’90 Day Fiance’: Anny Is Not Happy with Robert’s Thrift Store Surprise -“What Am I Worth to You” [Recap]

On this week’s 90 Day Fiance recap Anny came to America hoping Robert would spring for some designer duds, but ended up in the second-hand store instead. Emily McCue Larina, and Sasha welcome a baby boy after an emergency C-section. Juliana Custodio gets her visa approved and arrives in America to a tawdry question by Michael Jessen. We meet newbies Natalie and Mike. Mursel Mistanoglu continues to struggle with Anna Campisi‘s boys. And Syngin Colchester feels like a pawn in Tania Maduro‘s game of one sided chess. Let’s break down the crazy in this 90 Day Fiance recap of Season 7 episode 3 “What Am I Worth To You?”. The show airs Sunday nights at 8 pm on TLC.

90 Day Fiance Recap: Robert Takes Anny To Pop Some Tags at the Thrift Shop

This 90 Day Fiance recap begins with Robert and Anny finally got to get busy in the living room after Bryson fell asleep. Now Anny’s ready for the ride share driver to shower her with swag. He agrees to take her shopping. While visions of Prada and Gucci dance in her head. Robert has other ideas. Like the second-hand shop. Anny seems a little confused by the racks full of hand me downs. Things didn’t end up like the Macklemore song. Robert suggests some items. But the Dominican diva calls them “ugly rags”.

On 90 Day Fiance it’s not until the clerk approaches them that she realizes Robert’s taken her to a thrift store. Anny is indignant and says she is used to elegant clothes. Her current look of exposed black bra and tacky jump suit surely proves her commitment to haute couture. She storms out and reminds Robert that he promised her an iPhone and designer duds. Robert calls her selfish and reminds her that money doesn’t grow on trees. And definitely doesn’t fall outta his ass.

Robert’s Not Happy With Anny’s Gold Digger Attitude

On 90 Day Fiance Robert and Anny send Bryson off with a sitter so they can have a dinner date. Robert is hurt by Anny’s “I’m all that” attitude. She reminds him she needs money. And he promised her things. She tells him she’s used to looking elegant. As she busts out of a royal blue pleather dress. Robert further indulges Anna’s caviar taste by taking her to a restaurant with menus that can be wiped off. And orders smoked fish dip with a basket of tri-color tortilla chips.

The couple argue about their wedding on 90 Day Fiance. He wants courthouse and Golden Corral. She wants Miami and a catered dinner. Robert says people aren’t going to be eating and drinking on his dime. Including her. Anny demands to leave. Robert tells her she’s a big a*s cry baby and she can sleep on the couch. He saves face by giving her the lingerie he bought her. And she models it before hopping into bed with him. Surprisingly, Anny doesn’t ask Robert if her lingerie is used.

Meet New Couple Mike And Natalie on 90 Day Fiance

In this 90 Day Fiance recap, we finally meet Mike and learn about Natalie. Mike is a farmer in the small town of Sequim, Washington. Mike rightly describes himself as tall, loud and proud. He lives with his dentally challenged Uncle Beau who helps him out. The guys enjoy working and kicking back with some beers in what he calls a “bachelor pad life”. Mike has quite a bit of credit card debt that he’s trying to get under control. Mike was married briefly before. His wife left him to take a swim in the lady pond.

On 90 Day Fiance Mike struggled and his weight topped 340 pounds. He made some changes and lost 80 pounds in two years. He dated around in his small town but nothing stuck. Mike’s best friend married a woman from Ukraine. Mike is their baby’s Godfather. The Godmother is her best friend Natalie also from the Ukraine. They showed Mike some pics of her riding horses and of course (gasp!) modeling.

On 90 Day Fiance Mike was immediately smitten with blonde beauty Natalie after seeing her photos. He started texting and before long heads to Kiev, Ukraine. While the pair are opposites (he calls them beauty and the beast), Mike recently proposed in Paris. Natalie said yes and she already had her K-1 interview. Mike gets some bad news from Natalie, The visa is delayed . So Mike plans to head to the Ukraine despite being in over his head in debt that she doesn’t know about.

Mursel Mistanoglu Wants To Keep Anna Campisi’s Sons A Secret Till His Parents Are on Their Deathbed -90 Day Fiance

Mursel Mistanoglu isn’t exactly winning when it comes to Anna Campisi’s boys. The boy’s aren’t too thrilled with the fact that he snubbed pizza. And now middle son Gino knows that his family in Turkey doesn’t even know they exist. And he wants it to stay that way. At least until they are ready to croak. After calling his hometown of Antalya the most beautiful place in the world, he says ideally he’d have Anna move to Turkey. But she’d have to leave the kiddos behind.

On 90 Day Fiance, Anna Campisi suggests via translator app that Mursel  man up and tell the boys the truth. That they don’t exist when he’s back in Turkey. Mursel explains that he has “family problems”. And that his family would “expel” him if they knew about the boys. Of course this is hurtful to them. They want to know what their mom would do if she had to make a choice. She says she would obviously choose them.

Son Gino calls her out and says he doesn’t believe her. Mursel says he wants to make Anna happy. But again leaves her three sons out of the translation. The boys stare him down and he makes a few feeble attempts to explain. Anna Campisi cries and goes all Lifetime Television dramatic. Anna says she must choose between the man she loves and her sons. And that she’d have to choose the kids. Let’s hope so.

Emily McCue Larina & Sasha Welcome Son David After Emergency C-section In Russia

On 90 Day Fiance, Sasha and Emily McCue Larina are at the hospital after Emily’s water broke in the middle of the night. Emily is crying out in pain from her contractions. Sasha admits it’s unusual for the father to be in the room during labor and birth in Russia. However, since Emily can’t speak Russian, he is present. The doctor wants to give her an epidural for the pain. After assuring her that it won’t slow down the birth process she agrees.

Sash texts her family back home on Emily’s progress. He doesn’t remember what he was doing at the births of his first two kids. He thinks out loud. Maybe working? Or doing a set on the leg press? Or no, maybe talking to Emily? Emily is pushing and things are getting tense. The doctor says that the baby’s head is not in the right place as Emily wails. He has a conversation with the nurses about where to order lunch before deciding a c-section might be best.

Emily McCue Larina is whisked into the operating room while Sasha stands as far back from the table as he can and yells “I’m here!”. The doctor claps and has a quick debate with the staff about whether coffee should be enjoyed black or with cream. Finally he decides to get the baby out. At first the baby isn’t crying and Sasha is freaking out. But then beautiful little baby David finds his lungs and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Whew. Mom, dad and baby are all ok now on 90 Day Fiance.

Juliana Custodio Gets a Proper Welcome to America – At Least From Michael’s Kids

On the last 90 Day Fiance Michael Jessen returned home sans his Brazilian bride to be Juliana Custodio. After a visa interview gone bad, the two were uncertain about when and if she’d get the green light. It seems they had concerns that Juliana was a paid escort. Michael summons up his lawyer and beefs about the interview shade. She says it’s pretty normal considering Juliana Custodio is from South America and is a few decades younger. She calls it the “personal” side of immigration.

But lo and behold Michael Jessen gets a call and Juliana Custodio is approved. She’s headed to America ASAP. Michael goes all out and orders a Hummer limo to take him to the airport to pick her up. Juliana is thrilled to be in the United States. Michael pops champagne and asks if she wants to shoot a limousine porno. Way to ruin a special moment there Richie Rich. The woman was upset about being questioned for being a sex worker and this is the direction you take?

He then gives her a necklace that looks like a grandma’s pendant with all her grandkids’ birthstones in it. The one he paid 4 grand for. Back at Michael’s apartment the kids Max and Cece have done their research and prepared Juliana a Brazilian friendly breakfast. They really are lovely kids and Max is much more mature and tasteful than his father. Juliana Custodio feels welcomed by the kids. Next hurdle for Juliana will be meeting their mom on 90 Day Fiance.

90 Day Fiance Recap: Syngin Is A Pawn In Tania Maduro’s Game

Tania Maduro is happy to wake up with Syngin Colchester in NYC. Today’s agenda: smell his armpits, play with his underarm hair, eat steak and pop out two children by 2022. Syngin’s a little tired of her friends still hanging around. They all head out for Sushi . The gals grill Syngin about his goals in America. They want to know what he wants to do when he grows up. They might as well have given him crayons and paper to draw his answers. His reaction is that of a ten-year old.

Tania Maduro is cast on 90 Day Fiance as an overachieving go-getter. But in reality (which the show is sometimes not), she’s a 30-year-old bartender living in her mom’s backyard she-shed. So far, she’s mostly talk when it comes to planning. She couldn’t even plan for moderate NYC traffic to get to the airport on time.

On 90 Day Fiance Syngin wants to start bar-tendering. He would be a fireman in his spare time and an opera singer and Hollywood star on the weekends. Syngin is not yet cut out for the real world. Well maybe MTV’s Real World if they did one in South Africa. “Hi my name is Syngin and I like hiking naked, yelling and collecting mushrooms”. Her friends are under the impression that Tania Maduro is a high-powered executive and they ask how he will deal with her ambition. His answer is like “huh”?

Tania & Syngin play dress up

Later on 90 Day Fiance, Tania and Syngin go on a “dress up date” to what she calls a “real New York Steak House”. Tania Maduro wants to talk babies while Syngin is too distracted by the salt stick on the table to understand. Tania lays out her plan and tells him they need to get to breeding ASAP. He says he feels like she’s already wrote her story and he’s just a character in it. Damn boy you’ve got sense under that crazy hair after all. Till next week!

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