’90 Day Fiance’ Angela Deem Goes Commando While Saying Yes To The Dress [Recap]

On this 90 Day Fiance recap, Angela Deem goes wedding dress shopping commando ahead of word on Michael Ilesanmi‘s visa approval. Anna Campisi has a bachelorette night out that ends with her doubting Mursel Mistanoglu. Natalie melts down after taking Michael to church. Sasha Larin and Emily McCue Larina arrive in America and hit the gym.

Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio clash over a prenup. And Robert teases Annie with an apartment he knows he can’t offer. Grab some eggnog (spiked of course) and let’s slog through the mess of 90 Day Fiance Season 7 Episode 7 “The Truth Shall Set You Free”. The show airs Sunday nights at 8 PM on TLC.

90 Day Fiance Recap: Michael’s Fiance Angela Deem Shops For Her Wedding Dress Commando

Our 90 Day Fiance recap begins with Angela Deem having a houseful, and that’s an understatement. Angela shares her home with her elderly Mother and her 6 grandkids. Daughter Skyla doesn’t live there but according to Ang might as well. Angela is laying down some ground rules for when her fiance Michael Ilesanmi comes to join the party. First of all no more sleeping with mee maw since papa Michael will be sharing her bed.

On 90 Day Fiance the kids aren’t happy about that and one even says he’ll push him off the bed. Angela also goes so far as to tell Skyla that she too will have to listen to Michael as he will be her new stepfather. Skyla is having none of this and Angela’s mom agrees. Angela Deem is still waiting for Michael to be approved for the K-1 visa. She’s pretty sure that he will. Skyla thinks that Michael Ilesanmi is scamming her mama to get to the USA.

Nevertheless, on 90 Day Fiance Skyla accompanies her to a dress shop. Like most things in her life, Angie wants to go all out. Literally. As she shouts out to the staff on her way to the dressing room that she never wears underwear. She finds a dress she loves and even Skyla agrees Mama looks pretty and happy. The dress will need a little fixin’ around the bust. Enough to support the girls properly but leave enough room for her phone, cigs and a box of Kleenex. Oh well, one source says that Michael Ilesanmi’s visa was denied.

Anna Campisi Drinks And Says Mursel Doesn’t Like To Go Downtown

On 90 Day Fiance Anna Campisi is getting a much-needed bachelorette/girls night out. Since her Turkish fiance Mursel Mistanoglu arrived in Nebraska, she’s needed a shot, or 10. It seems Mursel still wants to keep her three sons a secret. And he won’t kiss her if she drinks. He also doesn’t like to perform a certain act south of the border in bed. Which Anna says is fine by her since she thinks it’s gross.

If that was already TMI, Anna’s friends ply her with liquor to find out more. Her friends look like TLC rounded up some women from a nearby mall. They range from a tatted up girl in tank top to an assistant manager at Talbots who is on break. On 90 Day Fiance Anna admits that Mursel even pees on the seat and she has to clean it up. But he does give her permission to drink once a week. By the end of the “party” Anna is a crying mess among a bunch of catty women and fruity drinks.

Anna Says Takes Bait From Friends and Confronts Mursel Mistanoglu

Anna confronts Mursel on 90 Day Fiance. She gives him an ultimatum via the translator app. Tell your family about my kids or the wedding is off. Mursel who always looks confused just says” big problem”. But he won’t tell his folks because they will disown him and never see him again.

Anna says he’s selfish. She wants Mursel to never see or hear from his family again so that people she doesn’t know will know she has kids. In a messed up way, Anna may actually be the selfish one.

Mursel says he’s the only one that’s made sacrifices. No. Oh no Mursel. This lady cleans up your p*ss, gave up drinking and is a single mom to 3 boys. Her middle name is sacrifice.

Michael Jessen’s Wealth Makes Juliana Feels Like a Loser on 90 Day Fiance

Speaking of not having a clue, Juliana Custodio has all of a sudden channeled her inner Fernanda Flores after realizing life isn’t always sweet as a sugar baby. Even when you are an “international mawdel”. After Micheal’s ex Sarah Jessen delightfully stirred up a sh*t stew about prenups, Michael Jessen whisks Juliana to a mediator in one of his mid-life crisis 2-door roadsters.

Juliana wants to know more about  what she calls the perineum. But unfortunately for Michael she really means the prenup.

On 90 Day Fiance Michael Jessen thinks he’s got the discussion under control. He puffs up his chest and says he’s self-employed. And will be keeping his assets separate. Ya think? The last time he let Juliana use a credit card she bought a car with it.

The mediator has some questions for Jules. Michael tries to answer for her and the mediator shuts him down. She explains that Juliana must be protected too. And Juliana admits he’s kicked her to the curb before. And so she wants to be independent as she let’s Michael Jessen pay for everything.

While entertaining, Michael’s wife Sarah has to spoil everyone’s suspension of disbelief that the show is real. She goes online (in real life) and busts out TLC for making them fake the whole prenup storyline. Check that our here.

Juliana says that when Michael and Sarah talk all she hears is blah blah blah. She nibbles a pouch of peanut butter and vows she will no longer be a fool. She will not depend on any mans. Michael Jessen reminds her that if it wasn’t for him she’d be trapped back in Brazil like her sister. Based on the mutual ego and illusion here these two just might make it.

Natalie Melts Down After Failing to Convert Michael

On 90 Day Fiance, Natalie takes Michael to church. She wants to introduce him to God. As if the big man himself awaits with a handshake and a couple of cigars. They get into Natalie’s car and it’s obvious that Natalie can’t drive.After a Mister Toad’s wild ride at the hands of Natalie behind the wheel, Michael is surprised he didn’t already meet the lord.

Natalie is all starry-eyed about saving Michael’s soul. However, he doesn’t believe in any God, But stands by his beliefs in ancient aliens.

Nat wants him to be baptized. She fears that people who don’t believe in God can lie, cheat and betray. He tells her he can’t do what isn’t in his heart. And that not believing won’t make him do any of those things. After pointing out that her ex did believe in a God she says she’s kidding herself and runs off to cry. Michael is a little perplexed. Suddenly his hot Ukrainian girl is coming off a little shrew and judgemental. Maybe these two should’ve had the God/Alien talk sooner?

On 90 Day Fiance Natalie has gone from bubbly blue-eyed blonde to angry ice queen. She makes tea for her mother. Michael bounds down in his plaid jammie pants with bed head and wants to know what’s up. Natalie’s mom starts babbling about babies. He just wants some over easy eggs and a translation but Natalie’s having none of it. He chase her as she runs off with mom still talking about grand babies. Natalie says she cannot. Frankly my dear with you two neither can we.

Sasha Just Wants To Get Pumped on 90 Day Fiance

Sasha Larin and wife Emily McCue Larina and baby David (who’s more suited to the name Goliath) arrive in Chicago. Emily’s joyless sister is there with her mom to pick them up. Sis is quick to tell producers that she doesn’t care for Sasha. Maybe she took lessons from Elizabeth’s Potthast’s siblings on greeting your sister’s foreign boyfriend. Finally the family of 3 arrive. Emily’s mom and sister are gaga over baby David. This makes Sasha a bit jealous but he gets it.

On 90 Day Fiance Emily’s sister provides cold cereal for breakfast. Sasha disses the frosty wheat squares as unhealthy. Sasha wants to go to the gym ASAP. And thinks it’s time wife Emily hit the weights too before they do anything fun. Emily agrees to go to the gym which annoys her sister. In a juicy development the chemistry is real between Emily’s mom and Sasha. He says he can see that mama’s not eating those sugary squares for breakfast as he winks and eyes her up.

Once at the gym Sasha spouts about looking his best so he will be America’s most sought after trainer and fitness model after just a few more gym seshes while Em’s family takes care of the baby. Emily whines about having to get in shape so Sasha won’t hit on the next gym bunny he sees. But she has an easier plan in mind. Get Sasha addicted to sweets and make him a doughy Mr. Mom so she can feel good again.

Robert Springs Teases Anny With a Snazzy Two Bedroom Crib

On 90 Day Fiance, we see a grainy image of Robert Springs, Anny and Bryson sleeping in the same bed. Bryson is in the middle spinning like a hamster on a wheel. Anny isn’t happy about him sharing their bed. He’s putting a damper on her getting nakey with her man. Robert is used to being pummeled in his sleep but agrees they need a change. He gets an appointment with a realtor to check out a two bedroom.

Anny is smitten with the new digs. She imagines drinking coffee on the cute patio with a lake view. And sleeping in a big room in a big bed without having to untangle a child’s foot out of her hair in the morning. But Robert Springs waits till the end of the tour to reveal he’s already signed a lease for another year on the existing apartment. As if the thrift shop wasn’t bad enough .Anny goes off on what a lying cheapo Robert is.

On 90 Day Fiance the realtor feels awkward. But admits she can relate to Anny’s frustration. She says that Spanish ladies are feisty. And if you promise them things you need to deliver. Robert disses her attitude and blames her wanting a “bucu-bougie” wedding as part of their problem. And so as another week’s episode comes to a close, Anny whines and goes home to the one bedroom apartment. Be sure to catch 90 Day Fiance Sunday nights on TLC at 8:00 PM.

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