begs for Help – Colt Johnson Calls Cops, Shuts Off Her Phone

90 Day Fiance news of Larissa Christina and Colt Johnson is stranger by the minute. The Brazilian posted a series of strange videos to her now-private Instagram today showing an alleged incident at their home. Then Larissa Christina posted a tearful video saying she won’t lie for Colt anymore and his fans should know how he really is. Then things got scary and the 90 Day Fiance star begged for help.

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Christina Changes Instagram Name to Cry for Help

On Saturday, November 10, after a series of tearful videos revealing that her marriage to Colt Johnson is in bad shape, Larissa Christina begged fans for help. She changed her Instagram account name to “helpmeimwithouthphone”. She also put in the social media account description “HELP ME” in bold and all caps.

Below that she added her phone number and wrote “HE TURNED OFF” and said her husband Colt Johnson hid her phone then wrote again “HELP ME” and added “HE WANTS TO CALL THE POLICE HELP ME”. This is a literal cry for help. She wrote “help me” four times on her Instagram intro and most people can’t see what’s going on inside the page since she took it private and now her phone is gone.

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Christina- Colt Johnson


Colt Johnson Takes Wife’s Phone – Cuts off Service?

90 Day Fiance‘s Larissa Christina gave out her phone number but when you dial it, it says that the number has been changed or disconnected. Did Colt Johnson shut down the service? According to the robo-message from Verizon, the number is out of commission. Reality show vlogger John Yates posted Larissa Christina’s videos so that fans would know about the crisis at her home. He also posted updates – see the slideshow below.

Larissa Christina wrote that Colt turned off the WiFi and deactivated her data. She wrote “Im hidden at bathroom”. Colt was creating a situation “to call the police”, Larissa said. She then gave out Colt’s phone number. She asked people to call and tell him to give her phone back and said “I cant leave the room”. Dialing Colt’s number results in ringing, no answer, and then voicemail.


Larissa Begs for Help – Says Colt Calling Cops on Her – Ashley Martson Offers Aid

A few minutes later, Larissa Christina made a post asking for help again and said he wants to call the police. 90 Day Fiance Ashley Martson jumped into the fray with an offer to help. Ashley said: “When police come get in contact with me. I’ll fly you here for now if you’re unsafe”. It could be that Larissa ends the day on a flight to Mechanicsburg, PA to take refuge with fellow TLC cast member Ashley.

See the first controversial video above and the slideshow above with photos of the alleged trigger incident and what Larissa Christina said on social media asking for help. A source at TLC confirmed to Soap Dirt, on the condition of anonymity that the phone number Larissa Christina put up is her real number.

Jesse Meester from 90 Day Fiance also chimed in offering to help by getting her a flight home to Brazil or a hotel room.

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Colt Johnson and Larissa Christina in Crisis – 90 Day Fiance Fiasco

News is still emerging about the90 Day Fiance  situation in Las Vegas between Colt and Larissa. Since Larissa and Colt married in June, her immigration status should not be at risk over this incident. But there are two sides to this story and it’s not clear what really happened. A few hours ago, Colt Johnson was posting live Insta stories answering fan questions.

He showed a nearly-empty bottle of Jack Daniels. Was he drinking? It wasn’t long after that when Larissa’s scary social posts began. He seemed calm in his posts. Colt joked about taking Larissa to Wal Mart as one of their favorite things to do.  The latest updates says that the police are on their way to Larissa and Colt’s house in Vegas to sort this out.

Soap Dirt will keep our readers updated as events continue to unfold.

UPDATE: Larissa has been arrested. It’s been confirmed and you can read more here on Soap Dirt.

LATEST UPDATE: This is Larissa’s 2nd arrest for domestic battery. See more about Colt’s wife arrest the first time. TLC cameras caught all the action.

Check back to Soap Dirt often for updates on this tense situation and the latest 90 Day Fiance spoilers and news.